Law 84 on Associations and Community Foundations

Law No. 84 Of The Year 2002
Non-Governmental Organizations
(Associations and Non-Governmental Institutions)
In the Name of the People:
The President of the Republic;
The People’s Assemble passed the following Bill and We enacted it into Law:

Article: 1
Subject to the systems of associations established on the grounds of a law or international conventions concluded by the Arab Republic of Egypt, the provisions of the attached law on associations and non-governmental institutions shall come into force.

Foreign non-governmental organizations may be licensed to exercise the activities of associations and non-governmental institutions that are subject to the provisions of the aforementioned law, according to the rules prescribed therein. The license shall be issued from the Ministry of Social Affairs according to the agreement concluded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with those organizations.

Article: 2
Subject to the provisions of decree law no. 91 of the year 1971, the term ‘Administrative Authority’, in applying the provisions of the attached law, shall mean ‘The Ministry of Social Affairs.’ The term ‘Competent Court’ shall mean the Administrative Court within whose jurisdiction lies the administrative center of the association or non-governmental institution, or the general, specific, or regional union, according to each case.

Article: 3
Courts shall automatically refer without fees, all actions or contestations they examine and which have become by virtue of the provisions of the present law within the jurisdiction of Administrative courts, in their actual conditions. In case of absence of one of the litigants, the Clerks Department shall notify him of the referral writ, and charge him to attend at the determined time before the court to which the action has been referred.