ICNL Holds Consultation Workshops on the New Legal Framework for Associations in Libya


In December 2011, the Libyan Minister of Culture and Civil Society (MoCCS) formed a committee responsible for drafting a new Law on Associations. ICNL provided technical assistance to the drafting committee, by providing extensive comments on the draft laws and sharing examples of other NGO laws and other resource materials.

ICNL and the United Nations Development Programme organized consultation workshops in Tripoli, Libya on February 13-14 and Benghazi on February 21-22. These workshops provided Libyan civil society organizations the opportunity to offer feedback on the draft Law on Associations to the drafting committee and discuss how the draft law can comport with international norms for the freedom of association. ICNL will continue to provide information and analysis to the drafting committee and our civil society colleagues to assist them as they continue to revise the draft law.

Download a copy of the draft Law on Associations in English (PDF) or Arabic (PDF).