Organic Law on Prevention of Activities of Public Associations and their Prohibition

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THE ORGANIC LAW OF GEORGIA ON PREVENTION OF ACTIVITIES OF PUBLIC ASSOCIATIONS AND THEIR PROHIBITION Article 1 This law defines the principles and rule of prevention of activity of non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity, trade union and other public associations. Article 2. The activities of a public association may be prevented or it may be prohibited only under the court decision in the cases provided by this Law and in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Georgian legislation. Article 3. 1. The court may suspend for a period of 3 months the activity of that public association which has substantially switched to the entrepreneurial activity. 2. After the expiration of the term for suspension of the public union’s activities by the court, the public association still continues its activities. Article 4. The court may prohibit a public association which aims to overthrow or change the constitutional order, encroach the independence of the country, breach the territorial integrity or which spreads the and violence propaganda, stirs national, racial, religious or social hatred, creates or has created a military formation, or resumes its activities specified in the first paragraph of Article 3 of this Law, after the suspension of those activities by the court. Article 41 A public association may be deprived of the right to carry out the activity or be liquidated on the basis of the effective conviction passed against the public association in a criminal case.

Article 5. The court’s decision on the suspension or prohibition of public association may be appealed under the procedure prescribed by the Georgian legislation. Article 6. The property remained after the prohibition of a public association shall be under the procedure prescribed by the Georgian legislation. Article 7. This law shall enter into force upon its publication. President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze Tbilisi, November 14th, 1997 № 1103-Is Amended under: 1. Organic Law of Georgia of July 25, 2006, № 3537 – GLB I, № 37, 07.08.2006. 2. Georgian Organic Law of 14 December 2006, № 3973 – GLB I, № 48, 22.12.2006, Art. 340 .