ICNL releases quarterly report on activities throughout the world


ICNL is pleased to release to the public our quarterly report detailing a number of our activities throughout the world. During the period from January 1, 2006 – March 31, 2006, ICNL has engaged in a number of activities to protect freedom of association around the world, including:

  • Preparation of a draft report surveying NGO legal restrictions worldwide, which was used as the basis for a report submitted to the US Senate;
  • Intense work with the Center for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights and other partners to address the restrictive NGO law in Russia;
  • Engagment with Tajik authorities, persuading them to postpone consideration of a regressive draft Law on Public Associations modeled on the Russian example; and
  • Production of comments on an extremely restrictive draft NGO law that was expeditiously moving forward in Iraq without public consultation. ICNL’s comments have been credited with preventing passage of this law to date.