The Law Amending the Code of Civil Procedure

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  • Country: Myanmar
  • Language: English
  • Document Type: Domestic Law or Regulation
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Established 1914
Volume XVI, Number 133 13th Waning of Wagaung 1370 ME Friday, 29 August, 2008
* Development of agriculture as the base and all-round development
of other sectors of the economy as well
* Proper evolution of the market-oriented economic system
* Development of the economy inviting participation in terms of
technical know-how and investments from sources inside the
country and abroad
* The initiative to shape the national economy must be kept in the
hands of the State and the national peoples * Uplift of the morale and morality of the entire
* Uplift of national prestige and integrity and
preservation and safeguarding of cultural her-
itage and national character
* Uplift of dynamism of patriotic spirit
* Uplift of health, fitness and education stand- ards of the entire nation * Stability of the State, community peace and
tranquillity, prevalence of law and order
* National reconsolidation
* Emergence of a new enduring State Constitu- tion
* Building of a new modern developed nation in accord with the new State Constitution
Four economic objectives Four social objectives
Four political objectives
Vinayo ca susikkhito; to be well-trained in discipline; this is the way t
o auspiciousness
The State Peace and Development Council hereby enacts the following
1. This Law shall be called the Law Amending the Code of Civil Procedure.
2. Section 7, sub-section (4) of Section 24, sub-section (2), first pro
viso of
section 35 A, rule 13 of order 38, order 50 and order 53 of the Code of
Procedure shall be deleted.
3. The sum of fine contained in sub-section (c) of section 32 of the Code
Civil Procedure shall be substituted by the expression of “five thous
and kyats.”
4. The sum of money contained in clause (a) of sub-section (1) of secti
on 58
of the Code of Civil Procedure shall be substituted by the expression of
The Union of Myanmar
The State Peace and Development Council
The Law Amending the Code of Civil Procedure
(The State Peace and Development Council Law No. 6/2008)
The 12 th Waning of Wagaung 1370 ME (28 August, 2008)
hundred thousand kyats.”
5. In sub-section (1) of section 60 of the Code of Civil Procedure: (a) the amount of money contained in clause (h) and clause (i) shall besubstituted by the expression “ten thousand kyats”;
(b) the expression “a railway administration or” contained in clause (
i) shall be deleted;
(c) clause (j) shall be substituted as follows:- “(j) the pay and allowances of persons to whom the Defence Services Act, 1959 applies.” (See page 9)
YANGON , 28 Aug — In meeting with depart-
mental heads at the hall of Myanma Port Authority
on Pansodan Street, here, Lt-Gen Myint Swe of the
Ministry of Defence this afternoon heard reports on
work progress of the Committee for Waterway Clear-
ing and Salvage of Sunken Vessels, survey on the
Lt-Gen Myint Swe inspects jetties which have been repaired in Yangon Ri
ver. — MNA
Law Amending Code of Civil Procedure issued
Officials urged to supervise secure and smooth
running of vessels in Yangon River
floor of Yangon River, clearing of sunken vessels in
the river caused by the storm, reconstruction of
jetties, 73 per cent salvage of sunken vessels and
pulling back of vessels washed ashore and berthing
of ocean-going liners at Yangon Port presented by
Managing Director U Thein Htay of Myanma Port Authority, Managing Director U Soe Tint of Inland
Water Transport, Director-General U Maung Maung
Oo of Department of Marine Administration and
Managing Director U Kyi Soe of Myanma Ship-
(See page 8)
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008
* Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding negative views
* Oppose those trying to jeopardize stability of the State and progress of the nation
* Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the State
* Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy

People’s Desire
Friday, 29 August, 2008
The number of trafficked people is one
million to two million in a year, and there have
been about 30 million people who have been
trafficked across the globe. Therefore, global
nations are placing great emphasis on addressing
the problem. Myanmar is also combating human
trafficking as a national task. Myanmar,
Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Australia signed
a memorandum of understanding on the drive
for prevention of trafficking in persons in Asia in
December 2003 and started implementing it very
effectively. Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Law
was promulgated in 2005, and taking punitive
action against traffickers has stopped many cases
of human trafficking. At the same time, measures
are being taken state-, division- and township-
wise to save those who fall prey to human
traffickers, to enable the victims to integrate
back with their society and to rehabilitate them. It is found that some profit-making
unscrupulous persons are committing human
trafficking by persuading innocent people with
job offers at factories and workshops in the other
country. So special emphasis is being paid to
taking preventive measures against human
trafficking along the routes easily accessible to
the neighbouring countries. Myanmar has enacted Prevention of
Trafficking in Persons Law and is taking severe
action against human traffickers. Myanmar is
solving the problem of human traffickers in
cooperation with UN agencies, ASEAN, the
neighbours such as China, Thailand, India and
Bangladesh as well as Russia and Vietnam. All in
all, with the extensive participation of
departmental and social organizations and the
local people, more and more preventive measures
against trafficking in persons can be taken.
Prevent the danger
of trafficking in persons
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lsU lf dutiypt (tngçeN∑en≥) N˙c. lsU lf dutiypt (tngçeN∑en≥) N˙c.
lsU lf dutiypt (tngçeN∑en≥) N˙c.
lsU lf dutiypt (tngçeN∑en≥) N˙c.
enakSuM ;pt (tngç eN∑en≥) tiu ≥qv RuM
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enakSuM ;pt (tngç eN∑en≥) tiu ≥qv RuM
;lup cn;At∑k
enak SuM;pt (tngç eN∑en≥) tiu ≥qv RuM
;lup cn;At∑k
mPs menq∑ a;larn liu
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2008-KuN˙s ”qg utl At∑k
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(14-9-2008) rken≥ (14-9-2008) rken≥
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IRD officials receive
YANGON , 28 Aug — Deputy Minister for Finance
and Revenue Col Hla Thein Swe met with Deputy
Director-General U San Myint, directors and officials
at the meeting hall of Internal Revenue Department on
Pansodan Street, here, today. He also inspected Clerical Refresher Course
No. (1/2008) and Basic Computer Course No. (1/
2008) being conducted at the training hall and computer
training hall of the department and left necessary
instructions.— MNA
NAY PYI TAW , 28 Aug — The State Peace and
Development Council has appointed General
Manager U Soe Myint of Hydropower Generation
Enterprise under the Ministry of Electric Power
No. 1 as Managing Director of Myanma Automobile
and Diesel Engine Industries under the Ministry of
Industry-2 on probation from the date he assumes
charge of his duties. — MNA
Foreign Minister to attend
BIMSTEC meeting
NAY P YI T AW , 28 Aug—Minister for Foreign
Affairs U Nyan Win left for India this morning by air
to attend the 10
th Ministerial Meeting of the Bay of
Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and
Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) to be held
tomorrow in New Delhi, India. Minister U Nyan Win was accompanied by
Assistant Director U Kyaw Tin Shein of the Minister’s
Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Deputy Director-General U Thant Kyaw of the
International Organizations and Economic Department
under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Director-
General U Than Aye of Agricultural Planning
Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and
Irrigation, Director U Htin Aung of Energy Planning
Department under the Ministry of Energy, Director U
Kyaw Swa of the International Organizations and
Economic Department under the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Assistant Director U Aung Kyi and Subject-
Incharge U Lin Maung Maung Win are attending the
th Senior Officials’ Meeting of BIMSTEC in New
Delhi, India.— MNA
UMFCCI to modernize farming with Malaysian cooperation
YANGON , 28 Aug
—Seminar on Enhancing
Agricultural Products
further to the aftermath of
Cyclone Nargis was held
at Traders Hotel, here,
today. It was organized by
Union of Myanmar
Federation of Chambers of
Commerce and Industry,
Nutri Plant Biotech
Fertilizer Sdn Bhd
(Malaysia), Malaysian
Agricultural Research and
Development Institute
(MARDI) and Malaysia
Palm Oil Board (MPOB). Partner Major (Rtd)
Amir Alias of Nutri Plant
Biotech Fertilizer Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) extended
greetings and General
Secretary of UMFCCI U
Sein Win Hlaing explained
the purpose of the seminar.
Next, the UMFCCI
General Secretary and
Malaysian Ambassador to
Myanmar Dato’ Mazlan
Mohammad cut the ribbon
UMFCCI General Secretary U Sein Win Hlaing, Malaysian
Ambassador to Myanmar Dato’ Mazlan Mohammad open the seminar.—
Deputy Minister for Finance and Revenue Col Hla Thein Swe inspects Cleri
cal RefresherCourse No. (1/2008) and Basic Computer Course No. (1/2008).—
to open the seminar.
Experts discussed matters
on enhancing agricultural
products. MNA
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008 3
Iran says can hit Israel
with missiles if attacked
At least 10 dead in Pakistan suicide attack
TEHERAN , 28 Aug—Iran
could hit back at Israel
with missiles if the Jewish
state attacked it and could
also rely on allies in the
region to strike, the
commander of the Islamic
Republic’s Revolutionary
Guards said on Wednes-
day. Israel, like the United
States, has not ruled out
military action against Iran
if diplomacy fails to
resolve a row over
Teheran’s nuclear ambi-
tions. The West and Israel
accuse Iran of seeking to
build nuclear weapons,
despite Iran’s insistence
that it wants technology
to make electricity so that
it can save more of its vast
oil and gas resources for
export. “Our strategic calcula-
tions show that if the
Zionist regime wants to
make the smallest move
against our interests, either
independently or with
America, in the shortest time all the territories
under the Zionist regime’s
control will become
unsafe,” Guards com-
mander-in-chief Mo-
hammad Ali Jafari said.
“That country is
completely in the range of
the Islamic Republic’s
missiles. The missile
capabilities of our armed
forces is such that the
Zionist regime, with all its
capabilities, would not be
able to confront it,” he
added.— Internet
A Pakistani policeman stands in front of a police
barrier in northwestern Swat valley. At least 10
people, including police officers and prison staff,
died in a suicide attack on Thursday in a garrison
town in northwest Pakistan as they headed to work, a police official told AFP.— I
BANNU , 28 Aug—At least
10 people, including police
officers and prison staff,
died in a suicide attack on
Thursday in a garrison town
in northwest Pakistan as
they headed to work, a
police official told AFP.The incident was the latest
in a series of deadly attacks
to hit Pakistan since the
resignation of Pervez
Musharraf as president,
with the country’s fragile
coalition government
struggling to combat Islamic militancy. “The van
was carrying policemen and
jail staff when it was hit by
an explosives-laden car
which was used in the
attack,” said Bannu police
official Najeebullah, who
uses only one name.
“Ten people, mostly
police and prison workers,
were killed in the attack,”
he said. The van that was
targeted in the head-on
collision was normally
used to carry prisoners to
court and then back to jail. Bannu is a garrison town
situated 250 kilometres
(150 miles) southwest of
the Pakistani capital
Islamabad and is close to
the country’s lawless tribal
areas bordering Afgha-
nistan. Internet
Russia wins backing from China,Central Asia over Georgia
MOSCOW , 28 Aug —
Russia won support on
Thursday from China and
Central Asian states in its
standoff with the West
over the Georgia conflict
as the European Union
said it was weighing sanctions against Mos-
Russia’s President
Dmitry Medvedev said he
hoped the “united
position” of a summit of
Central Asian nations
would “serve as a serious signal to those who try to
turn black into white”.
The West has strongly
condemned Russia’s
military offensive in
Georgia this month and
Medvedev’s decision to
recognize Georgia’s
breakaway regions of
Abkhazia and South
Ossetia as independent
states. Ratcheting up pressure
on Russia, French Foreign
Minister Bernard
Kouchner, whose country
holds the presidency of the
European Union, said the
27-nation bloc was
preparing sanctions on
Moscow. Internet
Obama wins Democratic nomination,
with backing of Clintons
Barack Obama
—Barack Obama became
the first black presidential
nominee of a major US
party, with rousing
support from Bill and
Hillary Clinton, at the
Democratic National
Convention. Delaware
senator Joe Biden
accepted the vice
presidential nomination. To shouts of “Yes
we can,” Democrats
nominated Barack Obama
said on Wednesday as
their presidential can-
didate in a historic first for
a black American, backed
by his ex-rivals Bill and
Hillary Clinton. Obama made his first
appearance at the
Democratic National
Convention, stepping out
on stage after his vice
presidential running mate,
Sen Joe Biden, attacked
Republican John McCain
as he accepted the
nomination as No 2 on the
ticket. “I think the convention has gone
pretty well so far. What
do you think?” Obama
said to cheering delegates
after hugging Biden and
his wife Jill on stage.
Former President Bill
Clinton, who has been
slow to warm to Obama
after his wife lost a
bruising primary battle,
worked to encourage party
unity by giving Obama an
unwavering seal of
approval in a speech to a
packed convention hall. Delegates cheered
Clinton’s appearance for
so long that he asked them
to sit down. Internet
ENVER , 28 Aug —
Senator Joseph R. Biden
Jr of Delaware accepted
the Democratic vice-
presidential nomination on
Wednesday night with an
ode to his middle-class
upbringing and a blistering
attack on Senator John
McCain. On tax policy and the
war in Iraq, on health care
and terrorism, on the
minimum wage and on
Biden opens new phase with
attack on McCain
Russia, Mr. Biden said,
the contrast was clear
between Mr McCain
and the Democratic
presidential nominee,
Senator Barack Obama.“Again and again,”
he said, “on the most
important national secu-
rity issues of our time, John
McCain was wrong, and
Barack Obama was proven
right.” He said Mr McCain had supported President
Bush’s policies that Mr
Biden said had driven the
American economy into a
ditch and backed Mr Bush
on a war that is costing
American taxpayers $12
billion a month.
As Democrats often
do, he paid tribute to Mr
McCain’s military service
and his more than five years
as a prisoner of war in
Vietnam. — Internet
At least 90 Afghan civilians killed in
recent military operations, says UN
Aug—An investigation
by the United Nations
Assistance Mission in
Afghanistan (UNAMA)
has found that some 90
civilians, including 60
children, were among
those killed during
military operations in the
strife-torn nation’s
western Herat province
last week. A team of human
rights officers from
UNAMA went to Herat’s
Shindand district to
investigate reports that
large numbers of civilian
casualties were sustained
during operations con-
ducted by foreign and
Afghan military personnel
around midnight on 21
August. They found “con-
vincing evidence, based
on the testimony of
eyewitnesses, and others,”
that some 90 civilians
were killed – including
60 children, 15 women and 15 men – and another
15 villagers wounded.
“This is a matter of
grave concern to the United
I have repeatedly made
clear that the safety and
welfare of civilians must
be considered above all else
during the planning and
conduct of all military
operations,” Kai Eide,
Special Representative of
the Secretary-General for
Afghanistan, said in a
statement issued today in
According to the
people interviewed by
UNAMA, the military
operations lasted several
hours during which air
strikes were called in. “The destruction from
aerial bombardment was
clearly evident with some
7-8 houses having been
totally destroyed and
serious damage to many
others. Local residents were
able to confirm the number
of casualties, including
The border fence between Egypt and Israel. Egyptian
authorities have arrested 33 African migrants,
including four children, who were trying to cross the
border illegally into Israel, a security offical has said.
names, age and gender of
the victims,” the mission
said. Mr Eide called on the
international and Afghan
military forces to
“thoroughly review” the
conduct of the operation
to ensure that it does not
happen again. “The impact of such
operations undermines the
trust and confidence of the
Afghan people in efforts
to build a just, peaceful,
and law-abiding State,” he
stated, reminding all
parties that the protection
of civilians must be their
primary concern.
Mr Kai Eide, SpecialRepresentative of the
Secretary-General for Afghanistan.
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

4 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008
Chinese exports to Israel
surpassed Germany’s in
2007, making China Israel’s
second largest importing
country, Israel’s Central
Bureau of Statistics said
on Wednesday. Imports from China
grew to 4.6 billion US
dollars in 2007 from 3.2
billion dollars in 2006, the
bureau said. In 2006, Germany
Visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao presents a wreath to the monument to
the ethnic pacification and recovery in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, on 27 Aug, 2008.—X
China becomes Israel’s second
largest importer in 2007
was the second largest
exporter of goods to Israel
excluding diamonds. Its
exports to the Jewish
country rose to 3.3 billion
dollars in 2007 from 3.1
billion dollars in 2006. Analysts said that the
increase in Chinese im-
ports was part of a trend
of growth that would in-
clude a wider variety of
products over time. “The big difference is that Israel will start im-
porting an increasing
amount of high-tech
equipment, not just con-
sumer equipment,” Amos
Yudan, Chairman of the
Israel China Chamber of
Commerce, told
“The Israeli market
will understand that
China is not only supply-
ing cheap materials but
also items which are
really high-tech,” Yudan
said, noting that some
Chinese high-tech equip-
ments were already being
imported. “This is a trend that is
likely to change the trade
between Israel and
China,” he said. Xinhua
Revellers pose in tomato
pulp during the annual “Tomatina” (tomato
fight) in the Mediterra- nean village of Bunol, near Valencia, on 27 Aug, 2008.X
QUITO , 28 Aug — Ecua-
dor and Venezuela will
explore oil reserves in
Venezuela, Ecuadorian
Mining and Oil Minister
GaloChiriboga said on
Wednesday. Ecuador’s state-owned
oil company Petro-
ecuador will sign an
agreement on Friday with
Venezuelan oil giant
PDVSA on the joint ex-
ploration of the oil re-
serves at Campo Ayacu-
cho in Venezuela’s Orino-
co Strip, said Chiriboga in
a statement. Under the
agreement, the two oil
giants will create a joint
venture to perform the
task, Chiriboga said, add-
ing that the PDVSA will
hold majority shares of
the company.
SANTIAGO , 28 Aug —
The Economic Commis-
sion for Latin America
and Caribbean (ECLA)
said on Wednesday that
Latin America benefited
in the past year from the
enhanced economic co-
operation with Asian
Latin America benefits from cooperation with Asian countries
countries.In this way Latin
America has been able to
face in a better way the
world economic turbu-
lences, ECLA said. ECLA’s Executive
Secretary Mexican Alicia
Barcena said that the eco- nomic exchange terms in-
creased around 33 per-
cent in 2007 and South
America benefited more
as it exports big amount
of minerals and agricul-
ture products to China,
Inida and other nations.
Ecuador, Venezuela to launchjoint oil explorationin Venezuela
All items from Xinhua News Agency
HANOI , 28 Aug — A ship
exploded when exploiting
metal scraps in Viet nam’s
sea waters, killing one lo-
cal man and injuring 19
others, local newspaper
Young People reported on
Thursday. The ship owned by Le
Van Cu from Ninh Phuoc
district, southern Ninh
Thuan province, exploded
on Wednesday some 17
km off the Ninh-Phuoc
coast, making itself and a
nearby ship sink. Some
fishing ships brought all
the victims, including
eight seriously injured
people onshore. — Xinhua The move marks the
beginning of the interna-
tionalization of Petro-
ecuador’s operations, ac-
cording to Chiriboga. Ecuador and Vene-
zuela, which have close
cooperation in econo-
my,oil and culture, are the
only two Latin American
countries that are part of
the Organization of Petro-
leum Exporting Countries
(OPEC).— Xinhua
Ship explosion
kills one, injures 19 in Vietnam
MEXICO CITY , 28 Aug— Many European countries
have alerted their tourists against rising violence in
Mexico and warned them about the links between
Mexican police agents and organized crime, reports
by the daily El Universal said on Wednesday.
The governments of Germany, Britain and Swit-
zerland advised their citizens to be cautious during
trips to Mexico. The countries told their citizens that Mexican po-
licemen have been involved in crimes like robberies,
homicides and kidnappings. The German Foreign Ministry advised its citizens
not to resist if they fell victim to any crime in Mexico,
because that might threaten their lives. — Xinhua
European countries warn
tourists against violence in Mexico
OTTAWA , 28 Aug— The alliance troops’ mission in
Afghanistan is a difficult one and things will not im-
prove in one or two years, warned Arif Lalani, Cana-
da’s ambassador on Wednesday. As Canada’s military commitment to Afghanistan
ends in 2011, no miracles can be expected by that time
concerning the situation there, he said during an in-
terview with Canadian Television. “In 2011, I think Canadians should not expect
everything in Kandahar will be fixed,” he said. Xinhua
Envoy: Great challenges lieahead for alliance troops in Afghanistan
US astronaut Michael Fincke attends a training session in a space capsul
e inthe Star City space centre outside Moscow on 27 August, 2008. Fincke is
scheduled to visit the International Space Station (ISS) in October as
part of the 18th ISS crew.—X
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008 5
Sony’s Chubachi warns
stagflation threatens Asia
Sony Corp President
Ryoji Chubachi warned on
Thursday that stag-
flation— slowing eco-
nomic growth and
quickening inflation — in
the US, Europe and Japan
is beginning to undermine
consumer demand in Asia. “This is the reality we
are facing. Our concern is
that consumers’ buying
power is decreasing.”
Chubachi said at a news
conference in Singapore
at the opening of a lithium-
ion battery plant here,
Sony’s first battery factory in Southeast Asia.
“If this situation
continues long-term, it
would affect Sony,” he
said. Sony said last month
its April-June profit
plunged by about half
from a year ago, in part
because of slowing
electronics sales growth. Chubachi, which heads
the company’s electronics
operations, said demand for
Sony televisions jumped
ahead of this month’s
Olympic Games in Beijing,
and that the Tokyo-based
electronics giants’
computers, appliances and mobile phones also remain
Sony invested $106
million in the Singapore
plant, which will produce
8 million battery units a
month for mobile phones
by 2010 and employ 500
workers. Rechargable
lithiumion batteries, now
common in cell phones
and laptops, produce more
power and are smaller than
nickel-metal hydride
batteries.— Internet An aerial view of the San Miguel river at an Amazonian region of Ecuador
on the border with Colombia, is seen from an helicopter on 26 Aug, 2008.
Ecuador will run next September a programme named ‘Plan Ecuador’,
to formally shelter around 50,000 Colombian citizens who live along in settlements along the border with Colombia.— I
Survey: US workers’ confidence
in job market sags
NEW YORK , 28 Aug—American workers’ confidence
in the job market is as low as it was during the 2001
recession, according to a survey released on Thursday. When asked whether this is a bad time to find a
quality job, 65 percent said it was matching the level of
the 2001 recession, according to the survey by Rutgers
University’s John J Heldrich Center for Workforce
Development. With unemployment at 5.7 percent, the highest level
since 2004, and weekly unemployment claims hitting a
six-year high earlier this month, workers are worried
about everything from their weekly hours to their total
pay. As for retirement, many agree with Ray O’Connell,
56, an editor of engineering and computer science
journals in New York City. “Won’t happen,” he said.
The survey found one third of workers said they often
don’t have enough money to make ends meet.— Internet
Venezuela nets 4.3 billion dollars in
windfall oil profit tax
CARACAS , 28 Aug—Venezuela has raked in 4.3 billion
dollars from a tax on windfall oil profits it started
collecting from state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela in
mid-April, President Hugo Chavez said. “Up to now we have obtained 4.3 billion dollars,”
President Hugo Chavez told his ministers during a
publicly broadcast cabinet meeting. Of that, 800 million dollars has already been used by
the Chavez administration, while 3.56 billion dollars
have been placed in a fund, Chavez said, without
elaborating further Venezuela’s legislature in mid-April
approved a “mandatory contribution” on windfall oil
profits, as oil prices surged to record levels worldwide. The measure is levied on profits when oil prices rise
above 70 dollars a barrel, officials said, beginning at 50
percent and increasing to 60 percent when prices top
100 dollars a barrel, using the barrel of Brent crude as
a reference price. Venezuelan crude closed on Friday
at 108.63 dollars a barrel. Its average price so far this
year has been 103.74.— Internet
File photo shows state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela
oil company workers at the Jose Antonio Anzuategui
industrial complex. Venezuela has raked in 4.3 billion
dollars from a tax on windfall oil profits it started
collecting from Petroleos de Venezuela in mid-April,
President Hugo Chavez said.— I
Unemployment leaps over 20 percent in 25 New York counties
NEW Y ORK , 28 Aug—
The ranks of unemployed
workers soared more than
20 percent in 25 New York
counties in the first half of
2008, even in wealthy
suburbs around New York
City such as Westchester
and Nassau, a report said on Thursday. Some half a
million New Yorkers were
unemployed by mid-year,
the highest number since
2004. More job losses are
likely as a national eco-
nomic downturn is in-
tensified by the problems
Wall Street firms arestruggling with, according
to the Fiscal Policy
Institute’s study. “At a
minimum, it appears that
the state’s economy will
continue declining through
the rest of 2008 and
possibly into 2009,”
according to the study by
the Albany-based think
New York’s economy
is dependent on the
fortunes of the Wall Street
finance industry, so the
state’s tax collections have
plunged with the profit-
drought now withering
banks and brokerages.
Democratic Gov David
Paterson recently per-
suaded the legislature to
cut $427 million of
spending and prune the
three-year deficit by $2
billion to $24.4 billion.
Toyota cuts sales forecast
as demand sputters
TOKYO , 28 Aug—Toyota
Motor Corp (7203.T), the
world’s most profitable
carmaker, cut its 2009
vehicle sales forecast by
nearly 7 percent due to a
severe downturn in
Western markets driven by
high fuel prices and a credit
crunch. The weaker
outlook highlights an
increasingly difficult
environment for global
automakers faced with
softening demand in the
United States and Western
Europe, especially for
higher-margin, gas-thirsty
vehicles. Toyota said on Thursday
it expects to sell about 9.7
million vehicles next year
including its Daihatsu
Motor Co (7262.T) and Hino Motors Ltd (7205.T)
units. It had previously
forecast sales of 10.4
million vehicles. No car
maker has yet passed the
10 million annual unit sales
milestone. “We are looking
at the current shift towards
fuel-efficient cars (in the
United States) as a
structural change in
demand,” Toyota Pre-
sident Katsuaki Watanabe
told a news conference.
“We intend to respond
quickly and flexibly to this
A worker on the production line of Japan’s auto
giant Toyota assembles an engine for the vehicle manufacturer’s Lexus car range.— I
Two volunteers learn the skill of making
handicrafts from a handicapped person at the
Warm Family of Xicheng District Handicapped
Association, the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games volunteers training base, in Beijing, capital of China, on 22 Aug, 2008. — X
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

6 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008
An entire house standing up sidedown is seen in Trassenheide,
northern Germany. The house was
built to enable a new perspective on everyday life for visitors.
Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a
drone designed to measure the
concentration of deadly gases in the
air. The project called Airshield was presented in Dortmund. A wholeswarm of such drones would be
deployed in the event of a major fire or other disaster to sample the air.
People play Monopoly in a former prison yard in Frankfurt, Germany,on 27
2008, as they join thousands of people playing the board game worldwide
at the same time to break a Guinness world record.— I
BEIJING , 28 Aug — Caterpillar Inc (CATN) expects
weakness in rich-country economies to persist into 2009
but its sales in China will remain strong, Jim Owens,
chairman and chief executive of the US construction and
mining equipment firm, said on Thursday. Caterpillar raised its full-year earnings guidance in
July as strong growth in emerging countries offset the
impact of rising commodity prices and weakness in
economies in North America, Western Europe and
Japan.— Internet
Hurricane threatens New Orleans,
three years after Katrina
Hewlett-Packard completes purchase of Electronic Data Systems
Kidnapped UNHCR Mogadishu chief released
siana), 28 Aug— Three
years after Hurricane
Katrina devastated New
Orleans, residents of the
Big Easy are bracing for
another major strike as officials vow they will not
repeat the mistakes that
lefts thousands stranded
in floodwaters.
Louisiana Governor
Bobby Jindal declared a
state of emergency on Wednesday and an-
nounced plans to begin
evacuating coastal areas
well ahead of the storm
forecast to strike on
Monday as a Category 3
“Our state is better
prepared than it has
been before to respond
to a major disaster,”
Jindal said at a Press
conference. “We have supplies
preposition but … people
need to make their own
plans as well. Now is the
time to make sure you have
gas in the car, food and
prescriptions.” Internet
Caterpillar sees strong China
sales enduring
MOGADISHU , 28 Aug — Chief of
Mogadishu office for UN refugee agency
abducted by unknown gunmen late last
June was released on Wednesday by his
captors, local media reports said. Relatives of Hassan Mohamed Ali
told Shabelle Radio in Mogadishu that
the Mogadishu chief of the United
Nations High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR) was in good health
and was not tortured during his two month long detention.
Ali, locally known as Keynaan, was
kidnapped last June after unknown
gunmen raided his home in Elasha
Biyaha, between Mogadishu and the
southwestern town of Afgooye. Hundreds of thousands of displaced
people live on the outskirts of the restive
Somali capital after they fled the on-
going violence in the city. Internet
OS ANGELES , 28 Aug—
Hewlett-Packard (HP)
has completed its pur-
chase of Electronic Data
Systems (EDS), the
computer giant’s biggest
acquisition since HP
bought Compaq for nearly
20 billion dollars in 2002,
it was reported on Wed-
nesday. The 13.9-billion-dollar
deal, completed on Tuesday, will expand
HP’s business in the
lucrative field of techno-
logy consulting and
outsourcing services,
according to the
San Jose
Mercury News .
But it remained un-
known what the future
holds for nearly 140,000
EDS employees, the
report said. HP Chief Executive Mark Hurd has promised
to cut costs and improve
efficiency at EDS, based
in Plano, Texas, indicating
some future layoffs.
Hurd, who has cut staff
and lowered costs in other
HP divisions, has a good
track record of improving
profit margins, said the
report, quoting industry
analysts. Internet
Berlin Cat survives underwalled bath for 7 weeks
A four-year-old cat in Germany called
Bonny has survived after being walled in
beneath a bathtub for seven weeks, its
owner said on Tuesday. “It’s a miracle,” said Monika Hoppert,
a 60-year-old widow from the western
town of Stadthagen. “I’m a strong believer,
I think she must have had a guardian
angel. I’m so happy.” Bonny disappeared on 19 June while
workmen were replacing pipes in the block
of flats where Hoppert lives. The black cat
was last seen in a neighbouring apartment,
where the cladding around a bathtub had
been removed. Just before tub was sealed up again,
Bonny had probably crept underneath,
Hoppert said. By the time the neighbour heard
Bonny’s plaintive miaowing from behind
the tiles on 8 August, the cat’s weight had
dropped from six kilos to two kilos (from
three pounds to one pound).
Berlin Cathedral has been given back its
golden cross. The cross, which was taken
down for restoration in Dec 2006 was
finally replaced on the morning of
Tuesday, on 19 Aug. The total costs for
the maintenance and restoration reached
1.42 million euros ($2.08 million) and
the cross alone cost 700,000 euros — that
may be unsurprising given that around
1.5 kilogrammes (3 lb 5 oz) of gold leaf
was applied to it. Together with its base
the cross is 15 metres high (49
feet) and weighs two tons.
Mamba bite exposes illicit
Tokyo snake collection
A Japanese man living with 51
venomous snakes, including cobras and
huge mambas, in his apartment in central
Tokyo was caught when he called an
ambulance after one of them bit him. The 41-year-old Tokyo manual
labourer was arrested on Wednesday on
his release from hospital because
keeping dangerous snakes without a
local government licence is illegal in
Japan, broadcaster NHK said.
Boy, 12, accused of fleeing Texas police at 60 mph
A 12-year-old boy took his
grandmother’s car and led police on a
chase at speeds up to 60 mph before
swerving to avoid spikes in the road and
crashing into a fence, police said.
The boy was treated for a small cut to
the head then taken to Nueces County
Juvenile Justice Centre, where he remained in custody on Tuesday, chief
juvenile probation officer Homer Flores
Corpus Christi Police Capt Todd Green
said officials spotted the youngster in the
car late Monday at a stop sign near his
grandparents’ home. Names of the boy and
his grandparents were not released.
The male mandrill (Mandrillus
sphinx) or man-ape of equatorial
West Africa has an average head and body length of 61–76 cm (24-30 in)
and a tail length of 5.2–7.6 cm (2-3
in). Adult males weigh an average of 25 kg (55 lb), although specimens
weighting up to 54 kg (119 lb) and measuring 50.8 cm (20 in) to theshoulder have been known. Themandrill is also one of the most
colourful mammals, recognized by its naked vivid-blue rump, red-striped face and yellow beard.
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008 7
Bagyi Phyo: People want to have things due to
ignorance. Then they crave and have attachment
to the things. And then, they are not in a position
to realize the truth and to discard them. Ignorance
and craving are two factors that support each
other. I have some apprehension at the phenomena
of abstract objects.
Mg Deh Doe: You are giving religious talks a lot. It
seems to me it is because you have just completed
the 10-day meditation camp in the retreat period.
I wonder if you are going to renounce the world.
Phyo: I have not fulfilled that much perfection yet,
my boy. We can have enough apprehension at the
phenomena of abstract objects only if we
contemplate them in practice. Due to too much
attachment, some consider impermanence to be
permanence. Then, they come to take wrong
views and misunderstand the situations. Then,
they do wrong things. When I learn about such
persons, I feel sorry for them.
Doe: I am not as knowledgeable as you are. So,
explain them to me directly, rather than indirectly.
Phyo: I really don’t want to mention the persons by
name. As the saying that goes “Wisdom and
vigilance are different”, some representatives-
elect of 1990, in their old age are making
comments. If they think over their words, they
may have apprehension. I am sure they know well
that everything is impermanent. And people
continuously deal with the three characteristics
of existence: impermanence, sufferings and no-
self. I wonder why they do not consider the three
characteristics of existence. It has been more than
18 years since 1990. And there have been a lot
of changes in the conditions of the persons
concerned, their organization, their nation and
the people if compared with those 18 years
ago. Apparently, old things deteriorate and
new things come into existence. However, they
stick to the 1990 election results and are
repeatedly claiming themselves to be the
people’s representatives. I would say they are like the crow that ate and
made home on the carcass of an elephant drifting
along the current of a river, because it thought that
A prosperous future of the nation and the people
Mg Deh Doe
the carcass of the elephant was inexhaustible. So,
it could not notice that the body was adrift from the
river to the mouth of the sea. In the end, it met its
tragic end in the sea.
Now, the State constitution has been adopted
with the approval of the great majority of the
voters. New elections are going to take place in
the next one to two years. If they still cling on to
the 1990 election results, I would like to remind
them that the dead body of the elephant is now
in the mouth of the sea.
Doe: Your example about an elephant carcass evokes
my memories of another example about an elephant
carcass. You know the story that a fox tried to eat
a carcass of an elephant. The elephant skin was too
hard to bite, so the fox got into the body of the
elephant through the anus. When it was hot under
the sun, the anus became dry and the cavity of the
anus became smaller, the fox had no exits to get out
of the body. I think the situations of those who got
involved in the demonstrations in the nation and
fled abroad face the fate of the fox. Now, they are
not in a position to return to their mother country.
If a person has joined the group, it is very hard for
him to leave the group. And like the fox that
managed to survive by staying inside and eating
the innards of the dead body of the elephant, the
expatriates have to invent news stories at the
expense of the reputation of their motherland and
cheat newcomer young compatriots in order to
make money for their survival. Then, they have
come to make death threats to others. So, now they
are notorious for their behaviours. By good fortune,
the fox could get out of the dead body of the
elephant when the anus became soft again following
heavy rains. So, they wish the start of a political
heavy rain in Myanmar so that they may return to
the country.
Phyo: God forbid! Since the storm “Nargis”, the
people have tried to forget the painful memories of
torrential rains and strong winds. Now, they have
noticed that it is no use relying on even their
masters for political changes in the nation they
favour. So, they are now provoking the people
including monks to stage protests. It is disheartening to note that they are now trying to arouse the
emotional feelings of the people in their own
interests. Moreover, in desperation, some detonate
bombs, commit bomb explosions and use terrorist
methods in order to kill public members and
create public panic. How terrible it is!
Doe: We public members want to see a prosperous
future of our country. Parents by nature want to
see the prosperous future, not hardships of their
children. Our country has regained independence
for 60 years. Our country should have been on the
path towards development.
Phyo: Your expression “a prosperous future of
children” is spoken in a scene of a film that the
parents persuade their daughter to get married to
the son of rich parents. The people have approved
the new State constitution, like a situation in
which the children from the two sides fall in love
with each other. The UN, ASEAN, the
international community and regional
organizations have expressed their support for
the State’s seven-step Road Map, and they urged
our country to hold free and fair elections. Now,
the programmes of new elections have been
accepted, so there is no need to take the previous
election results into account. Global organizations
like parents have accepted and the people and the
new State constitution like the bride and
bridegroom have fallen in love with each other.
So, we can expect a brighter future, cannot us?
Doe: Nevertheless, some persons are trying to disrupt
the process. They are not capable in that regard,
they do not have positive attitude towards others’
constructive efforts, they have no impressive
policies, have not done any brilliant performances,
and they are urging the people to oppose whatever
the government does. So, I am sure their activities
will never yield any fruitful results.
Phyo: Don’t worry about that. Those who do good deeds
will enjoy fruitful results, and those who do misdeeds
will suffer evil results. I believe the strength of the
people who can distinguish right and wrong. There is
a Myanmar saying that goes “A friend in need is a
friend indeed”. The people know that who showed
goodwill and actively participated in the relief
tasks and who criticized others’ humanitarian
services, sowed discord among the people, and
destroyed the generosity of the donors. So, I would
say I believe that we can achieve our common goal
if we overcome the destructive acts through the
strength of the entire people in building a peaceful,
modern and developed nation. Translation: MS
Public members want to see a prosperous
future of our country. Parents by nature want
to see the prosperous future, not hardships of
their children.
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

8 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008
Officials urged to supervise secure…
(from page 1)Chairman of
Yangon Division Peace
and Development Coun-
cil Commander of
Yangon Command Brig-
Gen Win Myint gave a
supplementary report. After attending to
the needs, Lt-Gen Myint Swe gave necessary in-
Lt-Gen Myint Swe
inspected maintenance of
Botahtaung No. 6 jetty,
Shwetaungdan No. 2
jetty, Lanthit jetty and
Kaingdan No. 1 jetty in
Yangon Port area and
berthing of vessels and speedy flow of commodi-
He instructed offi-
cials to supervise secure
and smooth running of
vessels in Yangon River,
speedy flow of commodi-
ties and timely comple-
tion of remaining tasks.
— MNA YANGON , 28 Aug —
Chairman of Sagaing Di-
vision Peace and Devel-
opment Council Com-
mander of North-West
Command Brig-Gen
Myint Soe supervised col-
lective fertilizer broad-
casting for cultivation of
Farmers urged to use natural fertilizer
monsoon paddy on six
acres of farmland of farm-
ers U Khin Maung Tint
and U Pyu in Thanar Vil-
lage-tract of Wetlet Town-
ship on 21 August. Shwebo-1 paddy
strains are cultivated on
the farmland. In meeting with local farmers, the
commander gave instruc-
tions on production of tar-
geted production of
monsoon paddy for 2008-
09 and utilization of natu-
ral fertilizers and attended
to the needs.
Members of MAWFA,
wives of Ambassadors from embassies inMyanmar enjoy
traditional dances
on 41st Founding Anniversary of ASEAN.
Mayor Brig-Gen Aung Thein Lin, Vice-Mayor Col Maung Pa and officials open Phyo free clinic in North Okkalapa.—
Secretary of National Disaster Preparedness Central Committee
Minister Maj-Gen Maung Maung Swe accepts K 34.8 million donated by U Saw Mout Thon and wife Thudhammatheingi Naw Phaw Phaw of DKBA.—
MAWFA celebrates 41 st
Anniversary ASEAN Day
YANGON , 28 Aug—
ASEAN cultural dance,
organized by Myanmar
ASEAN Women Friend-
ship Association to com-
memorate the 41
st found-
ing Anniversary of ASEAN
which falls on 8 August,
was held at Yangon City
Hotel this morning. It was attended by
member of panel of patrons
of MAWFA wife of Minis-
ter for Foreign Affairs Daw
Myint Myint Soe, wives of
deputy ministers Daw Le
Le Kyi and Dr Daw Khin
Mya Win, executive wives
of departmental heads of
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
wives of Ambassadors from
ASEAN countries, wives of Ambassadors from em-
bassies in Myanmar, mem-
bers and guests.
Member of panel of
patron of MAWFA, head
of international relations
department of Myanmar
Women’s Affairs Federa-
tion Daw Myint Myint Soe
delivered a greeting speech. Afterwards, National
Culture and Fine Arts Uni-
versity of the Ministry of
Culture entertained the
guests with dances and
ASEAN embassies with
traditional dances and
songs. ASEAN traditional
food was served to the
guests. MNA
Flood News
NAY P YI T AW , 28
Aug—According to the
11.30 hr MST observation
today of the Department
of Metrology and Hydrol-
ogy, the water level of
Sittoung River at Madauk
is 1078 cm and it has ex-
ceeded by 8 cm (about 3
inches) above its danger
level. It is forecast to fall
below its danger level
1070 cm during the next
24 hours.— MNA
Transport, CPT winners in Inter-Ministry football
NAY P YI T AW , 28
Aug— The group matches
of 2
nd Nay Pyi Taw Inter-
Ministry Football Tourna-
ment-2008 of Group-D
continued at Nay Pyi Taw
sports ground and
Paungloung sports ground today.
At the Nay Pyi Taw
sports ground, Ministry
of Transport routed Min-
istry of Health 6-nil. At the Paungloung
sports ground, Ministry
of Communications, Posts and Telegraphs beat
Ministry of Social Wel-
fare, Relief and Resettle-
ment 4-0.
On 29 August, Min-
istry for Progress of Bor-
der Areas and National
Races and Development Affairs will play against
Ministry of Labour at Nay
Pyi Taw sports ground,
Ministry of Industry-1
against Ministry of Rail-
ways Transportation at
Paungloung sports ground
of Group-AA.—
New free clinics for N Okkalapans
YANGON , 28 Aug—A
free clinic was opened for
the people of North
Okkalapa Ward-2 of the
township yesterday. CEC members of the
Union Solidarity and
Development Association
(Yangon division in-
charges) Chairman of
Yangon City Development
Committee Mayor Brig-
Gen Aung Thein Lin and
Vice-Mayor Col Maung Pa
attended the opening
ceremony of clinic.
Founded by Yangon
Division USDA, it is
named Phyo free clinic. They also attended the
ceremony to open another
Phyo free clinic in
Kanaung Prince street in
Shwe Paukkan industrial
zone of North Okkalapa
township and formally
opened the clinic. The Mayor gave a
speech at the office of the
industrial zone manage-
ment committee after the
ceremony and accepted
630 membership appli-
cations submitted by
Ward-2 of North Okkalapa
township and Shwe
Paukkan industrial zone.
U Aye Myint, U Soe Win donated 1.2 million, those
engaged in aluminium
melting 1 million and other
19 donors 3 million and
clinic-used furniture for the
clinics through the CEC
members. Next, U Maung
Myint of Tawwin
automobile manufacturing
spoke words of thanks and
the ceremony came to
close. Yangon division
USDA have founded 23
free clinics in townships
in Yangon and health care
service has been provided
to over 0.3 million
patients.— MNA
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008 9
(d) clause (k) shall be substituted as follows:-
“(k) all compulsory deposits;”
6. In sub-section (1) of section 86 of the Code of Civil Procedure:- (a) the expression “or any member of a British foreign militarymission” shall be deleted;
(b) the expression “a Secretary to the Government” shall be substi- tuted by the expression “a Director-General of the Office of the
7. The amount of fine contained in sub-section (1) of section 95 of the C
of Civil Procedure shall be substituted by the expression “one hundred thousand
8. The proviso “Provided also that nothing in this proviso shall affect
power of Supreme Court in the exercise of its revisional jurisdiction”
shall be
added after the proviso of section 115 of the Code of Civil Procedure.
9. In order 26 of the Code of Civil Procedure: (a) the second paragraph contained in rule 23 shall be substituted asfollows:
“Commissioners’ fees for every effective meeting shall not
exceed five thousand kyats for the first two hours and one
thousand kyats for each succeeding hour.”
(b) the text of the paragraph of rule 24 shall be substituted as follows:
“24. When, under the orders of a State or Divisional Court or
District Court, an oath or solemn affirmation is administered to
a declarant of an affidivit at his request elsewhere than at the
Court, a fee of fifteen hundred kyats shall be paid by the said
The Union of Myanmar
The State Peace and Development Council
The Law Amending the Code of Civil Procedure
(The State Peace and Development Council Law No. 6/2008) The 12 th Waning of Wagaung 1370 ME(28 August, 2008)
Law Amending Code of Civil Procedure issued
(from page 1) (c) the amount of fees contained in sub-rule (b) of rule 24 shall be
substituted by the expression “five hundred kyats;”
(d) the amount of fees contained in sub-rule (c) of rule 24 shall be substituted by the expression “five thousand kyats.”
10. In sub-rule (a) of rule 6 of order 34 of the Code of Civil Procedure: (a) the expression “or in a suit instituted by the Bank, at such rate asfixed by the Central Bank of Myanmar, from time to time and one
per cent shall be added in addition to that rate fixed as such;” shal
be added after the expression “as the Court deems reasonable”
contained in clause (1);
(b) the expression “or in a suit instituted by the Bank, at such rate as fixed by the Central Bank of Myanmar, from time to time and one
per cent shall be added in addition to that rate fixed as such;” shal
be added after the expression “the preliminary decree” contained
in clause (2);
(c) the expression “failing both such rates, at nine per cent per annum; and” contained in clause (3) shall be substituted by the
expression “where both of such rates are not fixed, at such rate as
the Court deems reasonable or in a suit instituted by the Bank, at
such rate as fixed by the Central Bank of Myanmar, from time to
time and one per cent shall be added in addition to that rate fixed
as such;”.
11. In rule 6 of order 34 of the Code of Civil Procedure, the expression “
or in
a suit instituted by the Bank, at such rate as fixed by the Central Bank
of Myanmar,
from time to time and one per cent shall be added in addition to that ra
te fixed as
such;” contained in sub-rule (b) shall be added after the expressio
n of “as the court
deems reasonable.”
12. The amount of money contained in the first proviso of rule 4 of order 38
the Code of Civil Procedure shall be substituted by the amount of “on
e hundred
thousand kyats.”
Sd/ Than Shwe
Senior General Chairman
The State Peace and Development Council
(from page 16)
streets of Chanayethazan
Township, progress in
building a 2250 feet long
and 40 feet wide new tarred
road being implemented by
Mandalay City Develop-
ment Committee, Nadi
creek bridge and retaining
walls. After the inspection
of durability of Myitnge-
road in Amarapura Town-
ship, they viewed a dem-
onstration of transplanting
Myogyi Dam to irrigate …
(from page 16)
At the hall of Kengtawng Station, he met serv-
icemen and family members and handed over books,
stationery and sports equipment to officials. At Weintaung BEMS, he inspected learning of
students, computer room and language lab and pre-
sented cash to the funds of the school. On arrival at Kengtawng Hydropower Project
being implemented by Hydropower Implementation
Department under the Ministry of Electric Power No.
1, Maj-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, the commander and
party viewed progress of the project, installation of
generators, turbine, functions of control room and
outlet drain. — MNA
Implementation of …
skills on a 50-acre model
paddy plot, cultivation of
monsoon paddy by the
use of machinery, ferti-
lizers and pesticides for
crops and then handed
cash prizes and bags of
fertilizers to transplanters
and local peasants.
On their way to
Kyaukse they viewed
progress in paving tarred
road and met with depart-
mental officials at district
and township levels, fac-
ulty members and mem- bers of social organizations
and townselders.
At Myogyi multi-
purpose dam project in
Myogyi village of
Ywangan Township of
Shan State (South),
progress in building en-
trance of the tunnel, diver-
sion canal and exit of the
tunnel were inspected.
Upon arrival at Myogyi di-
version weir near Taungtaw
village of Kyaukse town-
ship, they looked into tasks
being carried out along
Myogyi drain. Myogyi dam
is 2461 feet long and 258 feet high. It is an earth
dam. If completed, it will
benefit some 30,000 acres
of farmlands in Meiktila
plain and generate 30
mega watt of power.
On arrival at the 44
mile and 3 furlongs
Thanywa crossroad in
Kyaukse, they inspected
No. 2 district-to-district
road and repair of Nwatet
bridge at mile post No. 6/2
and thriving monsoon
paddy plantations. MNA
ANGON , 28 Aug—Sky Home
Language Center, Yangon branch of
Tokyo West International Education
Academy in Tokyo of Japan, opened
new courses. The courses are Nihongo
Nooryoku Shiken (level 1, 2, 3 and 4),
conversation (Basic/ Inter), four skills
class (Level 1,2,3 and 4) and basic Japan
Language (single/table). Sky Home Language Center will
also provide English and Chinese Lan-
guages in addition to Japanese language.
Sky Home will make arrangements for
enabling those wishing to continue to
Sky Home Language Center opens
pursue Japanese language to directly link
with Nishe Tokyo School. A special pro-
gramme has been realized for conducting
the language courses to the children of
fourth and above standards in line with
the curriculum of Japan. All courses will commence from 1
September, and 15 students will be ac-
cepted at a classroom. The Headmasters
and teachers of the training school from
Japan will conduct the exam test and
interview for the students at Sky Home in
Yangon. Interested students may sit for
the exams. Those wishing to sit for the
exam may enlist in advance.— MNA
Trainees in classroom of Sky Home Language Center.— MNA
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:44 PM

10 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008
1. Uplift of national prestige and integrity andpreservation and safeguarding of cultural
heritage and national character
2. Uplift of the morale and morality of the entire nation
3. Keeping genuine patriotism based on national solidarity alive and dynamic
4. Turning out younger generation who will continue to safeguard the national culture
and character
Objectives of the 16 th Myanmar
Traditional Cultural Performing Arts Competitions
Natmauk gets new digital
Aug—A ceremony to
open a new digital auto-
exchange of Natmauk in
Magway division was held
in front of the auto-
exchange on 24 August
morning. Minister for
Communications, Posts
and Telegraphs Brig-Gen
Thein Zaw and Chairman
of Magway Division Peace
and Development Council
Col Phone Maw Shwe cut
a ribbon to open it. Next, the minister
pressed the button to open On arrival at
Magway digital auto-
exchange, the minister
inspected communication
equipment and left
necessary instructions. In Minbu, the
minister inspected the
installation of GSM
equipment at the
microwave control room
and fulfilled the needs for
improvement of trunk call
services. The minister
looked into Minbu digital
auto exchange and gave
necessary instructions. MNA
the signboard and looked
into the equipments
installed at the new digital
exchange. Afterwards, the
minister called on staff to
handle machines
systematically and made
local and overseas calls.
Next, the minister
observed Public Assess
Center. At Natmauk
Township communication
office, officials reported
on matters related to posts,
telegraphs and telephone.
After hearing the reports,
the minister fulfilled the
Aug—Myanma Oil and
Gas Enterprise organized
a meeting on increased
output of petroleum and
natural gas at Mann
oilfield meeting hall in
Minbu, Magway
division, on 24 August,
attended by Minister for
Energy Brig-Gen Lun
Thi. The minister called
for maintaining the
current output from old
oil fields and at the same
time to explore new oil
fields with the use of
Energy Minister: Maintain current crude oil output, explore new fields
drilling machines. Next, general
managers reported on
arrangements for targeted
production of their
respective oil fields.
Officials of Geophysics
Department and the
director of oil exploration
and development
department reported on
location of oil fields that
can be explored. The minister
gave instructions to do
preliminary practice to
handle the drilling
machines effectively and to prepare to overcome
difficulties in drilling oil
On arrival at
No.1 fertilizer plant (Sale)
in Magway Division, the
minister heard reports on
arrangements for running
the plant at full capacity
presented by U Aung Din,
expert of Myanma
Petrochemical Enter-
prise. The minister called
for exceeding the set
production target and
looked into man-
ufacturing of Urea
fertilizer.— MNA
ANGON , 28 Aug
— The Civil Service
Selection and Training
Board offered Soon to 318
members of the Sangha
from State Pariyatti
Sasana University
Soon offered to Sangha
(Yangon) on 25 August.
Held at Mogok
Refectory on Sirimin-
galar Hill, here the
ceremony was attended
by Chairman of the board
Dr Than Nyun who donated offertories and K
500,000 to members of
the Sangha. Members of
the board and staff
families were also present
on the occasion.
ANGON , 28 Aug
— Myanmar Traditional
Artists and Artisans
Organization (Central)
will organize Tun
Foundation Bank’s best
painting of the year 2008
contest in December. Those artists in the
country including
professionals wishing to
participate in the contest
may send paintings which
should not be smaller than
3’x4′ and not be larger than
Tun Foundation Bank’s best paintings of the year 2008 contest in December
4’x6′ to the foundation at
No. 53/61 at the corner of
Strand Road and Theinbyu
Road. Every contestant is
allowed to enter two
paintings at the contest,
MTAAO said.
In the contest,
veteran artists from local
and abroad will be incharge
of the contest as judges.
According to the MTAAO,
K 3 million will be
awarded to the first prize
winner, K 2.5 million to the second , K 2 million to
the third , K 1.5 million to
the forth and K 1 million
each to six consolation
prize winners. For further
information, please contact
Myanmar Traditional
Artists and Artisans
Organization (Central) at
No. 188-192 East Wing,
Bogyoke Aung San
Market, phone numbers :
240966/; Ex 706 and
Brig-Gen Thein Zaw inspects digital auto-exchange in Magway. C
Deputy Minister Brig-Gen Kyaw Myint accepts 50 bags of fertilizer
worth K 1.1 million donated to storm survivors by Chairman U Thant
Zin and Director U Soe Moe Naing of Thazin Naing Trading Co Ltd
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:45 PM

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008 11
The Myanmar
Football Federation is
gearing for making
beach soccer popular in
the country. The MFF
is taking measures for
putting Myanmar
soccer, the national
sport, on the track to
victory. It has
introduced Futsal to the
nation since 2005. Now,
the country has
achieved success to an
extent in international
Futsal tournaments.
The drive for
introducing beach
soccer to the nation has
started to yield fruit.
The federation is
preparing itself for
taking part in
international beach
soccer tournaments.
Myanmar’s beach
soccer was conceived,
following the
appointment of MFF
President U Zaw Zaw
as an executive of
FIFA’s Futsal and
Beach Soccer
Committee. After his
appointment, U Zaw
Zaw visited Brazil to
watch World Beach
Soccer matches so as to
introduce the sport to
the nation. As its first step,
Myanmar will
participate in Merdeka
Cup Beach Soccer
Tournament to be held
in Malaysia from 27 to
31 August. Myanmar
does not have much
time for training. So,
the beach soccer team
was formed with some
Myanmar to make debut in Merdeka Cup Beach Soccer Tournament
Article and photos by Po Thaw Zin
popularity of the sport in the
nation and winning victory
in international
tournaments. As part of its
plan, the MFF is building a
beach football ground. It is
preparing itself for Asian
Beach Soccer Tournament
to be held in Bali Island,
Indonesia, in coming
It is holding beach
soccer matches with
professional footballers and
outsiders it has invited to
select for the national team.
It will be able to select
finalists well and take more
time for training sessions
for the Asian beach soccer
matches. The construction of the
beach soccer ground is
nearing completion, and
then it will be able to hold
training sessions
effectively. The Myanmar team has been camped since
the last week of July for
Merdeka Cup Beach
Soccer Tournament.
Nineteen tentatively-
selected footballers were
called in, but two of them
failed to appear. So,
training sessions are
being held with 17
players. The training
ground is under
footballers of Myanmar
soccer league. Now, the
MFF is in pursuance of the
plans it has adopted for
construction, and the
players are now
undergoing training
under the instructions of
Myanmar football
selection U Aung Tun
Tun in the sand grounds
in Dagon Seikkan
Township. Technical
Director U Soe Myint
Lwin of the MFF is
playing a role as the
technical adviser.Coach U Aung
Tun Tun said, “We
haven’t got any
experience in interna- tional beach soccer
matches yet, but we are
trying our best to win
victory. In that regard, we
show video tapes about
international beach
football matches to our
players. Then, we learn
good lessons from those
games. We also learn
suitable techniques from
the games and teach them
to our players. Now, it is
in the rainy reason here,
and sand grounds are not
in good condition. So, we
may face some difficulties
in the games.
But, by the time of
Asian beach football
games, we will have got a
lot of more experiences.
Now, we are training 30
selected players for the
cup. Ten of the 30 players
are outsiders. “Our debut will be
in the forthcoming
Merdeka Cup, but we will
try our best to gain good
results. And we will
prepare ourselves for next
international games
through the experiences
we will gain in that
tournament. I am pleased
with the hard work of the
players. I would say it will
be the first step for
popularity of beach soccer
in our country.”
The Myanmar team
to Merdeka Cup Beach
Soccer Tournament is
made up of U Soe Myint
Lwin as manager; U Aung Tun Tun, as coach; Ya
Wai Zin (Kanbawza) and
Khaing Soe Tun
(Energy), as goal-
keepers; and Nyar Na
Lwin (Kanbawza), Win
Min Htut (Transport),
Nay Zaw Htet
(Kanbawza), Thiha
(Agriculture and
Irrigation), Aung Than
Win (Kanbawza), Myo
Hlaing Oo (Commerce),
Htet Aung (Transport)
and Tin Aung Moe
(Agriculture and
Myanmar team
will make their debut in
Merdeka Cup Beach
Soccer Tournament as
part of the MFF’s first
step for popularity of
beach soccer in the
nation. Then, it will
spread its wings for the
sport to have reputation
at home and achieve
victory in international
Translation: MSMyanma Alin:
“We haven’t got any experience in
international beach
soccer matches yet, but we are trying our best
to win victory.” (Coach U Aung Tun Tun)
Myanmar players seen in a training session.
The selected Myanmar team in the training ground.
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:45 PM

12 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008
psßv:wyy¨rn K¥ippittcdåeKÅy¨Kc;
psßv:wyy¨rn K¥ ippittcdåeKÅy¨Kc;
psßv:wyy¨rn K¥
psßv:wyy¨rn K¥ ippittcdåeKÅy¨Kc;
ps ßv:wyy¨rn K¥ ippittcdåeKÅy¨Kc;

psßv;Am¥io;Amv psßv;Am¥io;Amv

AerAt∑k AerAt∑k

tc dåeKÅrktc
tc dåeKÅrk

tcdåpitrk tcdåpitrk
1. Excavator (1.5~2m 3) (Ks) 2 Units 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
2. Raw Materials For H.T 6 Items 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
Insulator Plant (Ks)
Electrical Instrument Accessories (FE) 1 Unit 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
Magnetic Brake Assembly(Japan) (Ks) 2 Sets 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
5. Heavy Equipment Spares (Ks) 46 Items 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
6. Cable Wire And Accessories (Ks) 8 Items 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
Thermal Imaging System ForKiln (FE) 1 No 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
3 Phase Induction Motor (Japan) (Ks) 2 Items 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
9. Crusher Apron Feeder & Acc: (Ks) 4 Items 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
10. Heavy Machinery Engine (Ks) 2 Items 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
11. Diamond Bit (Ks) 2 Items 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
12. Diamond Wire (Ks) 50 Meters 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
13. Zirconium Silicate (FE) 40 Tons 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
Electrical & Machinery Equipment (FE) 1 Lot 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
15. Die & Die Box For Press (FE) 2 Sets 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
16. Felt (FE) 2 Items 28.8.2008 22.9.2008
Am˙t(1) skmOwn”k^;@an' mnma.eÂk∑TvemTv\
lupcn; erac;wyer;@an' RuM;Am˙t (41)
enpveta ∑c RuM:K¥inAt∑c; Skq∑ysuMsm;“p^; tcdåm¥a; laerak\wyy¨ Niucpåqv"
tcdåpuMsMtra;wcwyy¨Ta;q¨m¥a;TMm˙ tcdåkiuqa lkKMpåmv" (Aeq;sit qiliupåk suMsm;rn tyl^Pun; Am˙t-067-408298)
mnma.eÂk∑TvemTvlupcn; mnma.eÂk∑TvemTvlupcn;
Centre for Human Resource Development
Yangon University of Foreign Languages
1. The Centre for Human Resource Development (Yangon
University of Foreign Languages) in collaboration with
st Century Language School, Tokyo, Japan will
open the Japanese Language Course (Advanced Level)
No.4 (a) Instructors: Native Speaker Instructors from TOPA 21
Century Language School.(b) Type and Duration of Course: Part-time Course, 10
weeks, 30 hours (c) Commencement of Course: 8 September 2008
(d) Course Hours: 15:30-17:00 hours (Every Tuesday and
Thursday) (e) Education qualification : Matriculation passed
(f) Applicants must also have already passed the Japanese
Language qualifying exam Level II. 2. Enquiries can be made at the Human Resource Develop-
ment Centre (YUFL) during office hours.
Ph- 514371 (Ext-202)
Centre for Human Resource DevelopmentYangon University of Foreign Languages
1. The Centre for Human Resource Development
(Yangon University of Foreign Languages) in collabo-
ration with TOPA, 21
st Century Language School,
Tokyo, Japan will open the Japanese Language Spe-
cial Basic Course No.38 (a) Course instructors: Teachers from TOPA 21
Century Language School, Tokyo, Japan(b) Duration of full-time Course :10 weeks, 200 hours
(c) Commencement of Course: 8 September, 2008
(d) Education qualification: Matriculation passed
2. For further information, please contact the Centre
for Human Resource Development (Yangon Univer-
sity of Foreign Languages) during office hours.
Ph- 514371 (Ex-202)
a company incorporated un-
der the laws of AUSTRIA,
and having its principal of-
fice at Koppstrasse 116, A-
1160, Vienna, Austria is the
owner and sole proprietorof
the following Trademark:-
Reg. Nos. 4/4405/1999, 4/2929/2005 &4/2435/2008
Used in respect of:
Any unauthorized use, imi-
tation, infringements or
fraudulent intentions of the
above mark will be dealt with
according to law. Tin Ohnmar Tun
B.A (LAW) LL.B, LL.M (U.K)
P.O.Box. 109,Ph: 723043(For.
Domnern somgiat &
Boonma Attorneys at Law,
Dated. 29 August, 2008.
We, Maung Pau Khan Thang [5/Ka La
Hta (Naing) 001365] and Ma Chit The
Htwe [12/Ka Ma Ta (Naing) 057325],
have been engaged on (24-8-2008) before
bothside parents & relatives.
Maung Pau Khan Thang & Ma Chit The Htwe
Colombia captures drug-submarine makers
B OGOTA , 28 Aug—
Colombian police arrested
on Tuesday two suspects
believed to be manu-
facturers of remote-
control submarines used
to transport drugs to
Central America, Colom-
bian Anti-Drug Police
said. Deputy Director of
Anti-Drug Police Colonel
Juan Mendoza said the two
men, identified as Gustavo
Garcia and Antonio
Lopez, specialized in
building submarines with
a loading capacity of two
tons. They were captured
in the city of Medellin in
the northwestern province
of Antioquia. Both have
been requested for
extradition by US courts.
“The organization took
approximately two to
three months to build the
vehicles,” Mendoza said. MNA/Xinhua
Russia says NATO warships in Black
Sea are “worrying”
M OSCOW , 28 Aug—
Russia’s top military brass
said on Tuesday it doubted
that NATO ships were
delivering only humani-
tarian aid to Georgia and
said Moscow was worried about a build up of alliance
warships in the Black Sea.
Moscow, already angry
at NATO expansion close
to its borders, has been
dismayed by the West’s
support for Georgia after
Tbilisi tried to retake a
pro-Russian breakaway
region, sparking a massive
Russian counter-attack. The United States said
that two warships would
dock at the Georgian port
of Poti on Wednesday to
deliver humanitarian aid. “The extraordinary
level of activity by NATO
navies is perplexing for
us,” said Colonel-General
Anatoly Nogovitsyn,
deputy head of Russia’s
general staff. MNA/Reuters
India’s “river of sorrow”threatens more floods
PATNA (India), 28 Aug—Rising rivers in eastern
India that swamped more land and homes on Tuesday
have affected more than two million people, some of
whom vented their anger by attacking officials trying
to assess the damage. Since the monsoon began in
June, torrential rains have killed more than 1,000
people in South Asia, mainly in India’s states of Bihar
and Uttar Pradesh but also Nepal and Bangladesh. The
Koshi River in the eastern state of Bihar, one of India’s
poorest regions, has broken its mud embankments in
several places. The river also broke a dam in
neighbouring Nepal, sweeping away seven villages,
officials said. — MNA/Reuters
Drive with care
Donate Blood
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:45 PM

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008 13
Chefs prepare free pizza
while staging a protest
to demand stricter price controls on the rising
cost of pizza in Naples on 27 August, 2008. I
File photo shows a glacier seen from the Ice Fjord on the Norwegian Arct
archipelago of Svalbard. The Arctic ice cap keeps melting under the effe
cts of
global warming and in August saw its second largest summer shrinkage sin
ce satellite observations began 30 years ago, US scientists said. —I
A barbecue worker carries a box of barbecue chicken, in preparation of t
‘Fete du poulet’ the chicken barbecue festival, on 23 Aug, 2008 in
Switzerland. The organizing committee is trying to break the world recor
d in grilling chicken that was established in Stans, Switzerland, in July thi
s year. On the giant barbecue grill 610 chicken can be grilled at the same time
and the cooks are trying to grill a total of 2,500 chicken. —I
Experts warn of careless use of soil
VIENNA , 28 Aug— On
the third day of the
international conference
EUROSOIL 2008, which
held from 25 August to 29
August in Vienna, experts
warned of the careless use
of soil, saying not only crude
oil and food, but also the
soil on our planet would be
in short supply. President of the Euro-
pean Confederation of Soil
Science Societies (ECSSS),
also the organizer of
the EUROSOIL 2008,
Winfried E H Blum said to the local media that in the
whole Europe, an area of
about a village-large of soil
disappears every day.
In Austria, there would
be 12 to 15 hectares of land
which for agricultural use
being erased from the map
everyday. The situation of Austria’s
neighbour countries is
almost the same. Switzerland loses daily
about 8 to 10 hectares
and Germany even
uses about 110 to 120
hectares everyday for the construction of streets,
houses or other buildings.
Meanwhile, the need for
the agricultural soil was
increasing, due to the rising
population by about 85
million annually. Blum therefore called for
careful use of agricultural
soil, since the global trend
of soil shortage could hard-
ly be turn around. He
emphasized also the
important approach of
prohibiting a further urban
sprawl of the landscape. Internet
Canada announces
extension of jurisdiction over Arctic waters
O TTAWA , 28 Aug—
Canada will extend its
jurisdiction in the Arctic
by doubling the range
at which Canadian
environmental laws and
shipping regulations will
be enforced, from100
nautical miles offshore
to 200, Prime Minister
Stephen Harper announ-
ced on Wednesday. “Whether it is the
thawing of the Northwest
Passage or the suspected
resource riches under the
Arctic seabed, more and
more countries are taking an interest in
the waterways of the
Canadian Arctic,” said
the Prime Minister
in Tuktoyaktuk, an
Inuvialuit hamlet located
in Northwest Territories.
“We will be sending a
clear message to the world
that our environmental
standards and sovereignty
are not up for debate — if
you are in Canada’s Arctic
you will be playing by
Canada’s rules,” he was
quoted as saying in a Press
release. Internet
Economic growth slows down to 4.6percent in Philippines
Van crashkills 10
S Korean
tourists in
MANILA , 28 Aug— Ten
South Korean nationals on
vacation tour in northern
Philippines were killed on
Wednesday when their
van crashed onto a
concrete wall, local media
reported. Police said that
according to initial
information, the South
Koreans were on their way
to a Bolinao resort in
Pangasinan province
when the tragedy struck,
local news network ABS-
CBN News said.
The victims have yet to
be identified. Their bodies
have been brought to local
hospitals, the report said.
It is not yet confirmed
whether there were other
nationals on board. Witnesses and police
said the victims’ van lost
control and crossed the
highway’s right lane to the
left and crashed on the
wall. — Internet M
ANILA ,28 Aug—
Economic growth slowed
down to 4.6 percent amid
high prices of goods and
services in the Philippines
from January to June
this year, said the
country’s planning body
on Thursday. It will be
difficult for the Southeast Asian country to achieve
a full-year gross domestic
product (GDP) growth
target of 5.5 percent to 6.4
percent, Socio-economic
Planning Secretary Ralph
Recto said in a Press
release on the country’s
economic performance.
GDP is the broadestmeasure of goods and
services produced in a
country in a period of time.
The Philippine economy
expanded 7.3 percent in
2007, the fastest pace over
the past 31 years. The slower pace of
expansion this year was
blamed on inflation, which
decreases consumer
spending and crimps the
value of the peso. The average inflation
rate for the first six months
hit 7.6 percent after
surging to 11.4 percent in
June, the highest in 14
years. Internet
Man suspected of
over 50 murders
arrested in Brazil
R IO DE JANEIRO , 28 Aug— Brazil’s police arrested
on Wednesday a 19-year-old man who confessed to
several rapes and over 50 murders in Guarulhos, Sao
Paulo metro area, local police said. The suspect, Leandro Basilio Rodrigues, was arrested
when he passed by a police station. He was recognized
by a policeman who had a picture distributed by the
Women Protection Division (WPD), which was
investigating a series of rapes in the area. According to the police, Rodrigues confessed to
over 50 murders in three different states in the country.
The last two murders were committed in less than 24
hours, with the last one only an hour before the arrest. The police found the bodies of two young women in
the places he indicated. Both women were strangled to
death. Further investigations are needed to find out
whether they were raped or not before the murder. Two women who managed to survive Rodrigues’s
attacks have already identified him. The police now
expect other victims to testify against the criminal. Police Chief Beatriz Relva, head of the WPD, said
Rodrigues has admitted being addicted to crack. He
said Rodrigues will be charged with rape, murder and
theft, as some of the victims also had their belongings
stolen after the attacks. Internet
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:45 PM

14 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008
Fabregas’s return to Arsenal energises Wenger
LONDON , 28 Aug — Arsene Wenger believes the return of Cesc Fabregas in
Arsenal’s 4-0 Champions League rout of FC Twente signals the real start
of his
side’s season.
Arsenal’s French Defender WilliamGallas (left) celebrates scoring with teammate Spanish Midfielder Cesc
Fabregas during their third round,
2nd leg, UEFA Champions League
qualifier match against FC Twente at
the Emirates Stadium, London.Arsenal won 4-0. —I
NASCAR puts Kyle Busch,
Carl Edwards on probation
DAYTONA BEACH , 28 Aug — NASCAR placed Kyle
Busch and Carl Edwards on probation Wednesday for
the next six Sprint Cup Series races, the result of their
on-track incident last weekend at the end of the race at
Bristol Motor Speedway. During the cooldown lap after Edwards’ Ford took
the checkered flag for Roush Fenway Racing, Busch
drove alongside Edwards and bumped his car. Edwards
responded by driving the nose of his car into the right
side of Busch’s Toyota, spinning him out. The postrace incident was apparently a reaction to
Edwards nudging Busch aside with 30 laps to go
Saturday night. Busch had led the previous 415 laps. Internet
Carl Edwards (99) passes Kyle Busch (18) during the
final few laps of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Sharpie 500 auto race at the Bristol Motor Speedway
in Bristol, Tenn, on 23 Aug, 2008. —I
Volatile system brings unpredictable PGA playoffs
PGA Championship
winner Padraig
Harrington, of Ireland. I
Kuyt’s late goal clinches win for Liverpool
LIVERPOOL , 28 Aug — Dirk Kuyt’s goal three minutes from the end of extra-ti
ensured Liverpool progressed to the group stages of the Champions League
at the
Liverpool’s Dutch forward Dirk Kuyt(R) controls the ball in front of
Standard Liege’s Senegalese defender
Mohamed Sarr during their Cham-
pions League third qualfying round
second leg football match at Anfield,
in Liverpool. Liverpool won 1-0. I
Hargreaves to use Super Cup to get United
career back on track
Manchester United midfielder Owen
Hargreaves (left; seen here on 6 Au-
gust) wants to use Friday’s European
Super Cup clash against Zenit St
Petersburg to kick-start his season.
Hargreaves, 27, has been struggling
with tendinitis and hasn’t made a first
team appearance for United since help-
ing Sir Alex Ferguson’s side win the
Champions League in May. —I
Marseille’s forward
Mamadou Niang cele-
brates after scoring the
second goal of the game
at the Velodrome stadium
in Marseille, southern
France, during the third
qualifying round of the
European Champions
League’s football match
Marseille/Brann Bergen.
Marseille won 2-1. I
Marseille muddle to a 2-1
victory over Brann
Anorthosis upset Olympiakos
to reach group stage
Jankovic hangstough to down Arvidsson
NEW Y ORK , 28 Aug —
Jelena Jankovic was
given the run around
by Sweden’s Sofia
Arvidsson before she
booked her place in the
third round with a nerve-
jangling 6-3, 6-7, 7-5 win
at the US Open on
Wednesday. The second-seeded
Serbian twice served for
the match in the second
set and had also opened a
3-0 lead in the tiebreak
but each time Arvidsson
pegged her back with a
series of stinging
groundstrokes. Internet
NORTON (Mass), 28
Aug— Padraig Harrington
has won the last two majors
and is considered the favour- ite to be voted player of the
year on the PGA Tour. But
if he doesn’t play well the
next two weeks, he might
not even make it to the Tour
Then there’s Kevin Suth-
erland, who hasn’t won in
more than six years and has
never made it to the Tour Championship in his 13
years on tour. But he will tee
off Friday in the Deutsche
Bank Championship at No 3
in the FedEx Cup standings.
The tour wanted more vola-
tility in the second year of its
playoff system.
“It’s definitely created
some excitement among the
players,” Brett Quigley said
on Wednesday at the TPC
Boston, site of the second
round of the PGA Tour
Playoffs.— Internet
Fabregas was badly missed during
Arsenal’s first three matches as the
Spanish midfielder recovered from a
hamstring injury. The Gunners laboured to a pair of
unconvincing victories before slump-
ing to a dismal defeat at Fulham on
Saturday, but it took just 66 minutes of
Fabregas’s elegant influence at the
Emirates Stadium on Wednesday to
restore Wenger’s belief that Arsenal
can flourish this year. With Fabregas pulling the strings in
his first competitive appearance
since Spain’s Euro 2008 final triumph
in June, Arsenal were transformed
and Steve McClaren’s Twente had no
answer to their movement and
penetration. Internet
A THENS , 28 Aug —
Anorthosis Famagusta be-
came the first team from
Cyprus to reach the group
stage of the Champions
League on Wednesday
when their 1-0 loss at Olympiakos left them
with a 3-1 aggregate vic-
tory in the third qualify-
ing round.
A solitary goal from
Argentine Fernando
Belluschi was too little
from the Greek champi-
ons at the Karaiskakis Sta-
dium after the Cypriots’
stunning 3-0 win in the
first leg in Larnaca two
weeks ago. “We are
delighted. It’s an amazing
result,” said Anorthosis
coach Temuri Ketsbaia. “We knew it would
be difficult because
Olympiakos are a great
team, they have been in
the Champions League for
the last 11 years. But we
came here and we held on
and deserved to go
through.” Internet M
ARSEILLE (France), 28
Aug — French first divi-
sion front-runners Mar-
seille muddled into the
Champions League proper
here on Wednesday after
an unconvincing 2-1 home win against Brann to go
through 3-1 on aggregate.
The Velodrome sta-
dium observed a minute’s
silence for the two fans
killed in a car accident
before last weekend’s
match against Le Havre,
and when play started it
was the Norwegians who
looked the snappier. Brann got an early shot
on goal after a run by Erik
Huseklepp exposed some
sloppy defending, cutting
in from the right to fire a
pacey shot against Steve
Mandanda. Marseille were slow to
respond to the visitors’ at-
tempts to cancel out the
one-goal deficit from the
first leg, but in the 13th
minute Eric Gerets’ men
finally snapped awake. Internet
expense of an unfortunate Standard
Rafael Benitez’s side had been un-
convincing all evening and the game
appeared destined for penalties when
Kuyt struck with a far post volley from
Ryan Babel’s deep cross. For Liverpool, twice finalists in the
previous seasons and winners of the
competition in 2005, the goal brought
relief after a stuttering display that will
have reinforced their manager’s deter-
mination to bring in new faces during
the remaining five days of the transfer
window. Internet
MANCHESTER , 28 Aug— Manches-
ter United midfielder Owen Hargreaves
wants to use Friday’s European Super
Cup clash against Zenit St Petersburg
to kick-start his season. Hargreaves, 27, has been struggling
with tendinitis and hasn’t made a first
team appearance for United since help-
ing Sir Alex Ferguson’s side win the
Champions League in May. But the England international is fi-
nally back in training and Ferguson
expects him to play against Zenit in
Monaco. Hargreaves is desperate to get
back in action after a injury-ravaged
beginning to his spell at Old
Trafford. Internet
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:45 PM

THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 29 August, 2008 15
Summary of observations recorded at 09:30 hr
MST: During the past 24 hours, weather has been partly
cloudy in Chin State and Magway Division, rain or thun-
dershowers have been isolated in Kayah State, Sagaing,
Mandalay, Yangon and Ayeyawady Divisions, scattered
in Kayin State, fairly widespread in Rakhine and Mon
States, Bago Division and widespread in the remaining
States and Divisions. The noteworthy amounts of rainfall
recorded were Shwegyin (2.72) inches, Kyauktaw (1.89)
inches, Bilin and Bago (1.57) inches each and Loilem
(1.18) inches. Maximum temperature on 27-8-2008 was 89˚F.
Minimum temperature on 28-8-2008 was 74ºF. Rela-
tive humidity at (09:30) hours MST on 28-8-2008 was
89%. Total sunshine hours on 27-8-2008 was (0.2) hours
approx. Rainfall on 28-8-2008 was (Nil) at Mingaladon, (Tr)
at Kaba-Aye and (Nil) at Central Yangon. Total rainfall
since 1-1-2008 was (79.92) inches at Mingaladon, (90.67)
inches at Kaba-Aye and (108.58) inches at Central Yangon.
Maximum wind speed at Yangon (Kaba-Aye) was (5) mph
from Southwest at (15:30) hours MST on 27-8-2008.
Bay inference: Monsoon is feeble in the Andaman
Sea and weak in the Bay of Bengal.
Forecast valid until evening of 29-8-2008: Rain or
thundershowers will be widespread in Kachin, Northern
Shan State and Taninthayi Division, fairly widespread in
Rakhine, Southern and Eastern Shan, Chin States,upper
Sagaing and Bago Divisions, scattered in Mon and Kayin
States, Mandalay, Ayeyawady and Yangon Divisions and
isolated in the remaining areas. Degree of certainty is
(80%). State of the sea: Seas will be slight to moderate in
Myanmar waters. Outlook for subsequent two days: Weak monsoon.
Forecast for Nay Pyi Taw and neighbouring area
for 29-8-2008: Likelihood of isolated rain or thunder-
showers. Degree of certainty is (60%). Forecast for Yangon and neighbouring area
for 29-8-2008: Isolated rain or thundershowers. Degree
of certainty is (80%). Forecast for Mandalay and neighbouring area
for 29-8-2008: Likelihood of isolated rain or thunder-
showers. Degree of certainty is (60%).
R 489 Published by the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministpry
of Information, Union of Myanmar. Edited and printed at The New Light of Myanmar Press,
No 22/30 Strand Road at 43rd Street, Yangon. Cable Newlight, PO Box No.
43, Telephones: Editors 392308, Manager 392226, Circulation 392304, Advertisement 392223,
Accounts 392224, Administration 392225, Production/Press 392369
Thursday, 28 August, 2008
Friday, 29 August
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rnkun mio>eta svpcqayanynimit At∑c;r˙i
‘mi >ny (31) ‘mi >nyAa; h∑n ;qMkc ;m´´.zMuAPs qtm˙t
Ta;ri˙ rat∑c AK¥io>ya√ emac;m¥a;m˙ a AeÂkac ; Am¥oi;m¥io;
pl¥k h∑n;t^ ;l¥kri˙ eÂkac; sseS; et∑ ≥ri˙rpåqv ''
qiu≥Pspåj NiuccMÂk^;qa;sitDatPc. h ∑n;qMkc;m´´.zMu
At∑c; mvqv.AeÂkac;N˙c.mY h∑n;mt^;ÂkrnN˙c.
sseS;et∑≥r˙ipåk Tieraks∑a Aer;y¨eSac
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rnkun iiuc;ya√sv;km;Tin;qim;er;Âk^;ÂkpmOekamt^ rnkun iiuc;ya√sv;km;Tin;qim;er;Âk^;ÂkpmOekamt^
rnkun iiuc;ya√sv;km;Tin;qim;er;Âk^;ÂkpmOekamt^
rnkun iiuc;ya√sv;km;Tin;qim;er;Âk^;ÂkpmOekamt^
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NATO soldier killed in N Afghanistan
Kidnapped Japanese aid
worker killed in Afghanistan
SHEWA (Afghanistan), 28 Aug—A Japanese aid
worker kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan has been
killed by his captors, the governor of Nangarhar
Province said on Wednesday. “He has been killed. Police have recovered his
body and are trying to bring it down from the top of the
mountain,” Gul Agha Sherzai told Reuters.
Kazuya Ito, 31, was kidnapped by gunmen on
Tuesday in Nangarhar. Afghan police launched a
rescue operation on Wednesday. Sherzai, together with Afghan police and
international troops, travelled to the village of Shewa
to recover the body. A Reuters reporter saw the bullet-
riddled body of the victim after it was brought down
from the mountain. Sherzai did not say who the kidnappers were or
explain how Ito was killed. The Afghan Foreign
Ministry said the captive was killed by “terrorists”, a
term often used by government for describing Taleban
and other militants. Hours after the abduction, the Interior Ministry
said police had launched a raid to rescue the Japanese. MNA/Reuters
ABUL , 28 Aug — A German soldier under the
leadership of the NATO-led International Security
Assistance Force (ISAF) died from wounds caused by
an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) on Wednesday
in northern Afghanistan, said an ISAF statement. “This soldier’s life was taken while helping the
people of Afghanistan build a better future,”said
Brigadier-General Richard Blanchette, an ISAF
spokesperson. Meanwhile, German Defence Ministry
said in a statement that the German patrolling convoy
hit roadside mines Wednesday morning in the outskirts
of Kunduz City, northern Afghanistan. One soldier
was killed and another three were wounded. In another incident, ISAF, in conjunction with
Afghan National Police, detained 12 suspected
insurgents and discovered a weapons cache in the
central Afghanistan’s Ghazni Province on Tuesday,
the ISAF statement said. — MNA/Xinhua
ASEAN, India conclude
free trade deal in goods
The Association of South-
East Asian Nations
(ASEAN) has concluded a
free trade deal in goods
with India, the bloc’s
seventh largest trading
partner, after five years of
negotiations, ministers said
here on Thursday. At a news conference
on Day Three of the
ASEAN economic
ministers meeting,
Singapore’s Trade and
Industry Minister Lim Hng
Kiang and India’s
Commerce and Industry
Minister Kamal Nath
announced the deal, which
is expected to be signed at
the ASEAN’s Bangkok
Summit in December. Nath expressed “deep
satisfaction” at conclusion
of the deal, despite the
difficult issues in the
negotiations, saying “it is
an important milestone for our region”.
ASEAN-India trade
has reached 30 billion US
dollars and both sites have
set a target of 50 billion US
dollars by 2010. ASEAN’s
exports to India during
2005-2007 grew at an
annual rate of 31 per cent,
the fastest among
ASEAN’s exports to major
trading partners. “ASEAN-India trade
accounts for only 2 per cent
of ASEAN’s global trade,
so the potential of bilateral
economic cooperation… is
profound,” said Nath. The trade-in-goods
agreement is the first step
towards the establishment
of free trade area (FTA)
between ASEAN’s Brunei,
Indonesia, Malaysia,
Singapore, Thailand and
India by 2011 and with the
remaining five ASEAN
countries by 2016. MNA/Xinhua
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:45 PM

13th Waning of Wagaung 1370 MEFriday, 29 August, 2008 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678
 Skyful liars attempting to destroy nation
 BBC lying
VOA deceiving
RFA setting up hostilities
 Beware! Don’t be bought by those ill-wishers
NAY P YI T AW , 28 Aug — Dams, bridges and
monsoon paddy plantations were looked over by the
officials led by Maj-Gen Ohn Myint of the Ministry of
Defence, Chairman of Mandalay Division Peace and
Myogyi Dam to irrigate 30,000 acres, generate 30 megawatts
Development Council Commander of Central Com-
mand Brig-Gen Tin Ngwe and Chairman of Mandalay
City Development Committee Mayor Brig-Gen Phone
Zaw Han in Mandalay Division on 26 August. They also inspected traffic
rules enforcement
activities through CCTV cameras installed
at the traffic lights between 26
th and 73 rd
(See page 9)
AY P YI T AW , 28
Aug — Together with
Chairman of Shan State
Peace and Development
Council Commander of
Eastern Command Brig-
Gen Ya Pyae and depart-
mental officials, Maj-Gen
Min Aung Hlaing of the
Ministry of Defence in-
spected the site chosen for
construction of the build-
ing of Mongpan Basic
Education High School
and for the sports ground
on 26 August. While in
Mongpan, he paid hom-
age to Maha Tezadipati
Pagoda and made cash
donations. After viewing
thriving 10-acre sugarcane
plantation, they met de-
partmental officials, mem-
bers of social organiza-
Implementation of Kengtawng Hydropower Project in full swing
Maj-Gen Ohn Myint looks into Myogyi multi-purpose dam project in Ywangan
Township, Shan State (South).— MNA
Maj-Gen Min Aung Hlaing inspects Kengtawng Hydropower Project in Kengta
wng Township.— MNA
tions and townselders at
the office of Lankho
Township PDC. Maj-Gen
Min Aung Hlaing pre-
sented books, stationery
and sports gear to offi-
cials. In Lankho, he vis-
ited the 25-bed Township
Hospital and viewed thriv-
ing groundnut plantations
on 2.6 acres of plot in
Ponhtun Village-tract. (See page 9) I
A prosperous future of the nation and the people
29-8-08 (FINAL) NL 7/30/18, 3:45 PM