The Proclamation for the Registration and Regulation of Charities and Societies

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Document Information:

  • Year:
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Language: English
  • Document Type: Domestic Law or Regulation
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3. Scope of Application
1. This proclamation shall be applicable to;
a) Charities or Societies that operate in more than one regional state or Societies whose members are from more than one regional state:;
b) Foreign Charities and Ethiopian Resident Charities and Societies even if they operate only in one regional state;
c) Charities or Societies operating in the City Administration of Addis Ababa or DireDawa.
2. This proclamation shall not be applicable to;
a) religious organizations;
b) international or foreign organizations operating in Ethiopia by virtue of an agreement with the Government of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia;
c) ·’Edir””, “” Ekub”” and other similar cultural or religious associations;
di Societies governed by other laws.


4. Establishment
1. The Charities and Societies Agency (hereinafter referred to as 1he “”Agency””) is hereby established by this Proclamation with its own legal personality and as an institution of the Federal Government
2. The Agency shall be accountable to the ministry.

5. Objectives of the Agency

The Agency shall have the following objective:
1. to enable and encourage Charities and Societies to develop 1md achieve their purposes in accordance with the law
2. to create a situation in which the operation of Charities and Societies is transparent and accountable;
3. to ensure that Charities and Societies operate legally.

6. Powers and functions of the Agency
1. The Agency shall have the following powers and functions:
a) to license, register, and supervise Charities and Societies in accordance with this Proclamation;
b) to encourage Charities and Societies to have better administration:
c) collect. analyze and disseminate information that has connection with its powers and functions;
d) p1Jblish and distribute information about the registration of Charities and Societies in the Gazette;
e) organize consultative forum for governmental organs and Charities and
f) to make proposals to the Ministry on matters relating to meeting its objectives;
g) take decisions. in cooperation with the concerned Sector Administrator, on the application of Charities and Societies for registration and license;
h) without prejudice to the provisions of Proclamation No. 334/2003 (as amended), to exercise the powers of registration and authentication of documents with regard to Charitable Endowments and Charitable Trusts:
i) to collect fees for the services it renders in accordance with the rate to be approved by the Government;
j) to own property, enter into contract, sue and be sued in its own name;
k) to delegate. when it deems necessary, the powers and functions given to it by this Proclamation; and
I) carryout such other activities necessary for the attainment of its objectives.
2. Notwithstanding sub-article l(h) of this Artic le, the Minister may order the Office of Documents Authentication and Registration to op1en a branch office in the premises of the Agency or assign its employee