UN Special Rapporteur Releases Second Report Focusing on CSOs and Foreign Funding

Published: May 3, 2013

ICNL played a key role in the preparation of the report, both in the development of the report’s theoretical framework and in the drafting process. In the initial preparation stages of the report, ICNL co-organized a consultation in Kenya between the UN Special Rapporteur and key stakeholders. ICNL also contributed substantive input to various sections of the report, drawing from our own previous work on CSOs and foreign funding.

“We commend the UN Special Rapporteur for this groundbreaking report” said ICNL President Douglas Rutzen. “It’s an exceptionally important report, clearly articulating a set of international norms protecting the right of civil society organizations to seek, receive, and use resources from international and foreign sources.”

ICNL is pleased to provide ongoing support to the UN Special Rapporteur for his third thematic report, which will focus on the freedoms of association and assembly within the context of elections.

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