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ICNL supports legislative reform of the Public Order Act and the Non-Governmental Organizations Act by providing comments on the laws. We are supporting The Association of NGOs to build civil society capacity to analyze laws affecting assembly and association rights and advocate effectively for legal reforms. ICNL has worked with the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa to train police and lawyers on protecting assembly rights, and with the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies to engage parliamentarians and other state authorities so that legal reforms are in line with international standards and best practice.

Flag of Gambia (Graphic Credit: Wikimedia)

Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index

The index, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development for twenty years, documents the development of civil society in seventy-one countries around the world, including the Gambia. ICNL and FHI 360 work with local partners to produce the index annually.


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Civil Society and Government Meet in The Gambia to Discuss New NGO Bill

Participants from ICNL's February 2020 three-day consultative meeting in Banjul-The Gambia on the country’s new NGO bill. (Photo: ICNL)
From February 4 - 6, 2020, ICNL's Sub-Saharan Africa team facilitated a three-day consultative meeting in Banjul-The Gambia to discuss ... Read More

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