Legal Manual for Civil Society Organizations in Bangladesh


Several legal acts govern the registration and operations of different types of civil society organizations in Bangladesh. In some cases, the same organization can be registered under different laws and with several authorities. The manual seeks to explain the relevant laws in easy to understand language to enhance understanding of the legal framework and provide practical guidance to CSOs.

ICNL, in partnership with Counterpart International Inc., developed this legal manual for civil society organizations in Bangladesh. The manual lays out the laws and procedures governing registration, governance, funding, and other aspects of the organizational life-cycle, serving as a roadmap to the Bangladeshi legal environment. Its goal is to help civil society organizations carry out their missions more effectively and safely. This legal manual is not intended to serve as legal advice. Laws may change, and the implementation of laws may vary. Neither Counterpart International nor ICNL can be held responsible if the laws are not implemented as described in this manual.