Climate and Terrorism at the UN Security Council


On December 9th, 2021 the UN Security Council met in Niger to debate the growing relation between the climate crisis and terrorism. While legitimate concerns are are being raised about the links between climate and violent armed conflict, there are fears of the negative impacts caused by the growing securitization of climate issues based on counterterrorism.

This Just Security article provides a background on the links between violent groups and the climate crisis, while questioning government claims of the links between the two. It provides prior examples of the disastrous impacts of the global war on terror and it’s impacts on human security to offer context to the current securitization debates. Lastly, it concludes with recommendations on how to prevent climate-security policymaking from negatively impacting climate justice and environmental peacebuilding movements that risk falling victim to the securitization of the war on terror.

Read the full article from Just Security here.