Albanian NGO Legislation Enacted


The legislative package contains a number of significant provisions, including the following:

  • It defines organizational forms. Under prior legislation, definitions were unclear, which enabled pyramid schemes to register as foundations
  • It enables all natural and legal persons, including foreigners, to found an NGO.
  • It recognizes the right of individuals to establish informal, unregistered associations.
  • It provides a procedure for international and foreign organizations to obtain legal entity status in Albania.
  • It provides broad discretion to founders to structure the internal governance of organizations, while promoting appropriate internal governance practices (e.g., rules governing conflicts of interest, self-dealing, and dispute resolution).
  • It enables organizations to engage in economic activities, which are essential for the financial sustainability of the Albanian NGO sector.
  • It explicitly recognizes the right of Albanian NGOs to receive grants and donations from any private or public person, Albanian or foreign.
  • It lays the groundwork for public financing of NGOs.
  • It rescinds the provision of existing law giving the state undefined, broad powers to supervise NGO activities.
  • It limits state powers to terminate involuntarily an NGO.

ICNL will also post translations of the Albanian NGO legislative package on its website once they are available.

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