Coalitions for Change in Nepal

In 2018, the Government of Nepal presented a draft National Integrity Policy. The policy, if adopted, would have restricted the functioning, operations, and activities of local and international civil society organizations.

In response, the sector quickly came together and launched an advocacy effort at the domestic and international levels. ICNL supported our partners by producing a rapid-response, non-partisan assessment as well as a more in-depth legal analysis of the policy. Our partners included the largest network of Nepali civil society organizations and a coalition of international organizations working in Nepal. Using ICNL’s analysis, these groups worked together for the first time to address the restrictive draft policy.

The joint effort led to success: the government withdrew the policy within weeks of its release. ICNL provided our partners with the tools they needed to prevent restrictions on the rights to freedom of association and expression. This shows how quick, coordinated efforts from a broad coalition of organizations can defeat restrictive legislation.

Published: December 2019

Nepal Street Scene

This story is from our 2018-2019 Annual Report. Each story in the report shows how our partners across the world help protect and, where possible, expand civic space.