ICNL distributes analysis on the Tajik Law on Public Associations


On February 22, 2007, the Upper Chamber of Tajikistan’s Parliament rejected the new Law on Public Associations in its current form and sent it back to the Lower Chamber.

Prior to this, on February 14, the Lower Chamber had taken the first legislative steps to passing the law with their approval and forwarding to the Upper Chamber. Immediately after the Lower Chamber’s endorsement, ICNL prepared an analysis of the Law at the request of the public association Obschestvo i pravo (Society and Law). ICNL’s study discussed several violations with international obligations of Tajikistan, including registration and liquidation issues which would have severely hampered civil society. We hope that ICNL’s analysis will help the Tajik Parliament to improve the law before its adoption.

Civic Freedom Monitor: Tajikistan

Draft Law on Public Associations

ICNL’s analysis of the draft law