Promoting Rights Based AI Governance

Charting the Course


Malicious actors have unleashed disinformation campaigns to undermine elections. Authoritarian governments are using technology to censor free speech. These types of anti-democratic tactics have been enabled by recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI).

As the world grapples with the capabilities of AI, ICNL is playing a leading role in shaping human rights centered standards to govern the evolving technology. Working both at the international and country levels, we help civil society organizations (CSOs) and policymakers understand and address the threats AI can pose.

We promote the development of rights based international norms that can serve as a reference point for national level regulations. As the Co-Chair of the Freedom Online Coalition’s Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights, along with the Government of Germany, we share best practices, advocate for AI good governance, and engage with international policy discussions. ICNL also supports efforts at the national level to ensure that proposed AI regulations do not encroach on civic freedoms. In Brazil, a local partner asked us to review several heavily criticized draft AI laws. Our analysis highlighted shortcomings that could expose Brazilians to potential human rights violations. A commission took these observations and other public input into account when drafting a new, more enabling law. We shared lessons from Brazil to show how a collaborative process could be designed to develop rights-respecting AI legislation in Indonesia.

As AI is poised to transform humanity, ICNL is steadfast in supporting our partners’ efforts to ensure that technological advancements align with the principles of democracy and human rights.

AI Governance

This story is from our 2023 Annual Report. Each story in the report demonstrated how ICNL and our partners have strengthened the threads of resilience in civil societies worldwide.