Assessment of NGO Laws in Azerbaijan


In this publication, the ICNL Alliance compares laws pertaining to NGOs in Azerbaijan to international standards and best practices. The assessment, which in its fourth edition, examines the full range of NGO laws from the basic right to associate to taxation and government oversight.


This publication provides the foundation for the development of future civil society strategies for legal reforms. This is the first such comprehensive assessment produced in the past seven years. In addition to the educational value of informing readers about Azerbaijani laws affecting NGOs in various areas, this Assessment also provides a roadmap for legal reforms, helping Azerbaijani stakeholders to set priorities and to pursue them within the current political context.

Each section in the Assessment begins with a statement of international good practices for the relevant topic. The good practice statements are based on the Fundamental Principles on the Status of Non-governmental Organisations in Europe, the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights case, Ramazanova and Others v. Azerbaijan, which was decided on February 1, 2007; and Guidelines for Laws Affecting Civil Organizations. Each international good practice statement is followed by a brief overview of the Azerbaijani legislation addressing the relevant issue, and by a comparative analysis of the Azerbaijani legislation and corresponding international good practice.

Previous versions can be found here: 2007, 2014