Decree No 5183 of 2013

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Document Information:

Chapter One
General Provisions
Article 1:
This order aims to control the criteria for public financing of associations, as well as procedures and terms. It also controls the mechanisms of follow up for associations benefiting from public finding and their monitoring.

Article 2:
Public funding for associations refers to the financial amounts allocated within the state budget, or local community budges, institutions of an administrative nature, public establishments and institutions, public shareholding companies at a rate exceeding 34% of their capital, or establishments with a public majority, in order to support associations and assist them in the accomplishment of projects and development of their activities, on the basis of efficiency and project and activity feasibility.

Article 3:
Public funding is allocated to associations:
– To support their activities and develop their methods of work according to direct requests submitted by the associations
– To implement projects that fall within the area of the general organization activities, aimed at achieving public interest, either through a call for tender issued by the relevant public structure or an agreement of partnership on the initiative of the association.

Article 4:
Each public structure shall handle, according to the provisions of Article 2 of this order, at the beginning of the year a register of projects that are the subject of the call for tender.

Article 5:
Projects implemented by the associations in implementation of the provisions of this order shall not be subject to the instructions governing public transactions.

Chapter Three
Special Provisions on Public Funding through a Call for Tenders

Article 13:
The call for tender issued by the public organization to accomplish a certain project that is subject to the principles of equity, competitiveness and transparency

Article 14:
The call for tender will be published through the written media at least two days before the date of accepting tenders by the concerned public organization, and on the website, if any.
The call for tender must be containing in particular the following:
– The subject of the project that the association or associations will be mandated with achieving
– The documents that must be submitted in addition to those stipulated in article 7 and 9 of this order
– The dates of opening and closing opportunities for submitted tenders
– Selection criteria

Article 15:
The technical committee, stipulated in article 10 of this order, shall look into the requests for public funding submitted within the call for tender within fifteen (15) days from the date of closing for tenders, and shall specifically:
– Look into the reports on the basis of the criteria stipulated in article 11 of this order
– Set the public funding amount allocated for the project and how it is divided among the beneficiary associations when necessary, as well as the calendar of payment according to the project achievement progress.

The concerned public organization shall publish the results of the work of the technical committee at its headquarters and popular and local structures, in addition to contacting the association selected to complete the measures of a contract with it.