#NPTechChat: Civil Society Under Threat


On September 1, 2015, ICNL participated in our first #NPTechChat hosted by TechSoup. #NPTechChat is a monthly Twitter conversation developed by TechSoup with their partner, the UN Foundation, on topics of critical importance to the NGO community. On September 1, TechSoup hosted a chat focused on the theme of Civil Society Under Threat, along with ICNL partner CIVICUS. The theme was in response to the trend of closing space for civil society around the world and the conversation focused on how to better protect civic space and civil society. The questions that were asked and debated by participants on Twitter during the chat included:

  • Why is a vibrant civil society something we should care about?
  • What are the main threats civil society is facing around the globe?
  • What can be done to help protect civic space by governments, activists, organizations, public and private?
  • How is civil society responding to threats? What are some specific examples of successes in protecting civic space?
  • How can we scale up these successes and make them sustainable?

ICNL is planning to co-host the follow-up chat with TechSoup on October 6: Civil Society Under Threat-A Deeper Dive.