Lotteries Act

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  • Country: South Africa
  • Language: English
  • Document Type: Domestic Law or Regulation
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NO. 57 OF 1997
[V iew Regula tion ] [ASSENTED TO6NOV EMBER, 1997] [DA TE OF COMMENCEMENT :1 M ARCH, 2000] (Unless otherwise indicated)
(English textsign edbythe President )
as ame nded by
Lott eries Amend mentAct, No. 10of 2000
L ott eries Amend mentAct, No. 46of 2001
Prevention and Combat ingofCorrupt ActivitiesAct, No.12of2004
To regulat eand prohibit lotteries andsports pools;toestablish aNational LotteriesBoard;
cons eque ntially toamend thePost Office Act, 1958, theGambling Act,1965,and theGambling
Act, 1982 (Ciskei),and torepeal the State LotteriesAct, 1984(C isk ei), and theLott eries Decree ,
1989(Transke i);and toprov idefor matters connected therewith.
1. Defi nitions
2. Establishmen tof Nati onal Lotter iesBoard
3. Composition ofboa rd
4. Meeti ngs ofboa rd
5. Execu tivecommittee ofboard
6. Remune rationandallowances ofmembers ofboard
7. Staff ofboard
8. Funds ofboard
9. Finances
10 . F unct ions ofboar d
11 . Consult a tionbyboa rd
12 . Audit andannual report

13 . Licence to conduct National Lotter y
14 . Requirements andcondit ionsoflicence
15 . V ariatio nof conditions oflice nce
16 . Enfor cement ofconditi onsof licence
17 . G rounds for revocati onoflicence
18 . N oti ce of proposed revocation
19 . Suspension oflicence
20 . Revocat ionoflicence
21 . Establishmen tof Nati onal Lotter yDi stribution TrustFund
22 . Fund toves tin and tobe admi nistered byboard
23 . R evenue offund
24 . B ank ing acco unt
25 . Investment ofmoney noti mmedia tely requir ed
26 . Allo catio nof money infund
27 . Allo catio nto rec onst ructi onand development programme
28 . Allo catio nto charities
29 . Allo catio nto sport andrecrea tion
30 . Allo catio nto arts, cultur eand national heritage
31 . A llo catio nfor misce llaneous purposes
32 . Payme ntof allocations
33 . Power of Minister toprohibit certain grants
34 . Payme ntsfrom fund inrespec tof expenses
35 . Public administration
36 . Lott erie sincidenta lto exempt entertai nment
37 . Private lotteries
38 . Soci ety lottery
39 . Mana gement ofsoc iety lotterie s
40 . Freque ncyofsociety lotter ies
41 . Registra tionofsoc ieti es
42 . Revocat ionofregistra tion
43 . Fees and levies
44 . Requireme nt safter registra tionof soc iety
45 . Contr olof registered societies
46 . Audit ofsociety lottery
47 . Certifica tionof lottery managers
48 . Conditions ofcertificate
49 . V ariatio nof conditions ofcert ifica te
50 . Period of validity ofcerti ficate
51 . Revo cation ofcertif icate
52 . Contr olof lotte rymanager sand audit

53 . Rules ofsociety lotteries
54 . Promot ionalcompetiti ons
55 . Licence to conduct sportspools
56 . Unlawful lotteriesandcomp etitions
57 . General off ences
58 . O ffenc esrelatin gto Nat ional Lotteryand spor tspools
59 . Prohibiti onofactivit iesinRepublic inrelation tolott ery orspor ts poo l
conducte doutside Republi c
60 . Regulatio nsin respect of National Lotteryand sports pools
61 . Regulatio nsin respect oflotter iesincid enta lto exempt entertain ments,
private andsociet ylott eries
62 . Penalties
63 . Savings
64 . T ransitiona lpr ovisions
65 . Lott ery debts enforceable
66 . R egistra tionofillegal lo tteries
67 . A ccess toinfor mation
68 . Repea land amendmen tof laws
69 . Short title and commencem ent
Schedule Laws repea ledor amended
1. D efinitions. — In this Act, unles sthe context indicatesotherw ise—
“boar d ”means theNational Lotteries Board establis hedby sec tion 2 ;
“bro adc asti ng servi ce ” means broadcastingservi ceasdefi ned inAct section 1(1) of the
Bro adca sting Act,1976(Act Act No. 73of1976(2) );
“c ha ritable expenditur e ” means expenditur eby any organisat ionorinstitution establishedfor
charitab le,bene volent orphila nthro picpurposes, includingfriendly societies, welfare organis ations
and con duit orga nis ations ortrust sestablish edinrespect o fany suc horga nisation orinstit ution;
“chi ef exe cutiv e officer ”means thechief executive officer contemplated in sec tion 7(1) ( a);
“Constitution ” m eans the Consti tution ofthe Republic ofSout hAfr ica, 1996 ( Act No. 108 of
199 6 );
“d ate ”, in rela tion toalotte ry,means thedate onwhich thewinners ofthat lottery aredetermin ed;
“Department ”m eans theDepartment ofthe national sphere ofgovernment forwhich theMinister
is respons ible;
“distribute ”, in rela tion todocuments oroth erobjects, includes distribution topersons orplaces

within oroutside theRepub lic;
“distributing agency ”means aper son appoint edby the Minister todistribute money,butnotany
departm entinthe nationa lor aprovinci alspher eof government;
“fund ”m eans theNational LotteryDist ribut ionTrus tFund established by section 21 ;
“license e ”means theperson towh om thelicence forthe National Lottery has been issued interms
of se cti on 13(1) ;
“lottery ”includes anygame ,scheme, arrange ment, system, plan,promot ional competition ordev ice
for distri butingpr izes bylotor chance andanygame,scheme, arrangement, system,plan,competition
or de vice, which theMinis termay bynot ice inthe Gaze t te declare to be alottery;
“M inister ”means the Minister towhom theadmi nistration ofthis Acthasbeen assigned;
“N ati onal Lottery ”means thelottery cont emplat edinPar tI of this Actandincludes allthe lotteries
conduct edunder thelicence forthe National Lottery, taken asawhole;
“net proc eeds ofthe National Lottery ”means thesums that arepaya bletothe fund orthe board in
terms of se ct ion 14(2) ( e),but notthe sums which arepaid outforprizes ofthe National Lottery;
“newspaper ”includes ajournal, magazineorother periodical publication;
“partic ipant ”, in rela tion toalo ttery other thanapromoti onalcompetition contemplated in sect ion
54 ,means apers onwho is in poss essionofaval id ticket inthat lottery ;
“place ”m eans anyplace, whet herornot it is apublic place,and include sany premises, building,
dw el ling, flat,room, office,shop, struct ure, vehicle, vesseloraircraft;
“poli tical office- beare r ”means amembe rof Parl iament ,a member ofaprovin ciallegislatu re,a
diploma ticrepr esentative ofthe Republic whoisnot amember ofthe public service,a member ofa
hou se or coun ciloftradi tional leaders,amemb erof the Volk staat Council, amember ofamunici pal
council andanyofficial ofapolit icalparty ,alli ance ormovement;
“pres cribe ”means prescribe byregulati on,and “prescr ibed” has acorresponding meaning;
“pri vate lottery ”means alottery inthe Republic whichisconduct edin accord ancewith sect ion
37 —
(a) for and bymember sof asocial orsporting club which isnot connect edwith anyform of
gamblin g;
(b) for and byperso nsall ofwhom workon the same premises;
(c) for and byperso nsall ofwhom reside onthe sam epremises;
(d) by pe rsons eachofwhom—
(i) is one ofthe persons forwhom thelottery is conduct ed; an d
(ii) in the case ofalotte ryconduct edfor the memb ersofasocial orsporting club, has
been author isedin writi ngbythe governing body ofthe socia lor spo rtin gclub to
conduc tthe lotter y;

“pri ze ”means theprize awardedto the winner ofalottery;
“pro motio nalcompetit ion ”means alottery conducte dfor the purpose ofpromoting thesale oruse
of any goods orser vices;
“soci ety ” incl udes anyclub, institut ion,organi sation orassoc iation ofpersons, andanyseparat e
branch orsectio nof such aclub, institution, organisa tionor association;
“soci ety lottery ”means alottery conducted byasociet yin accordance with Chap ter2of Part II;
“software ”means aset ofinstructi onsfixed orstored inany manner andwhich,when useddirectly
or in directly inacompute r,dire ctsitsoperati ontobring about aresul t;
“sporting event ”means any football, rugby, cricket ,golf or tennis match, anyboxing, wrestling,
shootin gor swimm ingcont est,any foot,cycle, motor,boat orhorse race,andanyother lawful sporting
cont est, com petition, tournamentorgame usually atten d ed by the public ;
“sports pool ”means anyscheme ,excl uding anyscheme orcom petition inrespect ofhorse racing
which is authorised bythe boar d,or which iscond ucted inthesame format andmanner andunder the
same circums tancesasascheme orcompetition inrespect ofh orse racing that existe dprior to18 June
199 7,und erwhic h—
(a) any person isinvited orundertakes toforecast theresult ofany series orcomb ination of
sportin geve nts incompet ition wit hoth erparticipants; and
(b) apri ze isto be awarde dto the compet itorwho forecasts thesaid result correctly or whose
forecast ismo renearl ycorrect thanthe forecasts of other competitors, oranumber of
prizes aretobe awarded onthe bas isafor esaid,
and for the purposes ofthis definit iontheforeca stof aresult includes notonly theforecast ofthe
person, animal, thingorteam thatwill bevictorious orotherwise, butalso anyforecast relating tothe
syste mof sc oring employed inthe sporti ngeven tin question, ortothe person who willbe responsi ble
for the score;
“subscr iption ” means thepaym ent, ordeliver yof any money, goods,article, matter orthing,
incl uding anyticket, coupon orent ryfor m, for the right tocompete inalottery ;
“this Act ”include sregula tions made under this Act;
“ticket ” , in rela tion toalotte ryor spor tspool ,means anysymbol, sign, token, co upon ,warr ant,
card, pri nte dpa per, document orlist orany other meansor device which confers orpurport sto confer
the right totake part in alott ery orsports pooland which isissued byoron behal fof the lotter yor
sports poolinque stion.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 1 : 17 July, 1998.)

Nat ional Lotter iesBoar d
2. Esta blishm entofNati onal Lotteries Board. —The reisher eby establ ished aboard tobe known
as the National LotteriesBoard, whichshallbe aju rist ic per son.
(Dat eof comm encement: 17July,1998.)
3. Com posit ion ofboard. — (1) Subj ectto subse ction(3) ,the Minister shallappoi ntthe mem bers
ofthe board, whichshallconsistof—
(a) ach airper son,who shall beaperson withapplicable knowledge orexper ience withregard
to ma tters connected withthe functions ofthe board;
(b) one me mber designated bythe Min ister ;and
(c) not more than five members whohave prove nbusiness acumenorapplicable knowled ge
orexpe rience withregard tomatte rsconnected withthefunctions ofthe board, andof
whom atleast oneshou ldbe aleg alpractiti oner admitted topractise inthe Repu blic and
at least oneachartered accountantinthe Repub lic.
(2) At leastfour member sof theboard shall beperson sw ho are not inthe service of any spher eof
(3) The member cont emplat edin paragrap h( a)of subsec tion(1) shall beappointed onlyafterthe
Minister hasbynoti cein the Gazette a nd innot less thantwo newspape rscirculating in ev ery pro vince
invite dinteres ted parti estonomi nate persons suitabl efor appointment aschairper sonand the relevant
committee ofthe Nati onal Assembly hasmade recommendations tothe Minister inrelation theretoafter
atranspar entand open proces sof considering personssonominated, havingdue regard tothe functio ns
ofthe board.
(4) A mem berofthe board shallhol doffice forsuch period, notexce eding fiveyears, asthe
Minister maydetermi neatthe time ofhis orher appointm ent, andshall beeligibl efor reappointment at
theend of his orher firstterm ofoffice .
(5) Subj ectto se cti on 33 of the Constitution ,the Minister—
(a) may, as soon ashe orshegai nsknowl edgeof any possible disqualification, terminate the
mem bership ofany membe rof the board onthe ground sof serious misconduct or
prolonged inability toperfor mthe func tions of a mem berofthe board;
(b) shall suspend themem bership ofany member ofthe boar din the event ofthe State
inst ituting criminal proceedings in acourt of law onacharge oftheft, fraud, forgery or
uttering afor geddocument, perjury, anoffence interms ofthe Corr uption Act ,1992 ( Act
No. 94 of1992(3) ),Part 1to 4,or sect ion 17 ,20 or 21 (in so faras itrelat estothe
aforementione doff ences) ofChapter 2of the Prev ention andCombating ofCorrupt
Activitie sAct, 2004, orany offence involving dishonesty;
[Para.( b)substitute dby s. 36 (1) of Act No. 12 of 2004 .] Wording ofSections(4)
(c) shall term inate themembershi pof any mem berofthe board inthe event ofthat member —
(i) b eing found guiltyinacourt oflaw ofcontrav ening this Actoroftheft, fraud,

forgery oruttering aforged document ,pe rjury, an off ence interms of the Prevention
o f Corruption Act,1958 ( Act No. 6of 1958(5) ), the Corruption Act,1992, Part1 to
4, or se ct ion 17 ,20 or 21 (in so faras itrelates tothe afor ementi oned offences) of
C hapt er2of the Prev ention andCombati ngofCorrupt ActivitiesAct, 2004, orany
offence involving dishonesty;or;
[Sub-para .(i) substitute dby s. 36 (1) of Act No. 12 of 2004 .] Wording ofSections(6)
(ii) m ateria llyfailing tocomply with subsec tion(7) .
(6 ) The Minis ter shall, subject to subs ectio n(3) ,fill acas ual vacancy onthe board bythe
appointment ofanother person forthe remainder ofthe period forwhic hthe person inrespect ofwhom
the vaca ncyarose, hadbeen appoint ed.
(7) ( a)A perso nshall notbeappointe dor remain amemb erof the board—
(i) u nl ess heorshe isafitan dprope rper son forsuch member ship;
(ii) if such person, whether personallyor through hisorher spouse or life partner ,
immedia tefamily member, business partner orassociate—
(aa ) has orobtains adir ector indi rect financial interest inany lottery orgambling
or associated activity, or if that person hashad anysuch interest duringthe
period of thr ee years imm ediate lyprio rto the envisaged dateofappoin tment
as memb erof the board; or
(bb ) has orobtains anyintere stin any business orenterprise thatmay conflictor
interfe rewith theproper performance ofhis or her funct ionsas a member of
theboard orinany shareholder ofthe licensee orpros pective licensee; or
(iii) if such pers on—
(aa ) is or becomes apoliti caloffice -bearer;
(bb ) is or becomes an unrehabil itatedinsolvent orcommits anact ofinsolv ency;
(cc) has atany tim ebe en, oris, removed fromanoffic eof trust onaccoun tof
misconduct; or
(dd ) has atany time been, oris, convic ted,whether inthe Republic orelsew here,of
theft,fra ud,for ger yor utt ering aforge d docum ent,perjury, anoffence in
terms thePreven tionofCorrupt ionAct, 1958 ( Act No. 6of 1958(7) ), the
Corrupt ionAct, 1992, P art 1to 4,or section 17 ,20 or 21 (in so faras itrelates
to the aforemen tionedoffences) ofChapter 2of the Prevention andComba ting
ofCorrup tActivi tiesAct, 2004, orany offence involvingdishonesty.
[Item ( dd )substituted by s.36 (1) of Act No. 12of2004 .] Wording ofSections(8)
(b)A person whohasbeen nominated forappo intment tothe board andwho has accepted that
nominat ion,whether tacitl yor explici tly,shall, priortohis orherappointment asam ember, submit tothe
Minister awritten statement in which heorshedeclare swhe the ror not heorshe has any interest
contem platedin paragrap h( a)(ii) .
(c) If any member during hisorher ter m of office acquires orcon templates acquiri ng an
interest whichcouldpossiblybeaninterest contempla tedin paragra ph( a)(ii) ,he orsheshall forthwi th

inwriti ng declare thatfactto both the Minist erandthe b oard, which at its foll owi ngmeeti ngshall
conside rwh eth ersuch aninterest constitut esor may constitute acontravention of paragra ph( a)(ii) ,and
if it is considere dnot to be acontr avention, whethersuch acquis ition orcontemplated acquisition is
lik elytocompr omise theimpart ialityof the board.
(d)The board shall forthwith in wri ting informthe Minister ofthe board’s decision or
recommendation contemplatedin paragraph ( c)if the Minister isnot present atthe meeting whenthe
mat teris co nsider edinaccorda ncewiththat paragr aph.
(e)The Ministe rshall, afterconside ration ofthe board’s decisionorrecommendatio n,inf orm
the member conce rnedifthe acquisit ionorcontemplated acquisitionconstitutesaninterest contemplated
in paragra ph( a)(ii) or is like lyto compromi sethe imp a rtiality ofthe board, whereu ponthat memb er
shallforthwith divesthi mself orherself ofthat interest, failingwhich theMinister shalltakeactionin
term sof subse ction (5) .
(8 ) A member ofthe board orhisor her spouse, life partner, immediate familymember,busines s
partner orass ocia te may notforaperi odof12 months after the termination ofmember ship ofthe board
take upemployment orinany way receive anybenefit fr om any pers on who isapply ingorhas applied—
(a) in terms of section13 ,for the licence toconduct theNati onal Lottery;
(b) in terms of section55 ,for alic ence toconduct anational sportspool;
(c) in terms ofthis Act,for any other authorisation ,registration, certification orother benefit
oradvantage; or
(d) in terms ofany legislat ionpert aining to gambling, foragambl inglicence ,
unlesstheterms ofsuc hem ployme ntor the nature andexte ntof such benefits have been disc losed tothe
Minister andheorshe hasauthori sedthat employ mentortho sebenefits oradvantages.
(9 ) The provis ionsof subsec tion(8) do not prevent anycriminal orcivi lproce edings inacourt of
(10) Any agreeme ntincont raven tionof subs ection (8) is null andvoid ab initio .
( Dat eof comm encement of s. 3 : 17 July, 1998.)
4. Meeti ngsof board. — (1) The firs tmeeting ofthe board shall beheld onsuch adate andatsuch
a tim eand pla ce asthe Minist ermay determi ne,and allsubsequent meetings sha llbe held onsuch dates
andatsuch timesasthe chairper sonmaydetermine after consulta tionwith theboard.
(2) The proc eedings at a meeti ngofthe board shall, subject tothis section, bedetermin edby the
chai rperson inconsu ltati onwith the board, andanydecision inthis regard shall betaken afterdue
conside rationof the princi plesofopenness andtransp a re ncy.
(3 ) The quor umforameet ingofthe board shall bethe majority ofthe members ofthe boa rd.
(4 ) A dec ision ofthe boar dshall betaken by amajority ofthe votes ofthe members pres ent, and
inthe eve ntof an equal ityofvotes onany matter, thechairperson shallhav eacasting vote inaddition to
hisorherdeliber ativevote.
(5) The Minister andthechief executi veofficer ofthe board may attend anymeeting of the boar d
orits executive committee,andthey shall each have theright tospeak atany such meetin g,but they do
nothave aright tovote.
(6) The Chairper sonshalltim eousl ynotify theMinister ofany meeting ofthe board orits

executive committee.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 4 : 17 July, 1998.)
5. Executive committee ofboar d. — (1)The board mayfrom timeto time appoint anexecutive
committee toper formthe funct ionsandexercise thepowers delegated toitby the board.
(2) An execu tive com mitt eeshall consist ofsuch memb ersofthe board asthe board may
designa te.
(3) The boardshall designatethechai rperson ofan executive committee.
(4) ( a)An executive committeeshall perform itsfunctions inacco rdance with the provisions of
thisActand such directi vesofthe board as are not incon flict with such provisions.
(b) Any delega ted function soperf ormed shallbedeemed tohav ebeen performed bythebo ard.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 5 : 17 July, 1998.)
6. Remuneration andallowance sof m embers ofboard. — (1) Mem bersofthe board whoarenot
inthe service ofthe Stat emay, in res pect oftheir services, bepaid such remuneration andallowances as
maybedeter minedby the Minist erinconsultation withth eMinister ofFinan ce.
(2) The remune rationandallowances of the person sref erred toin subse ction (1) m ay differ
accordin gto the differe ntoffices heldby them orthe different functions performedbythem.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 6 : 17 July, 1998.)
7. Staf fof boar d. — (1) The boardshall inthe perfor mance ofits function sunder thisAct, be
assiste dby —
(a) asui tab lyqualified andexperi enced person aschief executive officer,appointed bythe
board orseconded interms of subs ectio n(3 ) and solel yaccountab leto the board forthe
performa nceof all financ ial,admini strative andclerical functions ofth eboard and any
duti eswhich maybedelegated tohim or her bythe board interms of subsecti on(4) ;
(b) such otherper sons, appointed bythe board orseconded interms of subsecti on(3) ,as ma y
benec essary toena ble theboar dto perf orm itsfunctions .
(2) The persons appoint edby the boar din terms of subsecti on(1) , ot her than seconded persons,
shallreceiv esuch remunerati on,allowances andother employment benefitsandshall beappointed on
suchterms andcondi tions andfor such periods asthe board m ay deter min ein cons ultationwith the
Minister andtheMinist erof Finance.
(3) The boardmay, in the per form ance ofthe funct ionsconte mplated in subsec tion(1)( a)and
(b), at its reques tand afterconsul tationwith theMinister andthePublic Service Commission, beassisted
by offic ers inthepublic servi cesecond edtothe ser vice ofthe boar din terms of any law reg ulating such
secondme nt.
(4) Any function ofthe board in terms ofthis Actmay bedelegated tothe chief executive officer,
andanysuch delegat ionshall beinwr iting.
(5) Any perso nwho isan emp loyee ofthe Department andwhose dutiesinclude anymatter
relating toany lottery orany other person whoatany time serves orhas served inany capac ityasa
mem berofstaf fof the board,orhisor her spouse, lifepartn er, immedi atefam ilymember orbusi ness
partner or assoc iate,maynot during thetime ofhis orher service tothe board orfor aperiod of12

monthsafter thetermina tionofsuc hservice takeupemployment orinanyway receive anybenefit from
anyperso nwh ois applying orhas applied—
(a) in terms of section13 ,for the licence toconduct theNati onal Lottery;
(b) for alice nce toconduct anation alsports poolinterms of section55 ;
(c) in terms ofthis Act,for any other authorisation ,registration, certification orother benefit
oradvantage; or
(d) in terms ofany legislat ionpert aining to gambling, foragambl inglicence ,
unlesstheterms ofsuc hem ployme ntor the nature andexte ntof such benefits have been disc losed tothe
board andtheboard hasauthorised thatemploym entorthose benefits oradvantag es.
(6) The provis ionsof subsec tion(5) do not prevent anycriminal orcivi lproce edings inacourt of
(7) Any agr eeme ntincontr avention of subsection(5) is null andvoid ab initio .
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 7 : 17 July, 1998.)
8. Funds ofboard. — (1) The fund sof the boar dshal lconsist of—
(a) the paym entstothe board in terms of section34 ;
(b) applica tionandlicensi ngfees paidto the board interms of section 14(3) ;
(c) o ther money lawfully paidto theboard, excludinganyprize money paidbythe licensee to
the boa rd;and
(d) money approp riatedby Par liame nt.
(2) The boardmay, up to an amount approved fromtimeto tim eby the Minister inconsultation
with theMinister ofFinance, raise short-term loansatany time, byway ofoverdrawing itsaccount witha
bank or oth erwise, tomeet anycasual deficits thatma yarise .
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 8 : 17 July, 1998.)
9. Fina nces. —The re shall bepaid out ofpay ments madetothe board interms of section 34 such
sums asare necessar yto defray anyexpenses incurred bythe board, including theremu neration,
allowanc esand other employme ntbenefits ofthe chief execut ive officer and mem bersofthe staf fof the
(Dat eof comm encement: 17July,1998.)
10. F unc tions of board. — The board shall, apply ingtheprinc iples ofopenness andtransparen cy
andinadditio nto its other functions interms ofthis Act—
(a) advise theMinis teronthe issuing ofthe licence tocondu ctthe Nati onal Lottery as
conte mplated in se cti on 13 (1) a nd onany matter contempl atedin se ct ion 14(2) ( g);
(b) ensu rethat—
(i) the National Lotteryand sports poolsareconducted withalldue prop riety andstric tly
in accordance with the Const itution ,this Act, all othe rappl icabl elaw and thelicence
for the National Lotterytog ether withanyagreement pertaining tothat lic ence;
(ii) the inte rests ofevery participant inthe National Lotteryareadeq uately protected; and

(iii) s ubject to subpara graphs (i) and (ii) ,the netproceeds ofthe Nat ional Lottery areas
large aspos sible;
(c) administe rthe fund andhold itin trust;
(d) m onitor, regulate andpolice lotterie sincident alto exempt entertainment, privatelotteries ,
society lotteries andanycompeti tioncontemplated in sec tion 54 ;
(e) advise theMinister onper centages of mon eytobe alloca tedinterms of sect ion 26(3) ;
(f) advise theMinister onthe efficacy of leg islation pertaining tolotte ries and ancillary
(g) advise theMinister onestabli shing and implementing aso cial responsibility programme
in respec tof lotter ies;
(h) administe rand inves tth e money paid tothe board in acco rdance withthis Act and the
licence forthe National Lottery;
(i) perform suchadditional dutiesinres pect oflotteries asthe Mini stermay assign tothe
(j) make such arrangements asmaybe spec ified inthe licen cefor the protection ofprize
monie sand sums for distr ibutio n;and
(k) advise theMinis teronany matterrelating tothe Natio nalLott eryand other lotteries or
any othe rmatte ron which theMini sterrequires theadviceofthe board.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 10 : 17 July, 1998.)
11. C onsultat ionbyboard. —The board mayconsult anyperson, organisation or insti tution with
regard toany matter deemednecessar yby the board toenable theboar dto perform itsfunctio ns
(Dat eof comm encement: 17July,1998.)
12. A udit and annual report. — (1) The boardsha ll—
(a) keep proper booksandrecords inrelat iontoreceipts andpay ments ;
(b) prepare arepor tof all theacti vities ofthe board, including financialstatemen ts,inrespect
of each fina ncia lyear andtheboard’s regulatory functionsinrespect ofall lotteri es and
all matt ersin respe ctof whi chthe board rendered adviceor ma de recom mendations tothe
Ministe rin acc ordance with paragrap hs( e),(f)and (g)o f se ct ion 10 ;and
(c) annually withinthreemonthsafter the end ofeach financi alyear, submit thereport and
financi alstateme ntsreferred to in pa ragraph ( b)to Parlia ment, andifParl iament is not
then insession, onthe fir st day ofthe next session.
(2) In subsec tion(1) “fina ncialyea r”means—
(a) the period from thedate onwhi chthe board isappointed forthe firsttime tothe last day
of Ma rchin the following year;and
(b) each period of12 mont hstherea fterendin gon the lastday ofMarch.
(3) The financ ialstate ments shallcomply with generally accepted accounting principlesandany

otherdirections thatmay begiven bythe Ministe ror the Minister ofFinance, ormay bepro vided forin
statuto rymeasur esapplic abletothe board, astothe info rmati on to be cont ained insuch statements, the
mannerin whic hsuch informat ionisto be presented orthe meth odsand principles accordingtowhich
such statements are tobe pre pared.
(4) The financial statementsofthe board shall be audited by the Auditor-General.
(5) The repor tre fer red to in subs ectio n(1) shal lbe laid upon theTable inPar liament forthw ith
afteritis subm itted tothe Minis ter,ifParliament isthen insession, or,ifPar liament isno t then in
session ,on the fir st day ofthe commencement ofth enext ensuing session of Par liamen t.
(6) The report refer red toin subs ection (1) s hall include therecommenda tionsofthe board with
regard to—
(a) the perc entages prescr ibed interm sof secti on26(3) ; and
(b) any amendm entstothis Act orreg ulat ions issued underthisActinorder toimprov ethe
execution ofthe function sof the boar d.
(Dateof comm encement of s. 12 : 17 July, 1998.)
Licensing ofNational Lottery
13. L ic ence toconduct National Lottery. — (1) The Ministermay, after consulta tionwith the
board, issueonelicence atone time authoris ingape rson tocondu ctthe National Lottery,which for
purposes of se cti on 57 will constitute alottery, inaccordan ce with theprovisio nsofthis Act.
(2) Be fore alicen ceis grant edunder thissection—
(a) the Min ister shall bynotice in the Gazette and innotless thantwo newspape rscircul ating
in every provin ceinvi teinter ested partiestoapply inwriting foracopy ofarequ estfor
pr oposa lor any other docum entwhich maybemade public, andthebo ard shall require
pa yme ntfor any such docum ents;
(b) the Ministe rsha llbe satisfi edthat—
(i) the applic antfor the licence contemplated in subsec tion(1) has suffic ientappropri ate
knowledge orexperie ncetoconduct the National Lottery,orhas unconstrained and
continu ousacce ssther eto, andwillbe able toconduct theNational Lotterystric tly in
accor dance withthis Ac t,the licence ofthe National Lottery andanyagreement
pert ain ing tothe licenc e;
(ii) the applic anthasthe nece ssary financial andotherresources toconduct theNational
Lott ery;
(iii) the applica ntwill for the durati onofthe licence showaclear andcont inuous
com mitm enttothe socialresponsibi lityprogr amme contemplated in s ect ion 10( g)
and tothe advance ment,upliftment andeconomic empowermen tof persons orgroups
or cate g ories ofper sons disadvantag edby unfair discrim ination; and
(iv) n o politic alpar tyin the Repub licorpolitica loffice-bearer hasany direc tfinancial
interest inthe appli cantorasharehol derofthe applic ant.
(3) In consider ingwhethe rto grant thelicenc e,the Minister shalltakeintoaccount—

(a) whet her any person whoappea rsto the Minister tobe likely tomanag ethe busines sor
any part of the business ofthe National Lottery underthelicence ,is afit and proper
person todo so;
(b) w het her any pers onfor whose benefit thatbusin essislikely tobe conducted, isafit and
proper person toben efit from it; and
(c) whet her any person who islikely tomanage thebusines sor any part ofthe business of the
N ationa lLotter yunde rthe licen ceoraspor tspool, will do so—
(i) w ith all due propriet yand strictl yin acco rdance with theConst ituti on ,this Act, all
other applica blelaw andthelicence forthe National Lottery togetherwith any
agreem entpertaining tothe licence;
(ii) s o that theinteres tsof every participant inthe National Lottery andsports poolsare
adeq uate lyprote cted; and
(iii) s ubject to subparag raphs(i) and (i i) ,so tha tthe netproceeds ofthe Nati onal Lottery
and sports pools areaslarg eas possi ble.
(4) A lic ence grante dunder thissectio nshall include theconditions contemplated in section 14 .
(5) The licence contemplat edin subsec tion(1) may allow the licensee toappoint anotherperson
tocondu ctcer tain lotter iesofthe National Lottery on behalf ofthe licensee only with the written
approva lof the Ministe r.
(6) In considering whether togran tthe lice nce con templat ed in subse ction (1) ,the Minister and
theboardshall notfav our anapplican tsolely becausethe app licant orash areholder orpartner ofthat
applica ntisan organ of the Sta te.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 13 : 17 July, 1998.)
14. R equire ments and condi tionsof licence. — (1) A lice nce granted in terms of secti on13 shall
be in writing, shallspecify theconditio nsattac hedtoitand shall be gran tedforamin imum period offive
years oramaximum periodofeight years:Pro vide dthat theMinister may,afterconsul tation withthe
board, inacas ewhere thelicence hasbeen grante dfo rless than eight years, andatleast oneyear before
theexpiry ofthat licence ,extend thatlicence forsuch further periodaswou ld,togeth erwith the initial
peri odfor which thatlicence wasgranted, notexceed eight years: Providedfurther thatthelicensee shall
havenorights orlegi tima teexpect ationsin respect ofan extension ofthe period ofvalidity ofthelicen ce
other thantherights aff ordedbythis sub secti on.
(2) The conditions contemplate din s ubse ction (1) shallinclud esuch condi tions asthe Mini ster
shall dete rmine, after cons ultationwiththe board, andsha llin particular include conditions requirin gthe
(a) to obtain theconsent ofthe board beforedoing anything specified inthe licence;
(b) to refe rspecified mattersto the Minis terortothe board, asthe case may be, for appr oval;
(c) to ensu rethat such requi rement sas the Minister orthe board may from timetotime
determine orapprove in terms ofthe licence arecomp liedwith, including theimpos ition
ofpen alties inthe event ofthe licensee not complyin gwith any provision of thi sAc tor
the licenc e;
(d) to provi dethe Minist erand theboard at times specified bythe Minister orthe boar dwith

such inform ationas the Minist eror the board mayrequire;
(e) to make sucharra ngeme ntsasmay bespecified inthe licence forthe payment ofsuch
sums outofthe proceed sof the Nati onal Lottery asmay besospecified tothe fund orto
the boa rd,asthe case maybe, atsuch times asmay besospecifie d;
(f) to do suc hthings interms ofthe licence, includin gthe transfer ofproperty orany right s,
e xcl uding intelle ctual proper tyright sor pro prietary software,asthe boar dmay requir e,
upontheexpir ation ofthe lice nce;
(g) to obtain theapproval ofthe Mini sterforany lottery andtherules thereof before that
lott ery isconducted underthelicence for the National Lottery;
(h) to allow theboar dor any one designate dby itto enter anypremises or faci lity belo nging
to or under thecont rolofthe licensee oramember ofthe managemen tof the licensee, or
premise sto which thelicensee hasaright ofacc ess, at any reasonable tim e,ifsuch entry
is necessary forthe protecti onofthe integrity ofthe Nation alLottery, andto—
(i) e xami neorinspect anything, machine, documentordata captur edinany form,
excl uding proprietary softwar e,found onorinthe premises orfaci lity,and make
copie sof ormake extract sfrom thatthing, machine, document ordata;
(ii) s eize ,for the purpose offurt her examina tio n or securin ginformation, anything ,
machine ,doc ument ordata, excluding proprietar ysoftware, onorinsuch premises or
facility whic hhas abear ingonthe conduct ofthe National Lottery;
(iii) s eal orother wise secure anysuch premises, facility,thi ng ormachine onorin which
any docume ntor data which hasabearing onthe condu ctof the Natio nal Lottery is
stored orcaptured; and
(iv) take such steps asmay bereasonab lynecessary toprotect theinteg rityand conduct of
the National Lottery;and
(i) to secure ava lid and enfor ceable undertak inginwrit ingfrom—
(i) the person contr olling thelicensee inany way whatsoev ernot tochange thatcontr ol
of the licens eeforthe durat ionof the licence without theconsent ofthe Minister;
(ii) the person contr olling thelicens eeinany way whatsoever nottotransfer, cedeor in
any othe rwa yencumber thelicence toanother person;and
(iii) the licensee notto per mit, require orcompel anyofits emp loyees oragents
knowingly tosell aticke t,or toaward ortopay anyprize toadirector ofthe licensee
or a me mber ofthe board.
[Para. ( i)substitute dby s. 1 of Act No. 10of2000 .] Wording ofSections(9)
(3) On—
(a) re questing acopy ofany document interms of secti on13(2) ( a);
(b) applying forthe licenc eto be issued in terms of se ct ion 13 (1) ; or
(c) the gra nting ofalicence under sect ion 13 ,
theperson requesting acopy ofadoc ument, theapplicant orthe licensee, asthe casemay be,shall payto
theboard theprescr ibed fee.

(Dateof comm encement of s. 14 : 17 July, 1998.)
15. V ariatio nof conditions oflicence . — (1) The Minister orthe boardmay vary any condition in
thelicence grante dunder secti on13 —
(a) to the extent provided for inthe provi sosto sect ion 14(1) ; or
(b) other than aconditio nco ntempla tedin paragrap h( a),
only ifthe licensee consents tothat variation, orif the licens eedoes notconsent totha tvari ation, only
(i) that variation isprovided forinthi sAct ortothe extent provided for inthe licence; and
(ii) the lice nsee hasbeen given areasonable opportunity to make representation sto the
Ministe ror theboard, as the case maybe,inrespect ofthe intended variation.
(2 ) If the Minis terorthe board ,after considerati onofthe licensee’s representations, decidesto
varyaco nd ition inthe licence inaccor dance with that licence butwithou tthe cons entofthe licensee, the
Minister orthe board, asthe case maybe,sha ll cause anotice tobe served onthe licensee inwhich the
licensee isinfor med ofthe variat ionand the date onwhich thatvariation shalltakeeffect, which date
shall notbele ss than 21days after the date ofserv iceofsuch notice, unlessthelicense eagr ees toa
shorter period inwr iting.
(3) The provisions ofthe lice nce to var yacondition in the licence under subsect ion(1) m ay allow
the Ministe ror the board to add acondition tothe licence or to omit acondition fromthelicenc e.
(Dateof comm encement of s. 15 : 17 July, 1998.)
16. E nforc ement of conditi onsoflicence. — (1) If the Minis terorthe board hasreason to
(a) that ape rson islikely tocont ravene acondition inthe licence granted under se ction 13 ;
(b) that aperson hascontravened suchacon dition andthere isareasonable likelihood that
the contrav entionwillcontinue orbe repeated; or
(c) that aper son has contr avened suchacondition andthat thecontrav entioncan be
the Minister orthe board, asthe case maybe,may app lyto aHigh Court for an order proh ibiting the
contravention or,asthe case may be, requirin gthe licensee andany other personwho appears tothe
court tohav ebeen party to the cont ravention, totak e such steps as th eco urt may direc t.
(2) The liability ofthe licensee topay anysum interms of this Actorthe licence oragr eement
pert aining thereto sha llnot beaffected bythe licence ceasing tobe valid forany reas on and such sum
maynotbeset offby the license eag ain stany amount due and payable.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 16 : 17 July, 1998.)
17. G rounds forrevocati onoflicence. —The licencegr anted under se ct ion 13 may be revo kedby
the Ministe ror the board onthe following grounds:
(a) If the lic ense eis no longer afit and proper personto conduct theNati onal Lottery,
whethe rbecau seofthe com missi onofan act of insolv ency,liquidation orfor any other
valid reason;

(b) if a condi tioncontained inthe licenc ehas been materia llycontravene d;
(c) if any infor mation givenbythe licensee, anyperson whoinany way controls thelicensee
or an age ntor repr esentativ eof the licen see tothe board—
(i) in or in conne ctionwiththeappli cation for the licence;
(ii) in acco rdance withacondit ionin the licence; or
(iii) in making repre sentation sin term sof section 18(1) ,in respe ctof fina ncial matters
regarding theNational Lotteryor inrespect ofany aspect ofthe management ofthe
Nationa lLotter y,
is m ateria llyfalse;
(d) if an ype rson who isman aging the business orany part ofthe business ofthelicens eeor
who isasupplie rof goods orserv ices tothe licensee isnot afit and proper person to do
so, whe ther because ofthe comm issionof an act ofinsolvency, insolv ency, liquidation,
incarc eration inapri son oroth erinsti tution orfor any other relevant reason,unlessthe
license eim mediate lytak essteps toeffecti velydissociate himself,herselforitself from
that person;
(e) if any person forwhose benefit thelicence hasbeen acquired orwho isaholding
com pany ofthe licensee orwho inany other waycontrols the licensee, isnot afit and
proper person tobenefi tfrom it, whet herbecause ofins olvency ,liquidation, inc arcera tion
in aprison orother institution orfor any other relev antreason;
(f) if the licens eehasfail ed totake adequate steps to prevent the commission offraud byhis,
he ror its employee s,agent s,repre sentati ves, suppli ersorby particip ants intheNati onal
Lott ery after having been alerted to or beco ming aware of co ndit ions conducive tothe
com missi onoffra ud,or to instanc esoffraud ordis honesty;
(g) if the lice nsee ,any ofits employ ees,agents, representa tivesorsuppliers prevent theboard
orany per son desig natedby itfrom exercising its rights contemplated in sect ion
14 (2) ( h);
(h) if the licensee, anyofits employees oragents repeatedly andknowingly selltickets or
award or pa yprizes toany personincontrav entionof section 14(2)( i)(ii i) ;or
(i) if applic ationhasbeen made to aHigh Courtfor the sequestr ationorliqui dation, asthe
case may be, ofthe licens eeoraperson whoinany way controls thelicensee.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 17 : 17 July, 1998.)
18. N otice ofproposed revocatio n. — (1) If the Minister orthe board is satisf iedthat grounds exist
forthe revoca tionofthe licence grante din terms of secti on13 ,he, she orthe board, asthe case may be,
shall inwriting notifythe licensee ofthe e xistenc eof suc hgr ounds andcallupon thelicensee tofurnish
reasons, within14days ofser vice ofthat notice atthereg istered physic aladdress ofthe licens ee,asto
why thelicen ceshould notberevoked, failingwhich thelicenc ewil lceas eto be val id upo nthe
expir ation ofthe said period of14 day s.
(2) If the licence forthe Nati onal Lottery ceases to be valid interms of subsecti on(1) ,the
Minister orthe board, asthe casemay be,shall forthw ithinform thelicensee andParliament inwriting of
thatfactand ofthe date upon which thelicence cea se d to be valid, andifParl iament is not then in
session ,it shall besoinform edon the first dayofthe next session.

(Dateof comm encement of s. 18 : 17 July, 1998.)
19. S us pension oflicence. — (1) The Minister orthe board mayorder asuspen sionofthe licence
in the notice contempl atedin section 18(1) as from thedate of service ofthat noticefor ape riod ofnot
longer than30days after thelicens eehas furni sh ed those reason s:Provi dedthatthe Ministe ror the
board, whoever actsinterms ofthis section, shallinform theother of hi sor her orits acti ons.
(2) If the M inister orthe board decides tosuspend thelicence interms of sub sec tion (1) ,the
Minister shallforthwi thinform Parliament ofthatfac tand ofthe ground sfor the suspensio n,and if
Parlia mentisno tthen insession, onthe firstday ofth e next session ofParliament.
(3) The licenc esha llimmediat elycease tobe valid ifitis susp ended forasecond time.
(4) The Minister shall forth with inform Parliament ifthe licence hasceased tobe valid interms of
subsectio n(3) ,and ifParliam entisnot then insession, on the first day ofthe next sessionofParliament.
(Dat eof comm encement of s. 19 : 17 July, 1998.)
20. R evoc ation oflicen ce. — (1) If rea sons are furnished by the licensee ascontemplated in sect ion
18 (1) ,the Minister orthe board ,as the case maybe,shall afterconsiderin gsu ch reasons —
(a) decide whether ornot to revo kethe licence; or
(b) call upon thelicensee to appear before theboar don aspecified datetomake oral
representations insuppor tof any written representations madebythe licens eeorto
answer any que stions whichthe Mini sterorthe board, asthe case maybe,may have with
regar dto suc hwritten repres entati ons,whereafter the Minister or the board shallconsider
the matte rand decide whether ornot torevoke thelicence.
(2) If the Minister orthe board decidestorev oke thelicence, heorshe oritshall bywritten notice
servedatthe regis teredhead office ofthe licens eenoti fythelicensee ofthat fact,of thegrounds forthat
revoca tionandofthe dateon which that revoca tionshall take effect.
(3) If the Minister orthe board decides torevoke thelicence interms of subs ection (1) , the
Minister orthe board, asthe case may be, shall inform theMinister ofFinance andParliam entofthat fact
andofthe grounds forthat revocati onforthw ith, an dif Parli ament isnot then insession, onthe firstday
of the next sessionof Parli ament.
(Dateof comm encement of s. 20 : 17 July, 1998.)
Distributio nof net proceeds ofNational Lottery
21. E stabl ishment ofNational Lottery Distributio nTrust Fund. — (1)There ishereby
establish edafun dto be known as the National Lottery Distribution TrustFund, tobe manag edby the
(2) The boardshall annually tableare port inParliament inrespect ofthe fund, which may form
part ofthe report contemplate din section 12(1)( b).
22. F und tovest in and tobe admi nistered byboard. — (1)The fund shall vest in and be
administe redbythe board.

(2) The fund shall behel din trust bythe board forthe purposes mentioned in this Chapter.
23. Revenue offund. —The fund shall consis tof —
(a) the sum spaid tothe fund interms of section 14(2) ( e);
(b) interest and dividends derived fromthe investment ofmon eystanding tothe credit ofthe
fund; and
(c) other money lawf ully paid into thefund.
24. B anking account. — (1) Mone yin the fund shall ,pending theapplicatio nthere ofinterms of
this Chapter,be paid intoan acc ount tobe known as“Th eNationa lLottery Distribution TrustFund” ata
financial institution.
(2) The financial institut ion where the account contemplatedin subs ectio n(1) is kept, shallnotin
respec tof any liabili tyof the board,not bein galiability arisingoutof or inconn ection with anysuch
account ,have orobt ain recourse or any right, whethe rby set-of f,counter -claim,cha rg e or otherw ise,
against moneystanding tothe credit ofsuch account.
25. Investment ofmoney notimmedi atelyrequired. — (1) Any mone yof the fund orthe board
which isnot required forimmedia teallocat ion,may be invest edwith thePublic Investm ent
Comm issioners orwith afin ancial institution approved bythe Minister of F inanc eand may bewithdrawn
when required.
(2) Any unexpe ndedbalanceofthe money ofthe fund atthe end ofany financial yearshall be
carried forwardas acredi tto the next succeeding financial year.
26 . A lloca tion ofmoney infund. — (1) Eve rysum thatispaid tothe fund shall beapp ropriate dfor
expendit urebythe board in acc ordance with subsec tions(2) and (3) .
(2 ) So much ofthe sum referr edtoin subsecti on(1) as the Ministe rafter consul tation with the
board deems appropriate, shall beallocated formak ingpayments under section 34 and held inthe fund
for thatpurpo se.
(3) Of the bala nce inthe fund after the deduction ofthe allocated sumreferredto in subs ection
(2) —
(a) not less than theprescribed percentageshall be allocated forexpenditu reon orconnected
with reconstructio nand deve lopment projectsandother programmes referredtointhe
Reconst ruction and Development Programme FundAct,1994 ( Act No. 7of 1994 );
(b) not less than theprescri bedpercent ageshall beallocated forcharitable expenditure ;
(c) not less than theprescribed percentageshall be allocated forexpenditu reon orconnected
with the developme ntof sport and recreation;
(d) n ot less than theprescribed percentageshall be allocated forexpenditu reon orconnected
with the arts, culture andthenational historical,natural, cultural andarchitectural
heritage ;and
(e) not more than theprescri bed percentage shall,subject to sect ion 31(1) ,be alloc ated for
e xpenditur ein resp ect of any other matter andapprov edby the Minister for that purpose.

27. A lloca tion toreconstruc tionanddevelo pment programme. — (1) The boa rd shall payso
much ofany sum paid tothe fund asisalloc ated forexpenditure referredtoin se ct ion 26(3) ( a)to the
Reconstruction and Dev elopme ntProgramme Fundestablished by section 2 of the Recons truction and
Deve lopment Programme FundAct,1994 ( Act No .7 of 1994 ), or anyother funddesignated bythe
Minister responsiblefor the admi nistration ofthe Reconstruction andDevelopm entProg ramme Fund
Act,1994, forthispur pose.
(2) Any sumpaid toafund interms of subsec tion(1) , shall be utilised bythe Mini sterrefer redto
in subs ection (1) after consulta tionwith thePremi ersofth e prov inces.
28. A lloca tion to charit ies. — (1) So much ofany sum paid intothefund asisallocated for
expenditurereferred toin sec tion 26(3) ( b),shall beheld inthe fund fordistr ibution bythe distributing
agency app oin ted bythe Minis terinconsultation wit h the Minister responsible for welf are and
popul ation development inthe nati onal sphere ofgovernment whichpossesses therequir ed skill sand
expertise todistribute the allocated sum fairly and equitably amongst allperso nswho meet theprescribed
requ ir ements.
(2 ) The distributing agency shallconsiderapplica tions forgrants andmay, subject to section 33 ,
paysuch grants toappr opriat erec ipients inaccordance with this Actandsubject tothe conditio ns
applyi ngtoits appoint mentandtoany directions issued by the Minister after consult ationwiththe
Minister responsible forwelfare andpopulation develop mentinthe national sphereofgovernment, orby
the Ministe rof Finance, from the sum allocated forcharitable purposes.
(3) Any appointm entin terms of subse ction (1) m ay at any time berevoked orthe conditions
applyi ngtothat appointm entmay bevar ied bythe Ministe r,and noclai mshall arise asaresu ltof such
revoca tionorvar iation.
(4) The Auditor-General orape rso ndesig nated byhim orher shall audit allfinan cial statements
reflecting expenditure from the sum allocated forcharitable purposes.
(5) Any juristic person meeti ngthe prescribed requirements mayinthe prescribed formapply to
thedistribu tingagency for agr ant.
29. A lloca tion tosport andrecreat ion. — (1)So much of an y sum paid intothe fund asis
allocat edfor expe nditure refer redtoin sect ion 26 (3) ( c),shall beheld inthe fund fordist ributi onbythe
dist ributing agencyappoi ntedbythe Min ister inconsu ltati onwith theMinis terresponsi blefor sport and
recreatio nin the natio nal sphe reof government todistribute theallocated sum fairly and equitably
amongst allper sons whomeetthe prescribed requirem ents.
(2) The distributing agency shallconsiderapplica tions forgrants andmay, subject to section 33 ,
paysuch grants toappr opriat erec ipients inaccordance with this Actandsubject tothe conditio ns
applyi ngtoits appoint mentandtoany directions issued by the Minister after consult ationwiththe
Minister ofSport andRecre ation, orby the Minister ofFinance, from thesum allocated forthe
developm entofsport andrecreat ion.
(3) Any appointm entin terms of subse ction (1) m ay at any time berevoked orthe conditions
applyi ngtothat appointm entmay bevar ied bythe Ministe r,and noclai mshall arise asaresu ltof such
revoca tionorvar iation.
(4) The Auditor -General orany per son designated byhim orher shall audit allfinan cial
stateme ntsreflecting expenditur efrom thesum allocated forthe development ofsport andrecreation.

(5) Any juristic person meeti ngthe prescribed requirements mayinthe prescribed formapply to
thedistribu tingagency for agr ant.
30. A lloca tion to art s,culture and national heritage. — (1) So much ofany sum paid intothe
fund asisallo cated forexpendit urereferr edtoin section 26(3) ( d),shall beheld inthe fund for
distribution bythe distri buting agency appointe dby the M inister in consu ltationwiththe Ministers
responsible forarts, cultur e,sci ence andtechnology ,and environme ntal affairs, inthe nation alsphere of
government todistribut ethe allocated sum fairly andequit ably amongst allpersons whomeet the
prescrib ed requ ireme nts.
(2) The distributing agency shallconsiderapplica tions forgrants andmay, subject to section 33 ,
paysuch grants toappr opriat erec ipients inaccordance with this Actandsubject tothe conditio ns
applyi ngtoits appoint mentandtoany directions issued by the Minister after consult ationwiththe
Ministers res ponsible forarts,cultur e,science andtechnology, andenvironment alaffairs, inthenational
sphere ofgove rnment ,or by the Minister ofFinan ce,from the sum allo cated forarts, culture and the
national historical, natural, cultural andarch itectural heritage.
(3 ) Any appointm entin terms of subse ction (1) m ay at any time berevoked orthe conditions
applyi ngtothat appointm entmay bevar ied bythe Ministe r,and noclai mshall arise asaresu ltof such
revoca tionorvar iation.
(4) The Auditor -General orany per son designated byhim orher shall audit allfinancial
stateme ntsreflectin gexpenditur efrom the sum allocated forarts, culture andthe national historical,
natural,cultura land archite ctural heritage.
(5) Any juristic person meeti ngthe prescribed requirements mayinthe prescribed formapply to
thedistribu tingagency for agr ant.
31. A lloca tion for miscellaneous purposes. — (1) So much ofany sum paidinto the fund ashas
been allocated for expendi turereferred toin se cti on 26(3) ( e),shall beheld inthe fund forappropriation
forexp enditur eby the board.
(2) The Minister may incons ultation withtheMinister ofFinance andaft er consultatio nwith the
board appoint suchdistr ibutin gag ency oragencies asmay benecessary todistribute the allo cated sum
fairlyand equita blyamongs tal lpersons whomeetthe pres cribed requirement s.
(3) The distributing agency shallconsiderapplica tions forgrants andmay, subject to section 33 ,
paysuch grants toappr opriat erec ipients inaccordance with this Actandsubject tothe conditio ns
applyi ngtoits appointment andto any directions issued bythe Minister, orby the Ministe rof Fin ance,
from the su m allocat edfor the speci ficpurpose identified bythe Minister afterconsul tation withthe
(4) Any appointm entin terms of subse ction (2) m ay at any time berevoked orthe conditions
applyi ngtothat appointm entmay bevar ied bythe Ministe r,and noclai mshall arise asaresu ltof such
revoca tionorvar iation.
(5) The Auditor -General orany per son designated byhim orher shall audit allfinancial
stateme ntsreflec ting expenditur efrom thesum allocated forthe specific purpose identifiedbythe
Minister after consultat ionwith the boa rd.
(6) Any juristic person meeti ngthe prescribed requirements mayinthe prescribed formapply to
thedistribu tingagency for agr ant.

32. P ayment ofallo cations. — (1) The Minister shall,after consul tation with the board, inrespect
of any allocation awardedforaspeci ficgood causewhich theboar dpay sov er tothe distribut ingagency
appointe dby the Minist eror in respect ofagra nt which adistr ibuting agency maypaytoarecipient,
impose suchconditions ashe or she deem sfit, inaddition toconditions requiring—
(a) the amount ofagr ant or an allocati ontobe repaid forthwithonbreach ofany condi tion,
in addition toany penalt ieswhich theMinis ter,the board orthe distributing agency,as
the case maybe, may impose;
(b) that ape rcenta geofthe allocati onatthe dispos alof the distributing agency for grants
determined bythe boardor the Mini stershall beallocated torec ipients inaspecif ied
provin ce;
(c) that aju ris tic pers on shall inres pect ofamounts grantedtoitfrom timetotime prov ide
the boa rdorthe dist ribut ingagency withaudited accounts ofall amo unts distribut ed;and
(d) any recipie ntof agrant toprovide theboard or the distr ibuting agencywithanyrelev ant
informa tionitmay require.
(2) In decidin gon the juristic persons towhom grants aretobe made, the Minister orthe
dist ributing agency,as the case maybe,shall besatisfied that any such juristicperson iscompeten tto
allocat ethe amou ntsequit ablyamong allthe members itre pres ent s.
(3) In conside ringanyappli cation foragra ntinterm sof this Chapt er,the distri buting agency
shallcomply withan y directi onsgiven toitby the Minister astothe matters tobe taken into account in
determiningth e pe rsons towhom, thepurposes forw hich and the conditions subject to which that
dist ributing agency isto allocate anyamounts.
(4) In perform inghisorher functions interms of subsec tion(3) ,the Min istersha ll—
(a) cons ultwith theboardand the relevant distributing agencybeforegivinganydirections to
that distributin gagency; and
(b) take into account—
(i) g en eral development inthe Republi c,with speci ficreference tothe regional ,
econ omic ,financ ial,soci aland moralinter estsofthe Repu blicandtheenhancement
of the standar dof living ofall the people inthe Republic; and
(ii) p rovinc ialand local interes ts,incl uding—
(aa ) the number oflottery ticketssoldineach province;
(bb ) the pop ulation ofeac hprov ince; and
(cc) the fina ncial requirements ofeach province.
33. P ower ofMiniste rto prohi bitcertain grants. —The Minister maywithin seve nday safter a
distributing agency hasmade agrant toajur istic person underthisChapter ,prohibit thatdis tributing
agency frompaying outsuch grant ifsuch grant islik el yto be utilised foran y unlawful purposeorfails
tocom plywith theconditions theMinister hasimposed interms of section 32 :Provide dthat theMinist er
(a) cons ult with theboardand that distributing agency before anysuch prohib itionis
imposed ;and

(b) discl ose tothe board andthat distribut ing agency anyinformati onathis orher disposal
which mayindicate that any suchgrant islikely tobe utilised forany unlawful or
imprope rpu rpos es.
34. P ayments from fund inrespect ofexpe nses. — (1) At such timesas the Minister deems
appropriate, paym ents shallbe allocated tothe board outofthe money inthe fund heldunder sect ion
26 (2) in resp ectoftheboard’ sexpe nses.
(2) The paym entsshall beofsuc hamounts asthe Minis terdeems sufficient formeeting the
paymentsmadeortobe made under secti ons 6(1) an d 7(2) , or any other expenses incurred bythe board.
(3) In deter mining whatamounts aresufficient formeeting thepaym entsreferred toin subs ection
(2) ,the Minister shall take into account sums paid ortobe paid tothe board in ter ms of se cti on 14 (3) .
35 . P ublic administra tion. —Every instituti onwhi chin any way actsunder or in terms ofthis Act,
must comply strictly with section 195 of theConstitu tion .
Lott eries incidental to exempt enterta inment, privatelotteries, society lotteriesand promo tional
c ompetiti ons
36. L otter iesincidental to exempt entertainment. — (1) A lot terycon duct edasan incide ntof an
exemp tentertainment shall notbeunlawful if—
(a) all the proc eeds ofthe entertai nment, includin gthe proceeds of the lottery, after
deduc ting—
(i) the expenses ofthe enterta inment, excluding expensesincurred inconne ctionwith
the lott ery;
(ii) the expe nses incur redinprintin gtick ets inthe lottery andadvertising ofthat lotter y;
(iii) s uch sum, ifany, notexce eding theprescr ibedamoun tfor any expenses incurredin
purchasing prize sfo rthe lotter y,
are utilised forthebe nefi tof any deserving section ofthe public;
(b) non eof the prizes inthe lottery aremoney prizes;
(c) the tota lvalue ofticket ssold ortobe sold, isnot mor ethan the pre scribed amount;
(d) the opportunity ofpartici pating inlotte ries contempla tedin this section, orsuch
opportunity togetherwith anyother opportunity ofpar ticip ating inlotteries orgam bling,
is not the only substanti alinduce menttopersons toattend the entertainmen t;and
(e) it is conducted formember sof asociety establishe dand conducted forpurposes not
conne ctedwith lotter ies,gambl ingorbetting .
(2) For thepurposes of subsec tion(1) “ exemp tentertainment” meansabazaar, sale,fête, dinner,

dance,sporting eventor other entert ainment ofasimilar character.
37. P ri vate lotterie s. — (1) A private lotteryshall notbeunlawful if—
(a) all the proc eeds, after deduc tingonly expenses incurredfor printing andstationery
pertain ing totickets ofthat lottery and notices advertising thatlottery, aredevoted tothe
provision ofprizes forpurcha sersoftickets orchances, or,in the ca se of a lottery
conduc tedforthe member sof asociet y,such proceeds aredevoted—
(i) to the provision ofpriz es;
(ii) to the purpos esfor which thesociet ywas established; or
(iii) to the provis ionofprizes aswel las tothe purposes forwhich thesociety was
establishe d;
(b) no writte nnotice oradve rtise ment ofthe lottery isexhibited, published ordistribu ted
other than—
(i) a notic ethere ofexhib itedonthe premis esofthe society forwho semembe rsthe
lott ery is conduc tedor,as the case maybe,onthe premises onwhich the persons for
whom the lotter yis conduc ted,ordinarily workorresid e;and
(ii) s uch announce mentoradv ertis ement ofthe lottery asiscontained inthe text printed
on the ticke ts,if any;
(c) no perso nis emp loyedfor rewar din any form whatsoev erinconnection withthecond uct
ofthe lottery;
(d) no ticket inthelottery issent throug hthe pos t;
(e) the tota lvalue of the tickets orchances soldortobe sol dor the total value ofthe prizes in
that lotte ryisnot more thanthe prescrib edamo unt determi nedbythe Minis terin
consultat ionwith theboard;
(f) the sale of tickets inthe lott ery isconfi ned—
(i) to the persons for whom thelotter yis conduc ted;and
(ii) in th ecase ofalottery conducted forthe members ofasocial orsporting club,alsoto
any othe rper son who is on the premi sesofsuch club atthe time ofsale;
(g) it is conducted formember sof asociety establishe dand conducted forpurposes not
conne ctedwith lotter ies,gambl ingorbetting ;and
(h) a person purchasing atick et for apr iva telotter ydoes notsolely bypurchasing thatticket
become amember ofthe club orsoci etywhich cond ucts thatlottery oron whose behalf
that lottery isconducted .
(2) For thepur pose sof this section eachlocal oraffiliated branchorsection or branch ofasociet y
shallbe regar dedasadist inct society.
(3) The boardmay det ermine themaxi mum num berand frequency ofpriv atelotter iesthat may be
promoted inany period of12 months onbehalf ofthe same social orsportin gclub, oron the same
premises wherepersons workor reside.

Socie tylotte ries
38. S ociety lot tery. —A society lotter yshall notbeunlawful if—
(a) it is conducte donly intheRepubl ic;
(b) the society for whose benefitthe lottery isrun ortobe run, isauthorised tocollect
contribut ionsfro m the public interms ofthe pro vision sof the Fund-rai sing Act,
1978 ( ActNo. 107 of 1978 );
(c) the soc iety lotter yis con ducted inacco rdanc ewith ascheme approved bythat socie tyand
the boa rd;
(d) that socie tyisregis teredwi th the board interms of secti on41 ;
(e) the tota lvalu eof the ticket sor chances soldortobe sold andthetotal orindivid ualvalue
ofthe prizes inthe lottery doesnotexceed theprescribe damounts ;
(f) the total procee dsofthe societ ylott ery, after deducting sumslawfully appro priated on
account ofexpens es,incl uding theexpenses inrespect ofan audit contemplated in sect ion
46 ,or for the provision ofprize s,not exceeding theprescri bedamou n t or percenta ge,are
applie dsolely to—
(i) r e cognised charitable purposes in res pect ofwhich that society isauth orise dto
collect contributions interms ofthe Fund-r aisingAct,1978;
(ii) p articipa tioninor support ofspor tor cultural activities inrespect ofwhich that
society isauthor ised tocoll ectcont ributions interms ofthe Fund-raising Act,1978;
(iii) o ther purpose swh ich the board approv esand which arenotpurposes ofprivat egain
nor purposes of any commerci alundertaking;
(g) the socie tylotter yis con ducted strictl yin acco rdanc ewith therules referred toin sect ion
53 ;
(h) the soci ety lotteryis co nducted formembers ofasociety established andconducted for
purposesnot connected withlotteri es,gambling orbetting;
(i) tickets forthe society lotter yar enot advertised, marketed, promot edorsol dother thanin
the presc ribe dare a;and
(j) the lott ery isnot adve rtised, marketedorpromoted jointlywithanother societylotteryand
the funds for prizes arenot combi nedwith thoseof anot hersociety lottery.
39. M anage mentofsocie tylotte ries. —No person shall manage asoci etylotteryunless thatperson
(a) amembe rof the soci ety on whose behalfthelottery isconducted, actinginsuch capacity;
(b) an employe eof that society acting inthe course ofhis orher employment;
(c) acorporate bodythatiswhol lyowned bythe society;

(d) certi fied asalotter yma nager under section 47 ;or
(e) an employ eeofaperso nreferr edtoin paragra ph( d)actin gin the cours eof his orher
emp loyment.
40. F requency ofsociety lotteri es. — (1 ) The Minister may pres cribe—
(a) the max imum numbe rof lott eries that shall,inconsultation withtheboard andafter
consultat ionwith thepers ontowh om thelicence toconduct theNational Lottery has
been issued, be con ducted under secti on38 in any period of12 mont hsby oron be half of
any one society;
(b) the minimu mnumber of days thatmust elapse between thedates ofany two lotteries
conduc tedunder section 38 onbehalf ofthe same societ y;and
(c) any other matter tobe prescri bedin ter ms of section 38 .
(2) Anything presc ribed under subs ection (1) m ay make diffe rentprovision fordifferent cases or
circumsta nces.
Functio nsofboard inrespect ofsoci etylotter ies
41. R egistration of socie ties. — (1)An application tothe board for the registration ofasociet y
(a) specify the addre ssof the offi ceorhead office ofthe society;
(b) specify the purpos esfor which thesociety wasestablished;
(c) include acop yof the regis trati onofthe societ yin terms ofthe Fund-raising Act,1978;
(d) include acopy ofany schem eappr oved bythe society interms of section 38( c).
(2) Subj ecttothe provi sions ofthis Chapter, theboard shallregister thesociety inaregister tobe
kept forthat purpos e.
(3) A soc iety shall notberegistered underthissecti onand noscheme shall beappro vedbythe
board unless—
(a) applica tiononbehalf ofthe socie tyhas been made tothe board inwriting as con te mplated
in s ubsect ion(1) and theapplicant hasfurnish edsuch further information asmay be
prescribed bytheMini ster;
(b) the board issatis fied that—
(i) a ny person whowillbeconducting alott ery on behalf of the society isafit and
proper person;
(ii) the socie tyhas adequate resources availab leto prov ide facilities thatarenecess ary
for conducting thelotter y;
(iii) the soc iet ycomplies with the requirem entsof sec tion 38 ;
(iv) n o inform ationgiven bythe societ yto the board inor in connection withthesociety’s

applic ationfor registrat ionwasmat erially false;
(v) the address ofthe office orhead office ofthe soci etyisnot thesame asthe addres sof
the office orhead office ofanother society thatisestabl ished forthe same ora
conne ctedpur pose andisregi steredunder thissection;
(vi) every lotter yconducted onbehalf ofthe soci etywithin thelast fiveyear shas been
properly conductedto the satis factionofthe board;
(vii) the socie tyhas notfailedtocomply with arequiremen timposed under section 38 ,44 ,
45 or 46 ;
(viii) if the society lotter yis to be conduct edby alott ery manager, that thatlott erymanag er
has provided secur ityaspres cribed bythe Minister;
(ix) n o act or omission byaperson whois or will be connected with aso cie ty lotter y
conduc tedorproposed tobe con ducted on behalf ofthe socie ty caused—
(aa ) the registr ationofanother societyto be refused orrevoked asaresult of
information contemplated in subpa ragraph (iv) o r secti on44 ,45 or 46 ; or
(bb ) a lotte ry,inthe conduct ofwhic hsuch person wasinvolved, to be imp roperly
conducte d;and
(x) the scheme attached tothe appli cationfor registr atio n, or any other schem e
subs equ ently approved bythe societ yunder secti on38( c),is lawful andwill berun
in accordanc ewith sound financi alprinciples andmeth ods.
42. R evoc ation ofregist ration. —The board—
(a) shall revoke theregistra tion ofasociet yif the society requeststheboard todo so; and
(b) may revoke the regis tration ofasociety ifthe society hasfailed tocomply withany
requirem entconta ined in secti on41(3) ,4 4 ,45 or 46 : Provid edthat—
(i) the registra tionshall notberevoked withoutgiving thesociety anopportunity of
being heard; and
(ii) the soc iet yshall benotif iedinwr iting ofthe revoc ation andthegrounds therefor .
43. F ees and levie s. —Asoc iety registered underthisChapter shall paytothe board—
(a) such feeor levy asthe board maydetermine fromtimetotime; and
(b) the fee orlevy determi nedbythe board foreach society lotteryconduct edon behalf of the
44 . R equire ments after registrat ionofsociety. — (1) An ysoc iety regi ster edunde r se cti on 41
(a) not ify the board inwriting ofany chang ein the addres sof the society ’soffic eor head
office notla ter than 21days prior tothe day onwhich such change takeseffect;
(b) subject to subs ectio n(2) ,not ify the boardinwriting ofany amendment orsubstitution of
the sche meconte mplat edin sect ion38 ( c);
(c) within three mont hs af ter the comple tionofasociety lottery, submittothe boar dareturn

in respe ctof that lottery insuch form andmanner andwith such informat ionasthe
Ministe rmay require; and
(d) preserve alldoc uments including allinforma tionkept bythe societ yotherwise thanin
writing, relating toalotter yconducted onbehalf ofthe society fornot less than fiveyears
after thedate ofthe lotte ry.
(2) Any notification interms of subse ction (1)( b)shall begiven tothe board notless than four
weeks before any tickets orchance sare sold, distributed oroffer edfor sale, inres pect of a lottery
conducte din accor dance withthe sch eme asmod ified , amended orsubstituted.
(3 ) Any return submitted tothe board interms of subsec tion(1) ( c)shal lbe preserved bythe
board fornot less than 18months andbe open tothepublic forinspec tion.
45. C ontr olof registe redsoci eties. —The boardmay requi reasocie tyregistered under section 41
orasoc iety that has appl iedforsuch registration—
(a) to furnish theboar dwi th such information relatingtoany lottery conduct ed or tobe
conduc tedonbeha lfof the society as th eboard mayrequire;
(b) to allow anyper son authori sedbythe board thereto, toinspect andtake copies ofany
documents ofthe society, including anyinforma tionkept bythe society otherwise thanin
writing, relating tosuch alotte ry;
(c) wher esuch information iskept bymea nsofacomputer, togive theboard suchassistance
as it may require toenable itto inspect andtake copies of the information inavisible and
legible formand toinspe ctthe operat ionofany comput erand anyas sociate dapp aratus or
material that isor has beenin use inconne ctionwiththekeeping ofsuch inform ation; and
(d) to allow the board toinspect anyaspect ofthe management ofsuch alottery.
46. A udit of society lottery. — (1) A soc iety shall submit tothe board financial statements in
respectof all lotterie sconduc tedon its behalf prepared byanindependent auditorreg istered interm sof
the Public Accountants’ andAuditors ’Act, 1991 ( Act No. 80 of1991 ), togethe rwith arepor tby that
auditor onsuch statements.
(2 ) The financial statementsreferred toin subsect ion(1) shall—
(a) b e subm itted totheboard withinthree months ofthe end ofthe year inwhich thelotteries
to whic hsuch statements relate, were held; and
(b) comply withgenerally accept edaccoun tingprinciples andanyother directions thatmay
begiven bythe board astothe infor mation tobe contained insuch statement s,the manner
in which such information isto be presented or the methods andprinciple saccording to
which such sta tem ents areto be prepar ed.
(3) The repor tof theauditor referredto in subse ction (1) , shall statewhe ther in the said auditor ’s
(a) the fina ncial sta tements havebeen properly prep ared inaccordance withthe principles
and anydir ectio nscontempla tedin s ubsec tion(2) ( b);
(b) prop eraccounting record shave been keptbythe society ;and
(c) the soc iet y’s accounts areinagreem entwith thefinancial statements:

Providedthatifthe said auditor isunabl eto obtain allthe information andexplanations that, to the best
ofhis or her knowledg eand belief,are necessary forthe purpose sof the audit, hisorher report shall state
accordin gly.
(4) For thepurposes ofthissection—
(a) a lottery shallbedee med tohave been conducted inthe year inwhich thewinners of
prizes areannounc edtothepubl ic;and
(b) “year” means aperiod of12 months starting on1January .
47. C ertif ication oflotter ym anagers. — (1) An application byaperson tobe certified asalottery
manage rsha llbe made tothe board insuch form andmanner andshall contain such information asthe
board mayrequ ire, which shallinclude—
(a) sufficie ntinf orma tionto fully iden tifythe applicant;
(b) information inrespect ofits sharehol dersor the person sin any other waycontrolling it,if
the applic antis ajuristi cpe rson, oracurriculum vitaeifthe applicant isanatural person;
(c) the appl icant’ sphysi caladdre ss.
(2) A fee deter minedby the boa rdshall bepayable when theapplication ismade.
(3) The board shallsubjec tto the provisions ofthis section grant acertificate toan applicant
certif ying him orher oritas alotte rymanager.
(4) A person shall notbegrant edacertifi cate under thissectio n,ifin the opi nion ofthe boar d—
(a) any person whowould be likel yto manage orinany other way control thebusiness orany
part of the busin ess ofmanag inglotteri esunder thecertificate isnot afit and proper
person todo so;
(b) a ny person forwhose benefitthat businesswould belikely tobe carrie don, isnot afit
and prope rper son toben efit from it;
(c) any information givenbythe applicant tothe board inor inconnection with the
applic ationis false inamateri alrespect ;
(d) the applic antdoesnot have the appr opriate knowledge, experience or resource savailable
to ma nage thesociety lott ery;
(e) in thepast theapplicant acted in any way which caused har m or could hav ecau sed harm
(i) a ny lottery whichheorshe was conducting ;
(ii) the soc iet yon whose behalfhe orshe was conducting alott ery; or
(iii) the inte grity ofsociet ylotte riesingeneral; or
(f) the appl icant fails tomeet anyrequirem entprescribed bythe Minister.
(5) If the board refuses togrant acertif icate, theboard shallnotify theapplicant inwriting ofthe
refusal and the grounds for such refusal.
(6 ) If the boar dgra ntsa cert ificate ,the holder ofthe certif icate shallinwriting inform theboard

ofany change tothe informati onsupplied tothe board interms of subsect ion(1) atleast sevendays
befo rethat change comes intoeffec t.
48. C ondi tions ofcerti ficate. — A certif icate cont emplat edin sec tion 47 shall ,subjec tto this
Chapter, contain condit ionsaimed at—
(a) prote ctingthe inter ests of any society onbehalf ofwhich theholder ofthe cer tificate
might conduct alott ery, includ ingtheprovis ionofsecurity;
(b) prote ctingthe interests ofpart icipant sin any lottery tobe conducted by the holder ofthe
certific ate;and
(c) ensu ring prope rma nagement ofalotter yby the hol der ofthe certificate.
49. V ariatio nof conditions ofcer tificat e. — (1) The board may,aftergivi ng the certific ateholder
anopportunity ofbeing heard, varyanycondition inace rtificate.
(2) If the boar dva ries acondi tionunder this section ,th eboard shallgivenotice inwriting ofthe
variat iontothe certi ficat eholder atthe physic aladdr essfurnished bythe certificate holderinterms of
section47(1) ( c).
(3) The variation ofacondit ionshal ltake effecton adate stipulated inthe notice conte mplated in
subsectio n(2) .
50. P eri od ofvalidit yof cert ificate. —A certificate shall bevalid for amaxim umperiod ofthree
years oruntil itis revok edby the board during such period.
51. R evoc ation ofcer tific ate. — (1) The following shallconsti tutegrounds for the revocation ofa
certif icateconte mplat edin s ection 47 :
(a) If the certif icateholder isno lon ger afit and proper person tomanage orinany other way
conduc ta society lottery, whetherbecause of the commission ofan act ofinsolvency,
inso lvency, liquidation ,judi cial management, incar ceration inaprison or other
inst itution, orfor any otherval idreason;
(b) if the certificate holderallows anyperson orbod yto deriv eabenefit from alottery
c ontrary tothe provision sof this Act;
(c) if any inform ationgiven bythe certi ficate holder to the boa rdin connection withthe
applic ationfor the certificat ewas falsein amaterial respect;
(d) if the certif ica te holder contravenes orfails tocompl ywith acon dition inthe certificate or
aprovision ofthis Act; or
(e) if th e ce rtificate holderis convi ctedonacharge oftheft, fraud, forgery orutte ring a
forged document, perjury,anoffe nce interms ofthe Preve ntion ofCor ruption Act, 1958
(Act No. 6of 1958(10) ), the Corruption Act,1992, Part1to 4,or sect ion 17 ,20 o r 21 (in
s o far asitrelates tothe aforement ionedoffences) ofChap ter2of the Pr eventio nand
Combating ofCor rupt Activities Act, 2004,or anyoffence involving dishonesty.
[Para. ( e)substitutedby s. 36 (1) of Act No.12 of2004 .] Wo rding ofSections(1 1)
(2) If the boar dis sati sfied thatgrounds existforthe revocation ofacertificate contemplated in

section47 ,it shall in writing notifythe certif icate holder ofthe existence ofthose groundsand call upon
him orher tofur nish reasons, within seven d ays ,as towhy thecertificate shoul dnot berevoked, failing
which thecertificate willceaseto be valid.
(3) If the reas ons cont emplat edin subsec tion(2) are not rece ived by the board within theperiod
ofseven days, theboard shallinform allsocieties onwhose behalf thecerti ficate holder has conducted
lott eries ofthe fact that the certi ficategran tedt othat certificate holderhasceas edto be valid, ofthe date
onwhich itso ceased tobe valid andofthe grounds forrevocation enumerated inthe notice tothe
certif icateholde ras cont emplat edin subs ectio n(2) .
(4) If rea sons arefurni shed bythe certificate holderascontemplated in subsect ion(2) ,the board
shall not revoke thecerti ficatewit hout having givendueconsid eration tosuc hrea sons .
(5) If the boar drevokes acer tificat eunder thissection, theboard shallgive written noticeofthe
revoca tionand ofthe grounds forthe revo cation tothe certificate holderand allsocie ties onwhose
behalf thecertificate holderisknown tohave cond ucted lotteries .
(6) The revoc ation ofthe certificat eshall takeeffect 21days after thedate ofthe notic ein term s
of subsect ion(5) .
52 . C ontr olof lott ery managers andaudit. —The provisions of secti ons 44(1) ( c)and (d),4 5 and
46 shall apply m utatis mutandis to lottery managers,and in such application areference inthose sections
toasoc iety shall beconst ruedasaref erence to alottery manager.
53. R ules ofsocie ty lotterie s. — (1) A soc iety lotter yshall beconduct edinaccorda ncewith the
rules prescribe dby the Mini sterandsetout in subsec tion(2) .
(2 ) ( a)The person conducting the societ ylotter yshall beamembe rof the society on wh ose
behalf thatsocie tylottery isconduct edoralottery manager certified interms of sect ion 47 and shall be
authorise din writing bythe governing bodyofthe soc iety toact as the per son conducti ngthat societ y
(b) Eve ryticket distributed orsol d,shal lspecify thename andaddress ofthe person conducting
thesociety lotter yand the date of the lottery.
(c) No ticket inasociety lotte ryshal lbe sold ataprice exceeding the pre scribed amount.
(d)The price ofevery ticke tshall bethe same, andthepri ce ofany ticket distributed or so ld,
shall be stated onthe tick et.
(e)No person shall beadm itted toparti cipate inasociety lottery inrespect ofaticket except
afterpaym ent tothe soci etyorlottery manager ofthe whole priceofthe ticket, andno money received
fororon acc ount ofaticket orchance shallinany circum stances be retu rned.
(f)No payment otherthan thepri ce ofatick etshall berequ ired ofapers onasacondit ionof
hisorherad mission topart icipat ein aso ciety lottery.
(g)The total value ofthe prizes inasociety lottery shal lnot exceed theprescribed amountin
value,which shallnot exceed R1000 000peryear persociety.
(h)The total value ofthe tickets soldin any one society lottery shall notexceed theprescribe d
(i)The totalvalue ofthe ticke tssold inall soc iety lotteries conducted inany year onbehalf of
thesame socie tyshall notexceed theprescr ibedamount.

(j)The amount appropriate dfor the provision ofprizes shallnotexceed 50per cent ofthe
proceeds ofthe lottery.
(k)No chance oropportuni tyto take partinasoc iety lottery shallbesold otherthan byway of
(l) Eve ryticket shallonits reverse sidecontain theinformation pre scribe dby theMinis ter.
(m) (i) the amou ntappr opria tedonaccount ofexpenses, excluding prizes,shall notexceed
whichever isthe lesser of—
(aa ) the expens esactually andnecess arilyincurred; or
(bb ) w hi che ver ofthe amoun tsspecifi edin s ubpara graph(ii) appl ies.
(ii)The amou ntsreferred toin s ubpara graph(i)( bb )are—
(a a ) w here theproceeds ofthe lottery donot exceed theprescribed amount,such
percenta geasmay bepres cribed bythe Minister; or
(bb ) w here theproce edsofthe lotter yexceed theprescribed amount,such percen tageas
may bepres cribed bythe Minister .
(iii)Forthepurpos esof subp aragraph (i) ,the amount ofanyexpe nses thataremet—
(aa ) by the society on whose behalfthe lottery isconducted; or
(bb ) by any benef iciaryof the lottery,
shall be deemed tohave been appropri atedonacc ount ofexpenses fromtheproceeds ofthe lottery.
(iv) The amount ofthe procee dsofasociety lotteryappropr iated forthe provisio nof prizes
and theamount ofthose proceedsappropriated onaccount ofexpenses, excludingprizes, shall notin
aggregate exce edthepr escri bedpercentag eof the proceeds o fthe lotter y.
(3) ( a)For the purpose sof subs ection (2)( m)(iii) ( bb ),“bene ficiary ofthe lottery” means a
personorbody, otherthan thesociet yon whose behalfthelottery isco nducted, towhom orfor whose
benefit anyofthe proce edsofthe lottery, otherthana mounts appropriated in respect ofexpenses or
prizes,are lawf ully paid orappli ed.
(b)For thepurpose sof this section, unless thecontext indicates otherwise, “yea r” means a
periodof12 mon thscommenc ingon1January :Provided thatifthis Actcomes intoeffect onadate other
than 1Januar y—
(i) the period commencing onsuch other date andending onthe lastday ofthe next
D ece mbe r,shall bedeemed to be the first yearfor the purpo sesof subsecti on(2) ( i);and
(ii) in relat iontothe per iod menti oned insubparagr aph(i) the reference tothe prescri bed
amo unt in subs ection (2)( i)shall beconstru edasarefer ence toaproportionately smaller
amo unt.
54. P romotional competitions. — (1) A promotiona lcompe tition sha llnot beunlawful if—
(a) it is conducte din the Republi c;
(b) the conside rationpayable inrespect ofthe purchase ofgoods orthe use of services in
resp ect of which thatpromot ional competi tionisconducted—

(i) is the price usuallyorordin arily paid, excluding discounts, forsuch orsimilar goods
o r servic eswithout theopportuni tyof taking partinapro motional competition;
(ii) is not increas edby the opp ortunit yto parti cipatein that promotional competition; and
(iii) is the only considerationpayable forthose goods orserv ices andinclud es
considera tionfor the righttocompete;
(c) the opportunity ofparti cipating inthe promotional competition isnot theonly orthe only
subs tantial inducement toapers ontopurchase oruse thegoods orserv ices towhich the
promoti onalco mpetiti onrelat es;
(d) the prom otional competi tionisconducted inaccor dance with the regulations prescribed
bythe Minister inter ms of subse ction (2) or (3) ;
(e) the promotional competitionor any conduct underitis not subst antially comparable to—
(i) a busi ness practic ewhich hasbeen declared unlawful interms ofthe Consumer
Affairs (UnfairBusiness Practices)Act, 1988 ( Act No. 71 of 1988 ); or
(ii) a restrictive practice whichhasbeen declared unlawful intermsof the Competit ion
Act, 199 8( Act No. 89of1998 );
(f) the Mini sterhasnotinterms of subsec tion(4) d ec lared the pro mot ional competit ion
unlawful ;
(g) the goods orservices manufactu red,sold, supplied, distributed ordeliver edinconnecti on
with the right topart icipate inapromot ionalcompetition areusually orordinarily
man ufa ctur ed,sold, supplied,distribut edordeliver edby the person forwh ose bene fitthe
promoti onalco mpetiti onisheld;
(h) ……
[Para. ( h)deleted by s. 1 of Ac tNo. 46 of 2001 .] Wo rding ofSections(1 2)
(i) the promotional competitionis not subs tantially similartoany competition, gameor
sports poolconduc tedbyoron behalf ofthe National Lottery; and
(j) the consideration paidfor the pur chase ofthe goods orthe use ofthe services promoted
by apromotional competitionis not increased bythe opport unitytotake part inthat
promoti onalco mpetiti ontosuch an exte nt that thatpromotional competition does not
mainly serve asamea ns,method ormechanism ofpromoting therelevant goodsor
servic es,but substan tially asconsi deratio nfor the opportunity totake part inthat
promoti onalco mpetiti on.
[Sub-s.(1) substituted by s.1 of Act No .46 of2001 .] Wo rding ofSections(1 3)
(2) The Ministe rmay, after consultation withtheboard, with due regard tothe effect of
promotional competitions onthe Nati onal Lottery, lotteries incidentaltoan exem pten tertai nment and
societylotter ies, make regulati onswhich are nece ssary for the proper con duct andregula tionof
promotional competi tionsingen eral .
[Sub-s. (2) substituted by s.1 of Act No .46 of2001 .] Wo rding ofSections(1 4)

(3) Wi thout derogati ngfrom thegenerality of subse ction (2) ,the Minister may make regulat ions
inrespe ctof—
(a) the min imum ageofaperson whomayparticipate inany particular competition or
catego ryof competiti ons;
(b)to (f) inclusive ……
[Paras. ( b)to (f) incl usive deleted by s.1 of Ac tNo .46 of2001 .] Wo rding ofSections(1 5)
(g) the conditions orcirc umst ances under which the board orany person desig nated byitmay
without theconsent ofthe person whocondu ctsthe promotional competition ins pect any
aspect, including anyproces sor procedure ,relating toapro motiona lco mpe tit ion,
includi ngthe account ingprocedure sand the process ofidentifying thewinn eror winner s
ofthat promotiona lcompeti tion;
(h) any matter relating tothe conduct ofapr omoti onalcompetition whichmay reasonably
have anegative influenc eon orconsequence forthe public or a pa rtor group thereof; and
(i) offenc esand penalties forthe contr avention ofthe regul ations.
[Sub-s. (3) substituted by s.1 of Act No .46 of2001 .] Wo rding ofSections(1 6)
(4) The Minister may on the recomm endation ofthe board bynotice inthe Gaz ette decla re a
promotional competi tiontobe unl awful.
(5) Any person conducting apromoti onalcompetit ion which intermsof subs ection (4) has been
decl aredunlawful, shallimmedi atelycease tocondu ctsuch comp etition andshall immediate lyinstruct
all his orher orits agents andany other perso nconn ected with that competition toimmediat elyterminate
any action connec tedwith the conduc tof that competition, andanyperson who fail sto comply with this
subs ectio nor an ins tructi onthereunder isguilty ofan offence.
(Dat eof comme ncement of s. 54 : 2 Ma y,2003.)
Spo rts pools
55. L ic ence toconduc tsports pools. — (1) The Minister may,after consultationwith the board, by
licence autho risethelicen seetoconduct anational sportspool: Provided thatthelicence shallspecify the
sportspools, ordes cript ions ofsports pools, theconduct ofwhich it au thoris es.
(2) The power of the Minist erto prescribe thepercentages interms of sect ion 26(3) may be
exercised so as tomake different provision inrelat iontosports pools.
(Date ofcomm encement of s.55 :28 August, 1998.)
56. U nlawful lotter ies and compet itions. —Unle ssauthorised byorunder this Act or any other
law, noperson shall conduct through anynewspape r,broadc astingservice orany other electro nicdevice,

orinconnection withanytrade orbusi ness orthe sale of any article to the publi c—
(a) any competition orlottery otherthanone authoris edby orunder thisAct in which prizes
are offere dfo rfo recast sof the result ofeither—
(i) a future event; or
(ii) a past event, theresult ofwhic hhas notyetbeen ascertaine dor isnot yetgenera lly
(b) a ny competition otherthan apromotional co mpetition contemplated in sect ion 54 in
w hich successdoes notdepend to asubstantial degreeon skil l;or
(c) any prom otional competition whichisthe subject ofadeclarati oncontemplated in sect ion
54 (4) .
(Date ofcomm encement of s.56 :28 August, 1998.)
57. G enera loffenc es. — (1) Any person who—
(a) participa tesin;or
(b) conduct s,facilita tes,promot esorderives anybenefi tfrom alottery, promotio nal
com petiti onor spo rtspool,
shall, unless such lottery,pr omotiona lcompetition orsports pool isor has been authorised by or under
this Actor any other law,beguil tyof an offence.
(2) Any person who—
(a) contr avenes orfails tocom plywith anyprovision ofthis Act;
(b) forges orinany other fraudulent waychanges anyticket orany other docume ntor thing
pertain ing toany lotter yor promot ionalcompetition;
(c) knowin glysells orinanyoth erway dispos esofany forged ticketorany other document
orthing pertaining toany lottery orpro moti onal competitio n;
(d) with inte nttodefra ud, alters any numb eror figure onany ticket or any other document or
thing pertain ingtoany lotter yor promotional competition;
(e) obt ains any direct orindirec tfinanci algain, whic his not solely ashare inthe prize
pa yout, byform ing, conduc tingorin an y other way promo tingasyndi cateforthe
purchase ofaticket; or
(f) sells aticke t—
(i) a t a pric ehigher than that whi chis pr inted onthe ticket;
(ii) o n cond itionth at the sellerof theticket shares inthe prize inthe event ofaticket sold
by him orher being theticket inrespect ofwhich aprize ispa id;
(iii) o n any condition notprov ided forinthe rules ofthe lottery concerned;
(iv) o n cr edit orwith thefinanc ialassis tance inany form of the seller; or
(g) conduct s,organises, promotes, devises ormanage sany scheme, plan,competi tion,
arrangement, system,game or device whichdirectly orindirectly provides forbetting,
wagering, gambling oranyother game ofrisk onany outcome ofany lottery unless
autho rised byorunder thi sAct orany other law,

shallbe guilty ofan offence.
(Date ofcomm encement of s.57 :28 August, 1998.)
58. O ffenc esrelat ingto Nati onal Lotter yand sports pools. — (1)Any pers on who—
(a) adver tises oroffe rsthe opport unitytoparticipate inalottery ,promotional competition,
com petiti onorgame ofanot herdescr iption andwho gives, bywhatever means,a fals e
indi cation thatitis alot tery, competition or game formin gpart of, or is otherwise
conne ctedwith, theNational Lotteryor isasports pool licensed interms of section 55 ;
(b) with the intent todefr aud, falsely makes, alters,forg es,utters, passes orcounter feitsa
Nationa lLotter yticke tor sports poolticket;
(c) influ ence sor attem ptsto infl uence thewinnin gof a prize through theuse ofcoer cion,
fraud ordeception ,or throug htamp ering with lottery orspo rtspool equipment, systems,
softwa re,data, tickets ormat erial s;or
(d) fa ils tocomply withany regulati onmadeunder secti on60
shall be guilty ofan offence.
(Date ofcomm encement of s.58 :28 August, 1998.)
59. P rohibition ofactiviti esin Republi cin relation tolottery orsports poolconducted outside
Republic . —In aprose cution arisingfromany thing done ornot done inthe Republic inconnection with
alotte ryor spor tspool, itshall notbeadefence me rely toprove thatthemanagemen t,conduc tor
busi ness oforconc erning thelotter yor spo rtspool inquestio nis or was wholly orinpart carried on at a
place outside theRepubl ic.
(Date of com mence ment:28August, 1998.)
60. R egulations inrespe ctof Nati onal Lotteryand sports pools. —The Minister may,with the
concurrence ofthe board, makeregulations regarding—
(a) the cond uctofthe National Lotteryorsports pools,including—
(i) the min imum ageof pe rsons towhom orby whom tickets or chances maybesold;
(ii) the persons or categori esofpers onswho shall bedisqualified fromparticipation;
(iii) the plac eswher eor circums tances ormanner inwhich tickets orchances maybesold
or persons may be invi tedto buy such tick ets orchances;
(iv) the circ ums tanc esunder which lotteri esand sports pools may beadverti sedand the
informa tionthatisto appear inan advertisemen tfo ra lotter yor sports pool;
(v) the placeswh ere orcircums tances ormann erinwhich signs relating toalott ery or
sports poolmaybedispl ayed;
(vi) the rules referred toin secti on14(2) ( g);
(vii) appl ication andlicensing feesreferred toin section 14(3) ;
(v iii) the perc entages ofthe sums tobe allocated interm sof section 26 ;and
(ix) in genera lany other matterwhi chmay benec essary orexpedient toprescribe inorder
to achieve orprom otethe object sof Part Iof this Act; and

(b) the ma king oforal repres entationsascontemplat edin se ct ion 20 (1) ( b).
(Date ofcomm encement of s.60 :28 August, 1998.)
61. R egulations inres pect oflott eries incidental toexempt entertainme nts,privat eand society
lotter ies. — (1) The Minis termay, with the conc urrence ofthe board ,ma ke regulatio nsregarding the
conductoflotter iesincident alto exempt entertainments, priva te lotter iesand society lotteries,
(a) the natu reand requirem entsofany scheme contemplat edin section 38( c);
(b) the persons or categories ofperson sto who mand bywhom tickets orchances inalottery
m ay ormay not besold;
(c) the circum stances inwh ich ticket sor chances maybesold andpersons maybeinvited to
purchase ticketsorchances;
(d) the min imum ageat which anyperson maybuyaticket orchance;
(e) any informatio nwhich shall,or shall not,appear onaticket;
(f) the ma nner inwhich alo ttery may be adve rtised;
(g) the use ofpos talservices inconnect ionwith lotteries;
(h) the ma tters inrespect ofwhich expenses inalottery maybe incurred; and
(i) in gene ral,any othe rmat terwhich maybenecessar yor expedie nttoprescribe inorder to
achi eve orpromote theobject sof Par tII of this Act.
(2) Any power toma ke regul ations underthis section maybeexercise dso astomake different
provision inrela tion to di ffere ntcases ordifferent circumstances.
(Date ofcomm encement of s.61 :28 August, 1998.)
62. P enalties. — Any person convict edofan offe nce interms ofthisAct shall beliab leto afine or
toimprisonment ortoboth afine and imprisonment.
(Date of com mence ment:28August, 1998.)
63. S avings. — Noth inginthis Actshall applyin relation to any lottery ,sports poolorcompetition
inrespe ctof which thereisno subscrip tion.
(Date of com mence ment:28August, 1998.)
64. T ra nsitional provisions. — (1) Every valid licence for—
(a) a state lottery, issuedin terms ofthe State Lotteries Act, 1984 ( Act No. 14of
1984 )(Ci skei), orthe Lotter iesDecree, 1989 (Decree No.14of1989) (Transkei); and
(b) alot tery or sports poolissued in terms ofalaw orpro vision repealed bysection 65,or
issued interm sof the Gaming andBetting Act,1989( Act No. 39of
1989 )(Bop huthatswana) ,
shallat a date deter mined bythe Minister bynotice inthe Ga zett e cease tobe valid.
(2) All unexpended moneyin—

(a) the Distribution Accountreferred to in the State Lotteries Act,1984 ( ActNo.14 of
1984 )(Ci skei); and
(b) the State Lotter yTrus teeAccount referred toin theLotteri esDecree, 1989(Decree No.
14of1989) (Transkei) ,
immediatelybefore thecommencem entofthis Act, shallbe paid intothefund.
(Date ofcomm encement of s.64 :28 August, 1998.)
65. L otter ydebt senforceable. — Any lotter ydebt lawfully incurredby aperso nin the cours eof
any lotteryor sports poolshall, notwithstanding provisions ofany law orthe common law,be
enforcea ble inacourt oflaw.
(Date ofcomm encement of s.65 :28 August, 1998.)
66. R egistration ofillegal lotteries. — (1) Any juristic person—
(a) authorised before1Ja nuary 1997tocollect contributio nsfrom thepublicinterm sof the
Fund-raising Act,1978;
(b) who collects orhas collect edsuch contr ibu tions by means ofany activit yrelating toa
lott ery whic his prohi bited in terms ofthe Gambling Act,1965, orany other legislation
pertain ing togambling orlott eries ;and
(c) w ho onaregular basishaspaid orpays a pe rcentage ofits total income toaregister ed
charity organis ation,
maywithin aperiod ofthree months afterthecommencement ofthis Actinthe prescribed manner apply
tothe Ministe ror the boar dfo rregis tration ofsuch activity.
(2) The Minister orthe bo ard may permit theregistration ofthe juristic personcontemplated in
subsectio n(1) if it is in the Minis ter’sor the boar d’sopinion desirable todo so, subject toany cond itions
heor she oritmay impose, including anycondi tions in respe ctof the auditin gof the financial statemen ts
oftha tper son .
(3) Ac tivities contempla tedin subsec tion(1) s hal lbe deeme dto be lawful asfrom thedate of
registration untiladate determined bythe Minister bynotice inthe Gazette ,which dateshall benot later
than seven days prior tothe date on which tickets for the National Lotteryaresol dfor the first time.
(4) The Minister or the board mayatany time andwithout any prior notice withdraw the
registration interms of subsect ion(2) of any juristic person ifin the Minister ’s or the board’ sop inion it
isdesirable todo so.
(5) No right other thanis pr ov ided for in subsec tion(3) and nolegitim ateexpe ctation ssha ll
accrue asaresu ltof regi stration interms of this section .
(6) A juristic person who in terms of subsect ion(1) has appli edfor registrat ionorwho interms of
subsectio n(2) has be en registered ,shall provi dethe Minister or the board withanyinformation heorshe
oritmay require atany time.
(7 ) Any persondes ignated bytheMin ister orthe boardsh all atany reasonable timehavethe right
(a) exami neany thing, machine, docum entordata captured inanyform, foundonorinthe
premise sor facility ofthe person whohasbeenreg ister ed,and make copies oformake

extrac tsfrom that thing ,machi ne,document ordata;
(b) seize ,for the purp oseoffurther exami nationorsecuring information, anything, machine,
document ordata, exclu dingpropr ietarysoftware, on or inthose premises orfacility; or
(c) seal orother wise secure anysuch premises, facility, thingormachine onorinwhich any
document ordata whichhas abearing onthe activities contemplated in s ubsection (3) is
s tored orcaptured.
(8) The Minis tersh all every fourmonths untilthedate onwhich tickets forthe National Lottery
aresold forthe first timetabl earepor tin Parliament onall matters provided for inthis section ,and if
Parlia mentisno tthen insession, onthe first day ofits next session.
(9) This section shalltwoyears after the commencem entofthis Actcease tobe ofany force.
(Date ofcomm encement of s.66 :28 August, 1998.)
67. A ccess toinform ation. — (1)Subje ctto the Constitution ,any legislation whichmaybeena cted
inpursu ance of sec tions 32(2) or 33 (3) of the Constitution orany other relevant law,noperso n,
including the Minist er,amem berorempl oyee of the boar dor the Depar tment, oraforme rmember or
employee of the boardor the Departm ent,may —
(a) in any way disclose anyinform ationsubmitted byany person inconnectio nwith any
applic ationfor any licen ce,cert ifica teor appointment underthi sAct; or
(b) pub lish anyinfor mationobtained in contravention of paragraph ( a),unle ssordered todo
so by acourt oflaw or unl ess the person whomade suchapplication consents theretoin
(2) Any person who contravenes subs ectio n(1) shal lbe guilty ofan offenc e.
(Date ofcomm encement of s.67 :28 August, 1998).
68. R epeal andamendme ntoflaws. — The laws menti onedin the Sche dule arehereby repealedor
amend edtothe extent indicated inthe third column thereof.
(Date of com mence ment:28August, 1998.)
69. Shor ttitle andcommenceme nt. —ThisActshall becalled theLott eries Act,1997,and shall
come into operation onadate fixed bythePresident byproclamation inthe Gazette .
No. and year ofAct Title E xtent of repeal oram end ment
Act No. 44of1958 … . P ost Office Act,
1958 …… ………………..
Substi tutes section 35 .
Act N o. 51of
1965(17) ………………..
G am bling Act, 1965 .. (a)Am ends se ction 1by deleti ng
the defini tions of“ lottery ”,
“p rize ”, “ sporting event ”,
“spo rts poo l ”, “ subs cription ”
and “ ticket ” .

(b)Repeal s sections 2,3,4,5and
10 .
(c)A m ends se ction 8by deleti ng
paragraphs (a), ( b), ( c), (i )and
Act No. 23of
1982(18 ) …………….. …..
Gambling Act,
1982(Ciskei) …………….
(a)Amend mentof section 1 bythe
deletion ofthe definitions of
“lottery ” , “ sporting event ” and
“sports pool ”.
(b)Amend mentof section 7 bythe
deletion of subparagraph (iii)of
paragraph ( c)of subsection(1)
and subsection (4).
(c)Amendmentof section 9 bythe
substitution for paragraph( a)of
subsection (1)ofthe foll owi ng
“(a)grant such application
subject tosuch con ditions
and restrictions as the
President ma ydeem
necessary .”.
(d)Amendmentof section 10 bythe
deletion of paragra ph( b)of
subsec tion(1).
(e)Amend mentof section 12 bythe
deletion of paragra ph( c)of
subsec tion(2).
(f)Amend mentof section 17 bythe
deletion of paragra ph( b)of
subsec tion(1).
(g)Amend mentof section 18 bythe
substitution for subsection
(1) ofthe following subsecti on:

“(1)N operso nshall
pa rticipa te,andno
licence- holderorany per so n
employe dby him orher in
connection withthe
management, supervision,
controlor admin istration or
any activity authorized by such
licence shallpermitany person
toparticipate ,in anygame in a
casino orgaming room unless
payme ntthe refor isin current
money orby chequ e:Pro vided
that the licen ce-holder may,at
hisor her discre tion,grant
credit facilities toany person
who furnish esasatisfact ory
guarantee ofpayment .”.
(h)Amendment of section 19 —
(i) by the deletion of
subparagraph (iii)of
para-graph ( a)of
subsection (1);
(ii ) by the deletion of
paragra ph( c)of
subsection (1);
(ii i) by the substitution in
paragra ph( d)of the
following paragraph:
“(d)perform anyactwith
the obj ectof
acquiring orassisting
any other person to
acquire fromany
source inCiske ior
elsewhere anytick et
in an unlicensed
game ofchan ce;”;
(iv) by the substitution in
paragra ph( e)of the
following pa ragraph:

“(e) print orpublish ,
either ina
newsp aper,
periodic al
printed docu ment,
any notice or
advertisement of an y
unlicense dgaming
house ,gaming
activity;” ;an d
(v) by the substitution in
paragra ph( g)of t he
following paragraph:
“(g)distri buteorcause to
bedistributed or
deliveror cau setobe
delive redtoany
person anyhandbill
orentrance formor
other documen t
conve ying inprint,
writing oroth erway,
notice of or
informa tionwith
regard toany
unlicense d
gaminghouse, or
place where games
ofcha nce areplaye d
orany activity
prohibited bythis
Act isperformed;
(i) Amend mentof section 24 bythe
deletion of paragra ph( b)of
subsec tion(2).
(j)Amend mentofPar tA of the
Schedule by the de letion of
item s2 and 3.
(k)Amend mentofPar tB of the
S chedule by the deletion ofthe
la st two items.
ActNo. 14of1984 ….. . State Lotteries Act,
1984(Ciskei) …………….
The whole.

1989 ….. …………. ….. …….
Lotterie sDe cre e,
1989 (Transkei) …………
The whole.
NO. 10 OF 2000
[ASS ENTED TO16MARCH, 2000] [DATE OFCOM MENCEMENT: 17MARCH ,20 00] (English textsign edbythe President )
To amend the Lott eries Act,1997, soasto remove the prohibition ofpart icip ation inthe Nati onal
Lotte ryby cert ainpersons; andto provide for matte rsconne ctedtherewit h.
1. Amends section 1 4 (2) of the Lotteries Act, No. 57 of1997 ,by substitutin g par agraph (i).
2. S hor tti tle. — This Actiscalled theLotteri esAme ndment Act,2000.
NO. 46 OF 2001
[ASSENTED TO6DECEMBER, 2001] [DATEOFCOM MENCEM ENT:7JUNE ,2002] (E nglish textsign edbythe President )
To amend the Lotteri esAct, 199 7,so as to further regulate the conduct ofpromoti onal
com petitions ;and topro vide formatters incidental thereto.
BEITENACTED bythe Parl iament ofthe Republic ofSouth Africa, asfollow s:—

1. Amends section 54 of the Lotter iesAct, No. 57of 1997 ,by sub stituting subs ectio ns(1), (2) and
2. Shor ttitle andcommencement. — This Actiscalled theLotter iesAmendm entAct, 2001, and
comes intooper ation onadate fixedby the President byproclamat ioninthe Gaze tte .

Endnote s
1(Popup -Rep ealed Act)
Act73of1976 hasbeenrepe aled by s41(1) of A ct 4of 199 9
2(Popup -Rep ealed Act)
Act73 of1976 hasbeen repeale dby s41(1) of A ct 4of 199 9
3(Popup -Rep ealed Act)
Act94of1992 hasbeenrepe aled by s36(1) of Act 12 of2004
4(Popup -Word ingofSections)
s3(5) (b) of Act 57 of 1997 priorto amendment by Act 12 of2004
5 (Popup -Rep e aled Act)
Act 6of 1958 hasbeen repe aled by s4 of A ct 94 of 199 2
6(Popup -Word ingofSections)
s3(5) (c)(i) of Act 57of19 97 prior toamend mentby Act12of2004
7(Popup -Rep ealed Act)
Act6of 1958 hasbeen repe aled by s4 of A ct 94 of 199 2
8(P opup -Word ingof Sections)
s3(7) (a)(iii)( dd) of A ct 57 of199 7prio rto amendment by Act 12 of2004
9(Popup -Word ingofSec tion s)
s14(2)(i)(i) ofAct 57of1997 prior toamendment by Act 10 of2000
10 (Po pup -Re pealed Act)
Act6of 1958 hasbeen re pealed by s4 of A ct 94 of 199 2
11(Po pup -W ord ing ofSections)
s51(1)(e) of Ac t57 of1997 priorto amendment by Act 12 of2 004
12 (Po pup -W ord ing ofSections)
s54(1)(h) ofAct 57of1997 prior toamendmen tby A ct 46 of2001
13 (Po pup -W ord ing of Sections)
s 54(1) of Act 57of1997 priortoamend mentby Act 46 of2001
14 (Po pup -W ord ing ofSections)
s54(2) ofAct 57of 1997 priortoamendment by Act 46 of2001
15 (Po pup -W ord ing ofSections)
s54(3)(b), (f)of Act 57of1997 priortoamendment by Act 46of2001
16 (Po pup -W ord ing ofSections)

s54(3) ofAct 57of1997 priorto ame ndment by Act 46 of2001
17 (Po pup – Repea led Act )
Act 51of1965 hasbeenrepe aled by s2 of Act 36of1999
18 (Po pup -Re pealed Act)
Act23of1982 hasbeenrepe aled by s44 of A ct 47 of2000