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Digital Fundraising in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, 84.2% of the population uses 3G/4G internet. For CSOs engaged in online fundraising, it means they potentially have access to 15 million potential donors. But through what means can they access such potential donors? As presented in this research, the most popular ways to carry out online fundraising are through websites, SMS, crowdfunding platforms, e-wallets, and electronic payment kiosks. The research explains how each of these methods works, how they are regulated in Kazakhstan, and offers recommendations for improving the regulation of various fundraising methods for CSOs. Download the report here (Russian only).

Civic Freedom Monitor


Last updated: 8 March 2023

On September 21, 2022, the Ministry of Information and Public Development (MIPD) adopted amendments to the CSO database regulati [...]


Requirements for Recipients of Foreign Funds in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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This analysis reviews the key provisions of Kazakhstan’s 2016 Law on Payments that have affected non-commercial organizations (NCOs), including the ... Read More

Comparative Overview of Online Consultation Regulation in Central Asia

pen on keyboard (photo credit: pixabay.com)
Overview dedicated to legislation and implementation practices relating to online consultations on legislation between governments and civil society ... Read More

Digital Fundraising in Kazakhstan

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New technologies and internet resources provide civil society organizations with numerous opportunities for fundraising. In Kazakhstan, 84.2% of the population ... Read More


Participants from the study tour were able to learn firsthand how the government and civil society organizations can effectively collaborate. (photo credit: ICNL)

Building Trust through Shared Learning in Central Asia

In June 2018, ICNL hosted a United States study tour for civil society representatives and government officials from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, ... Read More
ICNL launches rebranded 'Civic Freedom Monitor' as successor to NGO Law  Monitor

ICNL launches rebranded ‘Civic Freedom Monitor’ as successor to NGO Law Monitor

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) is pleased to announce today the launch of its “Civic Freedom Monitor,” a ... Read More
Kazakhstan Ratifies International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Kazakhstan Ratifies International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

PUBLISHED: NOVEMBER 28, 2005 On November 28, 2005 Kazakhstan made a significant step forward in the real implementation of the ... Read More

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