Uzbekistan Addresses Implementation


The government of Uzbekistan is currently working on the implementation of the new law “On Non-Governmental Organizations. This includes training of the Ministry personnel. The Institute of Monitoring Legislation (within the Parliament of Uzbekistan) and ICNL are holding the training in January of 2000 in the Parliament itself. The training will be funded by USAID’s Global Training and Development.

A legislative manual is also being planned to aide in the implementation of the new law. This publication will be drafted by ICNL, the Institute of Monitoring Legislation and the Uzbekistan National Center for Human Rights. Financing will be handled by the Soros Foundation of Uzbekistan.

As for upcoming legislative acts, for the first quarter 2000, the government has slated 3 laws for promulgation and potential enactment; Law on the Registration of Legal Entities; Law on Foundations and a Law on Institutions. These laws are to be completed by April and submitted for readings in Parliament. The Institute of Monitoring Legislation and the Ministry of Justice are assigned to work on these new laws. ICNL anticipates on contributing on-going consultations to these governmental bodies. For 2001, the government is planning two additional laws; Law on Unions and Associations and a Law on Charitable Activities.

Note: Uzbekistan was the first of the 5 Central Asian republics to adopt an entirely new law on NGO registration.