Dr. Darya Miloslavskaya appointed Program Director of Russian NGO Legal Support Program


The ICNL Alliance is pleased to welcome Darya Miloslavskaya, Ph.D., as Program Director for the Russian Civil Society Legal Support Program. Dr. Miloslavskaya is a preeminent Russian lawyer specializing in NGO law. Dr. Miloslavskaya holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Russian Peoples Friendship University and is a graduate of the Law School at Moscow State University. Dr. Miloslavskaya is fluent in English and is recognized by at home and abroad as an expert on Russian NGO law. In October 2006, Dr. Miloslavskaya participated in a Council of Europe Meeting in Strasbourg to address the on-going implementation of the Russian NGO law.

With the Alliance’s support, Dr. Miloslavskaya will assist in the improvement of legislation governing NGOs in Russia and the professional development of NGO legal specialists. As a member of ICNL’s Alliance she will have the opportunity to share her expertise with, and learn from, her colleagues worldwide.