Renewable Energy & Human Rights Benchmark

A Briefer from the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre


Climate change is among the most important and complex issues our planet and its people have faced in centuries. While the deployment and expansion of renewable energy technologies will play an important role in reducing our carbon footprint, we much ensure it does not come at a cost for workers and communities around the globe.

This benchmark study from Business & Human Rights Resource Centre provides a comprehensive analysis of the human rights policies and practices of 16 of the largest publicly traded wind and solar energy companies in the world, based on Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance Database. The benchmark was developed through a rigorous global consultation process involving more than 100 stakeholders, seven in-person workshops/meetings, and an online consultation process. The results of the benchmark suggest that none of the companies analysed are currently fully meeting their responsibility to respect human rights, as defined by the UN Guiding Principles.

Find their summary report here or read the full briefer here.