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ICNL is implementing a multi-year project to protect freedom of expression and access to information in Uganda. This program seeks to improve civil society and the media’s capacity to advocate for increased protections for freedom of expression and to strengthen judicial accountability mechanisms where rights are violated. ICNL works in partnership with Chapter Four Uganda, the Legal Aid Service Providers’ Network, and the Freedom of Expression Hub.

Flag of Uganda (Graphic Credit: Wikimedia)

Civic Freedom Monitor


Last updated: 27 March 2021

On November 23, 2020, the Government of Uganda deported two foreign citizens engaged in election-related, not-for-profit work o [...]

Global Grantmaking Country Notes

In partnership with the Council on Foundations, ICNL maintains reports on thirty-four countries that help U.S grantmakers undertake equivalency determinations for foreign grantees. The reports in this series describe the legal frameworks for nonprofit organizations and provide translations of relevant legislative provisions.

Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index

The index, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development for twenty years, documents the development of civil society in seventy-one countries around the world, including Uganda. ICNL and FHI 360 work with local partners to produce the index annually.


Threats to Artistic Freedom in Uganda

National ballet dancers perform at the Rwanda Uganda Business Forum Dinner - Kigali, 11 October 2013 (Paul Kagame/Flickr)
Uganda's recent Stage Play and Public Entertainment Rules threaten to stifle the creative arts by limiting artistic expression. This piece ... Read More


ICNL Releases Study on the Impact of Closing Civic Space on HIV Response

Scene from an HIV clinic in East Africa (photo credit: Frederic Courbet for International AIDS Vaccine Initiative)
ICNL has just published a study that focuses on the ways in which the closing of space for civil society—especially ... Read More

ICNL and Chapter Four Uganda Host Strategic Workshop

Chapter Four Uganda logo
More than 40 civil society representatives from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya gathered for a two-day strategic workshop on “Protecting Civic ... Read More

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