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Protecting Nonviolent Demonstrators by Reforming Anti-Riot Laws in the U.S.

Black Lives Matter protesters enveloped in tear gas, near the White House in Washington DC, 5/31/2020 (Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash)
In a forthcoming article in Minnesota Law Review, ICNL’s Nick Robinson argues that U.S. jurisdictions should eliminate anti-rioting laws, both ... Read More

U.S. Current Trend: Protest Rights Accountability and Reform

U.S. Current Trend: Protest Rights Accountability and Reform
Following a swell of racial justice protests that have taken to the streets, politically charged bills are being introduced across ... Read More

Stopping the Over-Penalization of Civil Disobedience at Protests in the U.S.

protest with fist raised (photo credit: unsplash.com)
In an article in Cornell Law Review, ICNL’s Nick Robinson and Elly Page argue for more robust constitutional protection for ... Read More


Protecting the Right To Protest

little girl with rose and sunflower in hand
ICNL is working with a broad coalition of civil liberties, racial justice, environmental, and other groups to address anti-protest measures ... Read More

The Right to Protest Is Sacrosanct

Women giving peace sign at protest (photo credit: unsplash.com)
In this San Francisco Chronicle article, written by ICNL's Senior Legal Advisor Nick Robinson with UC Berkeley School of Public ... Read More

Taking a Rights-based Approach to Emerging Technology

Stanford tech camp
ICNL partnered with the Global Digital Policy Incubator (GDPi) at Stanford University to host the first-ever Tech Camp for civic ... Read More

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