Strengthening Local Partners

ICNL works alongside local partners around the world to defend and expand civil society. We raise awareness of international norms and national laws and practices so that our partners can take advantage of openings and cope with restrictions in civil space. In Bangladesh, we’ve hosted seminars on legal empowerment, and in  Nepal, we enhanced CSO self-regulatory initiatives. Our support to local partners helps them respond effectively to the high-priority issues facing civil society today.

Women demonstrate for labor rights in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (photo credit: Jeff Vize)



In Bangladesh, ICNL conducts seminars on legal empowerment to educate our civil society partners on international standards related to freedoms of association, assembly, and expression and support informed discussion of Bangladeshi law.


In Nepal, ICNL convened a conference on self-regulation in 2017. Since then, our local partners have completed a civic charter outlining the principles that civil society organizations pledge to uphold. ICNL has also facilitated cooperation between leading civil society coalitions, and now, for the first time, they are working together on legal reform and self-regulatory initiatives.