New Opportunities for Cooperation in Designing and Delivering International Aid by Filiz Bikmen

Published: February 6, 2013

Turkey’s rapid economic growth has earned it a place among the world’s leading emerging markets. Turkey has also expanded its geopolitical influence through participation in multilateral initiatives and assumed greater leadership in global development efforts.

As its aid efforts increase, the strategic design and delivery of aid is a subject of increasing importance. As key allies in Turkish foreign policy and as experienced donors, U.S. and European aid agencies can also share valuable experience on engaging civil society throughout all aspects of development practices.

This analysis by ICNL Vice Chair Filiz Bikmen examines how fostering greater harmonization among U.S., European, and Turkish aid agencies could promote cooperation between the government and the civil society sector, strengthen the quality and impact of aid delivered, and multiply the impact of Turkey’s soft power in the global development arena.