Toolkit on the Rights of Women and Girls to Peaceful Assembly and Association


With the support of ICNL, the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Clément N. Voule, created this Women and FoAA: A Defender’s Toolkit to support civil society efforts to advocate for women’s full enjoyment of the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

The toolkit serves as a practical companion to Special Rapporteur Voule’s 2020 report to the United Nations General Assembly, “Celebrating Women in Activism and Civil Society.” The report calls on States, business enterprises, international organizations, civil society actors, and the donor community to accelerate efforts to ensure women in all their diversity can fully and equally exercise their fundamental freedoms. The toolkit provides an overview of the obligations of States and business enterprises to respect, protect, and fulfill the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association for all women and girls and includes examples of violations documented by the Special Rapporteur in his thematic report. The toolkit transforms the recommendations made in the 2020 report into a series of action strategies on how to increase support for women-led movements and organizations, including in times of crisis.

Download the toolkit here. Available in EnglishFrench, Spanish, and Arabic.