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ICNL’s resources and information on Kazakhstan.

Flag of Kazakhstan (Graphic Credit: Wikimedia)


kazakhstan, photo credit Nozim Nurillaev via Unsplash

Legislative Overview for Financial Sustainability for Civil Society in Central Asia

This Overview highlights the legislative opportunities and constraints affecting the financial sustainability of civil society organizations. It also offers a comparative approach, allowing readers to use examples from several countries and apply them to their practice. Moreover, the Overview provides information that can be used to improve civil society-related legislation across the region and is meant to be particularly useful for specialists, civil society representatives, government agencies, and parliamentarians. Find the full analysis here (in Russian).

Assorted coins (photo credit: Steve Johnson/Unsplash)

Digital Fundraising in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, 84.2% of the population uses 3G/4G internet. For CSOs engaged in online fundraising, it means they potentially have access to 15 million potential donors. But through what means can they access such potential donors? As presented in this research, the most popular ways to carry out online fundraising are through websites, SMS, crowdfunding platforms, e-wallets, and electronic payment kiosks. The research explains how each of these methods works, how they are regulated in Kazakhstan, and offers recommendations for improving the regulation of various fundraising methods for CSOs. Download the report here (Russian only).