IJNL features Middle East Senior Research Fellows


Over the course of the past year, ICNL hosted four Senior Fellows from Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt to support cutting edge research on NGO law issues in the Middle East. The Senior Fellows were Ziad Abdel Samad, Executive Director of a major Arab umbrella organization located in Lebanon; Saed Karajeh, partner in one of Jordan’s largest law firms; Mohammed Agati, Executive Manager of Egypt’s Development Support Center; and Chafika Kahina Bouagache, an Algerian citizen and Staff Attorney and Program Chief of the American Bar Association in Morocco. Working drafts of these papers were presented in mid-2006 at a conference in Beirut on “Strengthening Civil Society in the Arab Region” for discussion.

The final publications are available for the first time here in the latest issue of The International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law. These articles will also be available in Arabic for wider distribution throughout the Middle East.