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ICNL has enhanced the capacity of civil society organizations through the sharing of comparative information, through research, and through a research fellowship. More recently, in 2017, ICNL provided technical assistance to Members of Parliament and civil society partners on proposed amendments to Indonesia’s Counter-Terrorism Law.

Flag of Indonesia (Graphic Credit: Wikimedia)

Civic Freedom Monitor


Last updated: 17 November 2022

In October 2022, the House of Representatives and the Government enacted the Law No. 27/2022 on Personal Data Protection (PD [...]

Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index

The index, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development for twenty years, documents the development of civil society in seventy-one countries around the world, including Indonesia. ICNL and FHI 360 work with local partners to produce the index annually.

Global Grantmaking Country Notes

In partnership with the Council on Foundations, ICNL maintains reports on thirty-four countries that help U.S grantmakers undertake equivalency determinations for foreign grantees. The reports in this series describe the legal frameworks for nonprofit organizations and provide translations of relevant legislative provisions.


Philanthropic Protectionism in the Indo-Pacific

Indo-Pacific Philanthropic Protection, photo credit
To empower parliamentarians (MPs) to advocate for internet freedoms, APHR & ICNL presents this Toolkit for Parliamentarians: Promoting Internet Freedoms ... Read More


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