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Solving the Climate Crisis Together

This article, written by ECNL, highlights that restrictions on civil society undermine climate mitigation efforts and impede the collaboration that is so crucial to slowing the climate crisis over the next decade.

Preserving Civic Space for Climate Activists

This briefer, presented by ICNL and ECNL, outlines some of the common legal and extralegal measures used to target civil society actors working on climate justice. Many of these measures violate international and regional law, and threaten civil society’s ability to function and find solutions to urgent global environmental challenges.

Overview: Critical Infrastructure Bills in the US

Across the country, communities are gathering at rallies and marches to express concerns about pipelines’ impact on the environment, landowner rights, and indigenous land. “Critical infrastructure” laws target these kinds of gatherings. This ICNL produced one-page overview explains what critical infrastructure laws are and how they can be used to limit freedom of assembly in the US.

Future Trend Report: Climate Change

This briefing explores how states’ responses to the climate crisis over the next two decades will affect civic space for a range of established and new civic actors. It is one in a series commissioned by ICNL as a part of its Civic Space 2040 initiative to help inform civic space advocates about the opportunities and challenges ahead.

US Legislative Briefer: Critical Infrastructure Bills

This legislative briefer focuses on how critical infrastructure bills can undermine protesters’ right to peaceful assembly by creating draconian penalties for trespass as well as severely penalizing vaguely defined interference with the construction or operation of critical infrastructure sites.