Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Enacts New Law on Associations and Foundations


The Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) passed a new Law on Associations and Foundations (Official Gazette, No. 45 of September 20, 2002), which replaces the 1995 Law on Citizens’ Associations, the 1998 Law on Foundations and Funds, and the 1998 Law on Humanitarian Activities and Humanitarian Organizations (with the exception of a few articles).

The new Law is a result of collaborative efforts that included government officials, USAID, the Office of the High Representative, and domestic and foreign NGOs active in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Thanks to generous USAID support, ICNL played the leading role in providing technical assistance to the drafting team. Despite the fact that a number of provisions in the Draft that was introduced to Parliament were subsequently amended, the enacted Law nevertheless includes many progressive provisions, largely complies with international standards and regional best practices, and represents a significant step towards a more enabling legal environment for NGOs in BiH. A more detailed account on the Law will be published in the forthcoming issue of ICNL’s Journal for Not-for-Profit Law. of Religion and Belief.