Highlights from ICNL’s Annual Meeting


The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) at its Annual Meeting in Washington, June 8-10, 2000, celebrated its most successful year. The Supervisory Council and Board of Directors noted that ICNL has diversified its funding sources to more than twenty public and private donors. ICNL’s activities have expanded both geographically and substantively. They continue to include technical assistance for laws regulating the formation, registration, and taxation of organizations in civil society, as well as for procedures that ensure fair and effective implementation of those laws. They now also include work to encourage and enable partnerships between governments at all levels and non-governmental organizations, increased legal education on not-for-profit law, and a wide range of Internet services and publishing.

ICNL is pleased to announce the election or re-election of the following members to the Supervisory Council:

  • Hestern Banda (Malawi)
  • Myles McGregor-Lowndes (Australia)
  • W. Cole Durham (USA)
  • Elkanah Odembo (Kenya)
  • Aroma Dutta (Bangladesh)
  • Beatrix Paroldi (Peru)
  • Antonio Itriago (Venezuela)
  • David Robinson (New Zealand)
  • Jacek Kurczewski (Poland)
  • Bindu Sharma (India)
  • Kamal Malhotra (India)
  • Victor Thuronyi (USA)

Prof. Durham, Ms. Dutta, Miklos Marschall (Hungary), and Mr. Robinson were elected to new or renewed terms on ICNL’s Board of Directors.

The Supervisory Council also elected as officers for 2000-2001:

  • Richard Fries (UK) – Chair
  • Joseph Baidoe-Ansah (Ghana) Vice Chair
  • W. Cole Durham (USA) Vice Chair
  • Lindsay Driscoll (UK) Secretary
  • Arthur Drache (Canada) Treasurer
  • Leon Irish (USA) President
  • Stephan Klingelhofer (USA) Vice President
  • Douglas Rutzen (USA) Vice President

Prof. Karla W. Simon has stepped down from her post as Executive Vice President in order to devote more time to her work as Professor of Law at the Columbia School of Law at Catholic University of America. Prof. Simon agreed to continue her work with ICNL as Senior Legal Consultant for Internet Services and publishing.

The Board expects to complete work on a new Strategic Plan for ICNL at its December meeting in London, and a new Triennial Report of ICNL’s worldwide activities will soon be published.