Criminal Code Act, Chapter 77

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Criminal Code Act Chapte r 77
Laws of the Fe de ration of Nige ria 1990

Arrangement of Sections
The original numbering of sections has been retained in order not to disturb the cross references to those sections in
other enactments which are many and will be found thr oughout the whole Edition

Short title 2. The criminal code and extent. 3. Construction of Acts , Laws,
rules, regulations, and other
4. Provisions of code, exclusive
with certain exceptions 5. Civil remedies. 6.
Contempt of court.
7. Printing of amendments.

The Criminal Code

Part 1Introductory

Inte rpre tation: Application: Ge ne ral: Principle s:

Chapte r 1Interpretation

1. Interpretation. 2. . Definition of offence 3. . Divisio n of offences.
4. . Attempts to commit offences. 5. Arrest without war rant. 6. Carnal knowledge.

Chapte r 2 Parties to Offences

7 Principal offenders. 8. Offences committed in
prosecution of common
purpose.9. . Mode of execution immaterial.
10.. Accessories after the fact.

Chapte r 3 Application of Criminal Law
10A. Interpretation.
11.Effect of changes in law. 12. Application of code as to
offences wholly or partially
committed in Nigeria.
12A. Offences against laws of a State. 13.
Offences procured or
counselled by persons out of
Nigeria. 13A. Offences against State laws
procured, etc., outside the State.
14. Offences procured in Nigeria to be committed out of Nigeria. 14A.
Offences procured in the State
to be committed out of the State. 15. Armed forces and police forces.
16. (Repealed by No. 43 of 1945.
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Chapte r 4Punishments

17. Kinds of punishment. 18. Caning for male persons u nder
seventeen. 19. Forfeiture of bribes.
20. Forfeiture of property used in postal offences. 21. Prerogative.

Chapte r 5 Criminal Responsibility

22. Ignorance of Law. 23. Bonafide claim of right. 24. Intention: motive.
25. Mistake of fact. 26. Extraordinary emergencies. 27. P resumption of sanity.
28. Insanity. 29. Intoxication. 30. Immature age.
31. Justification and excuse: compulsion. 32. Justification and excuse:
compulsion. 33. Compulsion of husband.
34. No conspiracy between husband
and wife alone. 35. Offences by partners and
members of companies with
respect to partnership or
corporate property. 36. Liability of husband and wife for
offences committed by either with
respect to the other’s property.

Part 2 Offences against Public Order Chapte r 6 Treason and certain other Offences
37. Treason. 38. Instigating invasion of Nigeria. 39. Pro vision as to juvenile
offenders and pregnant women.
40. Concealment of treason. 41. Treasonable felonies. 42 . Promoting inter communal war.
43. Time for proceeding in cases of treason, concealment of treason,
or promoting inter communal
war. 44. Inciting to mutiny. 45. Aiding and inciting to muti
acts, or disobedience of
members of armed forces or
46. Inducing such persons to desert. 46A. Causing disaf fection among
members of armed forces,
police or prison officers. 47. Effect of proceeding under
sections 44 and 45.
48. Assisting or allowing escape of prisoners of war. 49. Overt act.

Chapte r 6ATreachery
49A. Death penalty for treachery. 49B . Joinder of char ges and place of
trial of offences. 49C. Extent of Chapter.
49D. (Deleted by L.N. 112 of 1964.)

Chapte r 7 Sedition and the Importation of Seditious or Undesirabl e Publications

50. Interpretation. 51. Offences. 52. Legal proceedings, Evi dence.
53. Unlawful oaths to commit capital offences. 54. Other unlawful oaths to commit
offences. 55. Compulsion: how far a defence.
56. Effect of prosecution. 57. Unlawful drilling. 58. Pow er to prohibit importation of
(6) Offences.

Delivery of prohibited
publication to police and
administrative officers.
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(9) Power to examine packages.
59. Publication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to
public. 60. Defamation of persons
exercising sovereign authority
over a State.

Chapte r 8 Offences against the Executive and Legislative Powe r

61. Interference with executive or
legislative power.

Chapte r 9 Unlawful Societies

62. Definition of society and
unlawful society. 62A. Unlawful societies in a State. 63. Managing an un
lawful society.
64. Members of unlawful society:
persons permitting an unlawful society to meet on their
premises. 65. Provisions relating to
prosecutions for offences undersections 63 and 64. 66.
Powers of peace officers in
relation to unlawful societies.
67. Disposition of property of society declared to be an
unlawful society. 68.

Chapte r 10 Unlawful Assemblies: Breaches of the Peace

69. Definitions: Unlawful assembly.
Riot. 70. Punishment of unlawful
assembly. 71.
Punishment of riot.
72. Making proclamation for rioters to disperse. 73. Dispersion of rioters after
proclamation made. 74.
Rioting after proclamation.
75. Preventing or obstructing the making of proclamation. 76. Rioters demolishing buildings,
machinery, railway, etc. 77.
Rioters injuring buildings,
machinery, railway, etc.
78. Smuggling or rescuing goods under arms. 79. Smuggling under arms or in
disguise. 80.
Going armed so as to cause fear.
81. Forcible entry. 82. Forcible detainer. 83. Affray.
84. Challenge to fight a duel. 85. Prize fight. 86. Threa tening violence.
87. Assembling for the purpose of smuggling. 88.
Unlawful processions. 88A.
Provoking breach of peace by
offensive publication.

Part 3 Offences against the Administration of Law and Justice and against Public Authority

Chapte r 11 Disclosure of 0fficial Secrets and Abstracting Docum ent

89-96. Deleted by No. 31 of 1941. 97. Disclosure of official secrets.
Public servant abstracting, etc.,
document: restriction on

Chapte r 12 Corruption and Abuse of Office

98. Official corruption: public
official inviting bribes, etc., on
account of own actions. 98A. Official corruption: person
giving bribes, etc., on account
of actions of public official. 98B.
Official corruption: persons
inviting bribes, etc., on account of
actions of public official.
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98C. Restrictions on arrest andprosecution of judicial officersfor offences under sections 98
to 988. 98D. Meaning of “public official” insections 98 to 98B. 99. Extortion by public officers.
100. (Deleted by 1966 No. 84).
101. Public officers interested in
102. Officers charged with
administration of property of a
special character or with special
103. False claims by officials.
104.Abuse of office.
105. False certificates by public
106. Administering extra-judicial oaths. 107. False assumption of authority. 108. Personating pu
blic officers.
109. Personating members of armed forces or police. 110. Unlawfully wearing the uniform
of the armed forces. 111. Selling, etc., uniform, etc., to
unauthorised persons.

Chapte r 13 Selling and Trafficking in Offices
112. Bargaining for offices in public

Chapte r 14 Offences relating to the Administration of Justice

113. Definition of judicial
proceeding. 114 –
Deleted by 1966 No. 84.

117. Perjury. 118. Punishment of perjury. 119. Evidence on charge of perjury.
120. Fabricating evidence. 121. Corruption of witnesses. 122. Deceiving witnesses.
123. Destroying evidence. 124. Preventing witnesses from attending.125. Conspiracy to bring false
125A. Making false statement to public officers with intent. 126. Perverting justice. 127. Compounding felonies.
128. Compounding penal actions.
129. Advertising a reward for the
return of stolen or lost property. 130. Delay to take person arrested
before a court.
131. Bringing fictitious action on penal Act, Law or Statute. 132. Inserting advertisement without
authority of court. 133. Contempt of court.

Chapte r 15 Escapes.. Rescues: Obstructing Officers of Court
134. Rescue. 135. Escape. 136. Aiding prisoners to escape.
137. Permitting escape. 138. Negligently permitting esc ape. 139. Prison officers accessory to
breaches of discipline.
140-142. Repealed by 1972, No. 9. 143. Rescuing insane persons.144. Removing, etc., property under
lawful seizure.
145. Obstructing officers of courts of justice.

Chapte r 16 Offences relating to the Currency

146. Interpretation. 147. Counterfeiting gold and silver
coin.148. Preparation for coining gold and
silver coin.
148A. Unlawful inquiries with the object of making counterfeit
coins. 149.
150.Possession of clippings.
151. Uttering counterfeit current gold
or silver coin. 152. Repeated uttering of counterfeit
current gold or silver coin, or
possession of several such 153. Offences after previous
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154. Counterfeiting nickel coin. 155. Uttering base nick el coin. 156. Defacing coin by stamping words
157. Uttering foreign coin, medals, etc., as current coin with intent
to defaud. 158. Exporting counterfeit current
coin. 159. Unlawfully importing counterfeit
160. Tender of defaced coin not legal tender: penalty for uttering. 160A. Making, issue and circulation of
promissory notes payable to
bearer on demand, withoutauthority. 160B.
Portrayal of Nigerian notes and

Chapte r 17 Offences Relating to Posts and Telecommunications

161. Stopping mails. 162. Intercepting telegrams or post al
matter. 163. Tampering with telegrams or
postal matter.
164. Wilful misdelivery of telegrams or postal matter. 165. Obtaining telegrams or postal
matter by false pretences. 166. Secreting letters and telegrams.
167. Fraudulent issue of money orders and postal orders. 168. Fraudulent messages respecting
money orders. 169.
Unlawful franking of letters.
170. Sending dangerous or obscene things by post. 171. Retarding delivery of telegrams
or postal matter. 172. Obstructing mails.
173. Penalty on loitering, carelessness in delivery of
mails, etc. 174.
Fraudulently removing stamps.
175.Fraudulent evasion of postal laws.
176. Carrying letters otherwise than by post. 177. Illegally making postal
envelopes or setting up post
office or office for sale of
stamps, or imitating post office. 178.
Destroying or damaging letter box.
179. Placing injurious substances in or against letter box. 180. Defacing post office or letter
box. 181. Obstructing post and telegraph
182. Obstructing post and telegraph officers in the execution of duty. 183. Contravening exclusive
privilege of the Nigerian PostalServices Department. 184 &
Deleted by 1975 No. 30.
186. Negligently injuring telegraphs. 187. Violation of secrecy. 188. Resisting officers.
189. Laying property in postal matter and telegraph works.

Chapte r 18 Miscellaneous Offences against Public Authority

190. False declaration as to
execution of sentence of death. 190A. False statements in application
for passports. 191. False statements in statements
required to be under oath or
solemn declaration.
192. False declarations and statements. 193.
194. Shooting at customs boats or
195. Resisting officers engaged in preventing smuggling. 196.
Resisting customs officers.
197.Resisting public officers.
198. Refusal by public officer to perform duty. 199. Neglect of peace officer to
suppress riot. 200.
Neglect to aid in suppressing riot.
201. Neglect to aid in arresting offenders. 202. Disobedience to Act, Law, or
Statute. 203. Disobedience to lawful order
issued by constituted authority.

Part 4 Acts Injurious to the Public in General
Chapte r 19 Offences Relating to Religious Worship

204. Insult to a religion. 205. Offering violence to offi ciating
ministers of religion. 206. Disturbing religious worship.
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Chapte r 20 Ordeal, Witchcraft, Juju and Criminal Charms

207. Unlawful trial by ordeal:
prohibited juju. 208. Directing, etc., unlawful trial by
ordeal. 209. Being present at, or making poison
for unlawful trial by ordeal.
210. Offences in relation to witchcraft and juju. 211. Chiefs permitting unlawful
ordeal and prohibited juju
worship. 212. Destruction of place where
unlawful ordeal or prohibited juju
worship is held.
213. Criminal charms.
Chapte r 21 Offences against Morality

214. Unnatural offences. 215. Attempt to commit unnatur al
offences. 216. Indecent treatment of boys under
217. Indecent practices between males. 218. Defilement of girls under
thirteen. 219. Householder permitting defilement
of young girls on his premises.
220. Defence to charge under preceding section. 221. Defilement of girls under
sixteen and above thirteen, and
of idiots. 222. Indecent treatment of girls under
222A. Causing or encouraging the seduction or prostitution of a
girl under sixteen. 222B. Allowing persons under sixteen
to be in brothels. 222c. Restriction on defence of
reasonable belief.
223. Procuration. 224.
Procuring defilement of woman
by threats or fraud, or administering drugs. 225. Abduction of girl under eighteen
with intent to have carnal
225A. Persons trading in prostitution. 225B. Keeping a brothel. 226. Unlawful detention with intent to
defile, or in a brothel.
227. Conspiracy to defile. 228. Attempts to procure abort ion. 229. Attempt to procure own
230. Supplying drugs or instruments to procure abortion. 231. Indecent acts. 232. Repealed-by 1961 No. 51.
233. Knowledge of age immaterial. 233A. Deportation of n on-citizens of

Chapte r 21A Obscene Publications

233B. Interpretation. 233C. Test of obscenity. 233D. Prohi bition of publication of
obscene matter.
233E. Power of search and seizure. 233F. Defence of publ ic good.

Chapte r 22 Nuisances; Gaming Houses; Lotteries; Misconduct relati ng to Corpses

234. Common nuisances. 235. Repealed by No. 20 of 1944. 236. G aming houses.
(2) Police may be authorised to
enter gaming houses, etc.
Obstructing entry of Police to
be evidence of unlawful
gaming. 238.
Indemnity of witnesses.
239.Betting houses.
140. Definitions: Lottery: lottery ticket: public lottery. 240A. Offences relating to lotteries. 240B. Recovery of
money paid for
lottery ticket.
240C. Contract for sale of lottery ticket void. 240D. Saying of certain race club
lotteries and sweepstakes. 240E. Lotteries carried on in clubs with
approval of State Commissioner.
241. Acting as keeper of brothels, gaming houses, and betting
houses. 242. Misconduct with regard to

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Chapte r 23 Offences against Public Health

(2) Exposing for sale things unfit
for food or drink.
Adulteration of food or drink
intended for sale. 244.
Dealing in diseased meat. 245. Fouling water.

246. Burials in houses.
247.Noxious acts.
248. Sale of matches made with white
phosphorus: use of white
phosphorus in manufacture ofmatches.

Chapte r 24 Idle and Disorderly Persons; Rogues and Vagabonds; Brin ging contempt on Uniform

249. Idle and disorderly persons. 250. Rogues and vagabon ds. 251. Bringing contempt on uniform.

Part 5 Offences against the Person and Relating to Marriage and Parental Rights and Duties and against the Reputation of

Chapte r 25 Assaults and Violence to the Person generally; Justific ation and Excuse

252. Definition of assault. 253. Assaults unlawful. 254. Execution of sentence.
255. Execution of process. 256. Execution of warrant. 25 7. Erroneous sentence or process or
258. Sentence or process or warrant without jurisdiction. 259. Arrest of wrong person. 260. Irregular process or
261. Force used in executing process or in arrest. 262-
Repealed by No. 43 of 1945. 271. Peace officer preventing
from arrest.
272. Other cases of preventing escape from arrest. 273. Preventing escape or rescue
after arrest. 274. Repealed by No. 43 of 1945.
275. Preventing a breach of the peace. 276. Suppression of riot. 277. Suppression of riot by pe
278. Suppression of riot by person acting under lawful orders. 279. Suppression of riot by person
acting without order in case of
emergency. 280. Riot: persons subject to military
law or members of the police
281. Prevention of offences for which an offender may be
arrested without warrant:
prevention of violence by
persons of unsound mind. 282.
Defence of dwelling-house.
284. Defence of provocation. 285. Prevention of repetition of
insult. 286. Self-defence against unprovoked
287. Self-defence against provoked assault. 288. Aiding in self-defence. 289. Defence of movable pro
against trespassers.
290. Defence of movable property with claim of right. 291. Defence of movable property
without claim of right. 292. Defence of premises against
trespassers: removal of disorderly
293. Defence of possession of real property or vessel with claim ofright. 294. Exercise of right of way or
easement. 295.
Correction of child, servant, etc.
296. Use of force for preserving order on board a vessel. 297. Surgical operations. 298. Excessive force.
299. Consent to death immaterial.

Chapte r 26 Duties relating to the Preservation of Human Life
300. Duty to provide necessaries. 301. Duty of head of fam ily. . 302. Duty of masters.
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303. Duty of persons doingdangerous acts.
304. Duty of persons in charge of
dangerous things. 305. Duty to do certain acts. 305A. Breach of contract o
f person
employed in certain services.

Chapte r 27 Homicide; Suicide; Infanticide; Concealment of Birth; Unlawful

306. Killing of a human being
unlawful. 307. When a child becomes a human
being. 308. Definition of killing.
309. Death by acts done at childbirth. 310. Causing death by threats. 311. Acceleration of death.
312. When injury or death might be prevented by proper precaution. 313. Injury causing death in
consequence of subsequent
treatment. 314.
Limitation as to time of death.
315. Unlawful homicide. 316. Definition of murder. 317. Def inition of manslaughter.
318. Killing on provocation.
319. Punishment of murder:
provision for juvenile:
provision for pregnant women. 320.
Attempt to murder.
321. Attempt to murder by convict. 322. Accessory after t he fact to
murder. 323. Written threats to murder.
324. Conspiring to murder. 325. Punishment of manslaught er. 326. Aiding suicide.
327. Attempting to commit suicide. 327A. Offence of infa nticide. 328. Killing unborn child.
329. Concealing the birth of children. 329A. Unlawful pos session of human

Chapte r 28 Offences Endangering Life or Health

330. Disabling in order to commit
felony or misdemeanour. 331. Stupefying in order to commit
felony or misdemeanour. 332. Acts intended to cause grievous
harm or prevent arrest.
333. Preventing escape from wreck.
334. Intentionally endangering safety
of persons travelling by
railway. 335.
Grievous harm.
336. Attempting to injure by explosive substances. 337. Maliciously administering
poison with intent to harm. 338. Wounding and similar acts.
339. Failure to supply necessaries.
340. Endangering life or health of
apprentices or servants. 341. Abandoning or exposing children.
342. Setting man-trap. 343. Reckless and negligent acts . 344. Negligent acts causing harm.
345. Sending unseaworthy ship to sea. 346. Endangering safety of persons
travelling by railway. 347. Endangering steamships by
tampering with machinery.
348. The like by engineers. 349. Evading laws as to shi pping
dangerous goods. 350. Landing, etc., explosives.

Chapte r 29Assaults

351. Punishment of assault. 352. Assault with intent to commit
unnatural offence. 353. Indecent assault on males.
354. Assaults on persons protecting wrecks. 355. Assaults occasioning harm. 356. Serious assaults.

Chapte r 30 Assaults on Females: Abduction

357. Definition of rape. 358. Punishment of rape. 359. At tempt to commit rape.
360. Indecent assaults on females. 361. Abduction. 362. Ab duction of girls under sixteen.
363. Ignorance of age of girl, or consent, no defence.

Chapte r 31 Offences against Liberty: Slave dealing
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364. Kidnapping. 365. Deprivation of liberty. 366. Compell ing action by intimidation.
367. Compelling action by assault. 368. Concealment of matters
affecting liberty. 369. Slave dealing.

Chapte r 32 Offences relating to Marriage and Parental Rights and Duties

370. Bigamy. 371. Child-stealing. 372. Desertion of child ren.

Chapte r 33Defamation

373. Definition of defamatory matter. 374. Definition o f publication. 375. Publication of defamatory matter.
376. Publishing defamatory matter with intent to extort. 377. Publication of truth for public
benefit. 378. Cases in which publication is
absolutely privileged.
379. Cases in which publication is conditionally privileged. 380. Publication in a periodical. 381. Protection of innoce
nt sellers of
books and newspapers.

Part 6 Offences relating to Property and Contracts
Division 1
Ste aling and like offe nce s
Chapte r 34Stealing

382. Things capable of being stolen. 383. Definition of stealing. 384. Special cases.
385. Funds, etc., held under direction. 386. Funds, etc., received by agents
for sale. 387. Money received for another.
388. Stealing by persons having an interest in the thing stolen. 389. Husband and wife.
390. Punishment of stealing.
Punishment in Special Cases:

1. Stealing wills.
2. Stealing postal matter, etc.
3. Stealing cattle.
4. Stealing from the person; stealing goods in transit
, etc.
5. Stealing by persons in public service.
6. Stealing by clerks and servants.
7. Stealing by directors or officers of companies.
8. Stealing by agents, etc.
9. Stealing property of value of N 1,000.
10. Stealing by tenants or lodgers.
11. Stealing after previous conviction.

Chapte r 35 Offences analogous to Stealing

391. Concealing registers. 392. Concealing wills. 393. Co ncealing deeds.
394. Killing animals with intent to steal. 395. Severing with intent to steal. 396. Fraudulently d
ealing with minerals
in mines.
397. Bringing stolen goods into Nigeria. 398. Fraudulent disposition of
mortgaged goods. 399. Definition of mortgaged goods;
consent of mortgage.
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400. Fraudulent appropriation ofpower.

Chapte r 36 Stealing with Violence: Extortion by Threats

401. Definition of robbery. 402. Punishment of robbery. 403. Punishment for attempted robbery.
403A. Conspiracy to commit robbery. 403B. Definition of firearms and
offensive weapons. 404. Public servants demanding
property, etc.
405. Assault with intent to steal. 406. Demanding proper ty with
menaces with intent to steal. 407. Demanding property by written
408. Attempts at extortion by threats. 409. Procuring ex ecution of deeds,
etc., by threats.

Chapte r 37 Burglary: Housebreaking: and like Offences

410. Definitions. 411. Housebreaking: burglary. 412. Ente ring dwelling-house with
intent to commit felony.
413. Breaking into building and committing felony. 414. Breaking into building with
intent to commit felony. 415. Breaking into place of worship
and committing felony.
416. Breaking into place of worship with intent to commit felony. 417. Persons found armed, etc., with
intent to commit felony.

Chapte r 38 Obtaining Property by False Pretences: Cheating

418. Definition. 419. Obtaining goods by false
pretences.419A. Obtaining credit by false
pretences or other fraud.
419B. Presumption as to false pretences in certain
circumstances. 420. Obtaining execution of a
security by false pretences. 421. Cheating.
422. Conspiracy to defraud. 423. Frauds on sale or mortgage of
property. 424. Pretending to exercise witchcraft
or tell fortunes.
425. Obtaining registration, etc., by false pretences. 426. Repealed by Ordinance No. 20
of 1955.

Chapte r 39 Receiving Property Stolen or Fraudulently Obtained an l ike Offences

427. Receiving stolen property, etc.
428. Unlawful possession of arms,
etc., belonging to armed or
police forces. 429. Receiving after change of
430. Having possession of thing reasonably suspected of having
been stolen. 431. Unlawfully using animals or
vehicles. 432.
Suspicion of stealing animals.
433. Taking reward for recovery of property obtained by means of
felony or misdemeanour.

Chapte r 40 Frauds by Trustees and 0fficers of Companies and Corpo
rations: False Accounting

434. Trustees fraudulently disposing
of trust property. 435. Directors and officers of
corporations or companies
fraudulently appropriating
property or keeping fraudulent accounts, or falsifying books or
accounts. 436.
False statements by officials of
437. Defence. 438. Fraudulent false accounting. 439. False accounting by public officer.
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Division 2
Injurie s to Prope rty

Chapte r 41Definitions

440. Unlawful acts. 441. Acts done with intent to
defraud.442. Damage.

Chapte r 42Offences

443. Arson. 444. Attempts to commit arson.
445. Setting fire to crops and growing
446. Attempting to set fire to crops, etc. 447.
Casting away ships.
448.Attempts to cast away ships.
449. Obstructing and injuring railways. 450.
Injuring animals.
451. Obstructing and injuring railways.
Punishment in Special Cases:

1. Destroying or damaging an inhabited house or a vesse
l with explosives.
2. River bank or wall, navigation works or bridges.
3. Wills and registers.
4. Wrecks.
5. Railways.
6. Other things of special value.
7. Deeds and records.
452. Attempts to destroy property by
explosives. 453.
Attempts to injure mines.
453. Interfering with signals used for
purposes of navigation.
455. Interfering with navigation works. 456. Communicating infectious
diseases to animals. 457. Removing boundary marks with
intent to defraud.
458. Wilful damage, etc., to survey and boundary marks. 459. Obstructing railways. 459A. Obstructing aircraft.
459B. Trespass on aerodrome.
460. Penalties for damage, etc., to
railway works. 461. Sending letters threatening to burn
or destroy.
462. Arrest without warrant.
Division 3
Forge ry and like Offe nce s: Pe rsonation
Chapte r 43 Forgery in General: Definitions

463. Definitions. 464. Further definitions. 465. Definiti on of forgery.
466. Certain matters immaterial.

Chapte r 44 Punishment of Forgery and like Offences

467. Punishment of forgery in
Punishment in Special Cases

1. Public seals, etc.
Criminal Code Act-Tables Code Act-Tables
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2. Securities, titles, registers, etc.
3. Documents relating to revenue an acts of State, etc
4. Court seals, records, process, evidence, etc.
5. Telegrams.

468. Uttering false documents and
counterfeit seals. 469. Uttering cancelled or exhausted
documents. 470.
Uttering cancelled stamps.
471. Procuring execution of documents by false pretences. 472. Obliterating crossings on
cheques. 473. Making documents without
474. Demanding property upon forged testamentary instruments. 475.
Purchasing forged bank notes.
476. Falsifying warrants for money
payable under public authority.
477. Falsification of register.
478.Sending false certificate of
marriage to registrar. 479. False statements for the purpose of
registers of births, deaths and

Chapte r 45 Preparation for Forgery

480. Instruments and materials for
forgery. 480A. Unlawful inquiries relating to
the possibility of forgery. 481. Counterfeit stamps.
482. Paper for postal purposes.
483. Paper and dies for postage

Chapte r 46Personation

484. Personation in general.
485. Falsely acknowledging deeds,
recognisances, etc. 486. Personation of a person named in
a certificate.
487. Lending, etc., certificate for personation. 488. Personation of person named in
a testimonial or character. 489. Lending, etc., testimonial for
Division 4
Offe nce s Conne cte d with Trade and Bre ach of Contract

Chapte r 47 Fraudulent Debtors

490. Fraudulent dealing with
property by debtors.

Chapte r 48 Offences in relation to Design Layout Copyright

491. Making or dealing in infringing
copies of copyright work. 492. Being in possession of plate for
making infringing copies:giving
unauthorised performances of
copyright work. 493.
Forfeiture of copies or plates.

Chapte r 49 Secret Commissions and Corrupt Practices

494. Corrupt acceptance of gift.
Corrupt gift to agent.Gift to
agent of receipt, etc., with intent
to mislead principal.

Part 7 Miscellaneous Offences Chapte r 50
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Cruelty to Animals 495. Offences of cruelty.
496. Court may order destruction of
animal. 497. Court may deprive person of
498. Power of police to take charge of animal or vehicle. 499.

Chapte r 51 Miscellaneous Offences in relation to Ships and Wharves

500. Interpretation.
501.Offences in relation to ships.
502. Entering ship or sharf without
503. Power to exclude drunken person from ship. 504.

Chapte r 52 Offences by Members of a Crew

505. Interpretation. 506. Obligation to complete voyage. 5 07. Offences by members of a crew.

Part 8 Preparation to Commit Offences: Conspiracy: Accessorie s after the Fact
Chapte r 53 Attempts, Incitements, and Preparation to Commit Offences: Neglect to prevent Commission of Felony

508. Attempts to commit offences.
509. Punishment of attempts to
commit felonies. 510. Punishment of attempts to commit
511. Punishment of attempts to commit simple offences. 512. Reduction of punishment. 513. Attempts to procure c
of criminal acts.
514. Preparation to commit crimes with explosives, etc. 515. Neglect to prevent felony.

Chapte r 54Conspiracy

516. Conspiracy to commit felony.
516A. Conspiracy to commit felony
against law of a State. 517.
Conspiracy to commit offence.
517A. Conspiracy to commit offence against law of a State. 518.
Other conspiracies.
518A.Conspiracy in trade dispute.

Chapte r 55 Accessories after the Fact

519. Accessories after the fact to
felonies. 520. Accessories after the fact to
misdemeanours. 521.
Accessories after the fact to
simple offences.

Subsidiary Legislation
Prohibited Publications Order

Unlawful Societies Order

Witchcraft and Juju Order

Race Club Lotteries and Sweepstakes Notices

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