ICNL Announces Changes in Senior Positions


In light of his recent accident, Dr. Leon Irish tendered his resignation as President of ICNL at the recent meeting of the ICNL Board of Directors in London. After confirming his willingness and good health, the ICNL Board accepted his resignation but was pleased to appoint him as President Emeritus and Senior Legal Advisor. Dr. Irish, who will turn 64 next June, will continue to work full-time out of the Washington office, thereby assuring that his knowledge, experience, and wisdom continue to be available to ICNL. Dr. Irish, who was a co-founder of ICNL, served as Chairman of ICNL from 1992 to 1996 and President from 1997 to 2001.

The Board was pleased to appoint Mr. Stephan Klingelhofer as President to succeed Dr. Irish. Mr. Klingelhofer, who joined ICNL in 1995, has served ICNL as Vice President (Administration) and Chief Operating Officer. Previously, Mr. Klingelhofer has served in leadership positions in business, education, and religious organizations.

ICNL is also delighted to announce that Natalia Bourjaily has become Vice President (NIS), and Darla Mecham has been named Vice President (Finance). Ms. Bourjaily joined ICNL in 1997 and has served as Program Director for NIS/FSU. Ms. Mecham also joined ICNL in 1997 and has served as Director of Finance.