Registering an NGO in Mahagi

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NGO Registration in Congo – Mahagi Territory As I mentioned in post that I will be going to Mahagi to find out more information on NGO registration, I went and met the Government Officials and some Local NGOs. The registration takes less than a week if all the officials are in office and in total all the expenses sums up to US $ 100. That is to register at Territory level to acquire the following papers  Authorisation de Fonttionnent  Attestation / Authorisation d’existence  Attestation / Authorisation d’exhonoration These papers are got from the office of the Developpent Rural signed by Administrateur. After acquiring these papers we are allowed to operate while we make arrangement to register at District level – Parquet (Bunia), Provisional level that is Kisangani in the office of the Governor and then finally at the national level – Kinshasa. It however takes time to register at all level, so as long as we are registered at Territory level we shall become a legally recognized NGO. The main requirement for the registration is a constitution. I also discussed with Appui au Initiatives pour le Developpement Durable (A.I.D.D), a local NGO which is registered up to the national level (Kinshasa) and they agreed to help us through out the process of registration. They also advise us to change the mane of the organization from Nyalebe Community Development Alliance to Community Development Alliance so that we not only confine to operate within Nyalebe Grouppement but the whole of Mahagi Territory. According to the information I got therefore, we qualify to register if we can raise the US $ 100, and translate the constitution in French.