Kazakhstan Ratifies International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Published: November 28, 2005

On November 28, 2005 Kazakhstan made a significant step forward in the real implementation of the Human Rights standards necessary for establishing a democratic state. The country has finally ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). This event became possible due to the progressive politics conducted by the Kazakhstan Government, headed by President Nazarbayev, as well as to the constant and energetic work of local NGOs and foreign and international organizations who had been advocating for ratification, explaining the necessity of such a step in making Kazakhstan a sovereign democratic state.

ICNL, over the past several years, has used every opportunity to draw the attention of the Kazakhstan Government to this matter and has worked with NGOs and ordinary citizens to help explain the importance of the ratification of the ICCPR to help achieve a flourishing civil society sector and achieve the goal of establishing a fully embodied democratic state. ICNL fully understands that this is just the beginning of a long and challenging process to make the legislation of Kazakhstan comply to the fullest extent possible with the international standards set out by the ICCPR. ICNL will continue to provide all possible legal technical assistance to the Kazakhstan Government in its efforts to accomplish this significant goal in the most efficient and progressive manner.