ICNL Publishes New Issue of Global Trends in NGO Law Focusing on US Protest Restrictions


The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law is pleased to share our latest issue of Global Trends in NGO Law. This issue explores restrictions on protest in the United States. The United States, like many other countries in recent years, has witnessed mass protest activity by large-scale movements. The Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter, Women’s March, Dakota Access Pipeline protests, climate change activism, #MeToo movement, and most recently, March for Our Lives are just a few prominent examples of recent protests.

Many elected officials in the federal and state governments have responded to the rise in protest activity by seeking to restrict the right to assemble.  Since November 2016, thirty-one US states have introduced 64 draft laws that would restrict protests. The uptick in measures restricting protest activities is worrisome and reflective of a broader global trend.

Download the full issue here.