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  • Country: Pakistan
  • Language: English
  • Document Type: Forms
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N O T E : A L L D O C U M E N T S A R E M A N D A T O R Y !

1. Acknowledgment of EAD that the Annu al Plan of Action has been
submitted .
2. Letter from the concerned Embassy verifying the credentials of the INGO .
3. Proof of Registration in the country of origin .
4. Detailed annual bud get covering Administrat ive and Development
components .
5. Appr oval of Commissioner, Inland Revenue concerned under section 2(36)
of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 .
6. Tax Returns (copies) for last 3 years (if applicable) .
7. Evidence of withholding taxes .
8. Annual Reports for three years .
9. Financial Statements for last three years .
10. Funding guarantee letter containing donor commitment .
11. Proof of local residence (lease agreement, etc) with com plet e
ad dress/telephone numbers and list of local contacts in Pakistan (if
applicable) .
12. Power of Attorney from the Head Office authorizing it s designated
representative for applying for registration in Pakistan .
13. Application letter addressed to Secretary Interior request ing to register an
14. Notarised Statute/ByLaw issued by the competent authority of the cou ntry
where that INGO’s Head Office is located .
15. MOU available at MOI website, duly filled -in .