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United States

ICNL’s resources and information on the United States.

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Flag of the United States (Graphic Credit: Wikimedia)


Comment to US Government on its compliance with Article 21 of the ICCPR

United States Capital, photo credit Lukas Souza, taken from
This report examines the current environmental regulatory system in India, and identifies opportunities and challenges to meaningful public participation in ... Read More


Civic Space and the Summit for Democracy

Civic Space and the Summit for Democracy
The United States, along with the governments of Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, and Republic of Zambia, will ... Read More

Keeping Guns Away from Protests

American flag crocheted around a tree in a Brooklyn Park. (Photo: Andriy Prokopenko/Getty)
Firearms pose an urgent threat to the exercise of First Amendment rights of free expression and peaceful assembly in the ... Read More

Congressional Testimony: Protecting Americans’ Right to Peaceful Assembly

child on shoulders in crowd
The U.S. has seen a rise in protests against the construction of gas and oil pipelines, driven by concerns about ... Read More

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