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Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Regulations

1. Title
These regulations may be cited as the nongovernmental Organization registration regulation 2009. 2. Interpretation In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires ”Act” means the Non-Governmental organisation registration act; ”Board” means the National Board of Non-Governmental organisations; ”certificate of registration and incorporation” means a document of registration and incorporation issued by the Board under Regulation 6; ”community based organization,” means an organization wholly controlled by Ugandans operating in a sub-country level and below, whose objective is to promote and advance the well-being of its members or the community; ”dissolution” means the ceasing of operation of an organisation voluntarily or by order of the Board;
“foreign organization” means an organisation which is not a local organisation;
“local organization” means an organisation which is wholly owned and controlled by Ugandans; ”organization” means a Non-Governmental organisation; ”permit” means a document which grants permission to an organization to operate; ”surety” means a referee of reputable standing in society. Affiliated organisations An organisation which is affiliated to another organisation registered under the Act shall not operate in Uganda unless it has itself been duly registered under the Act.
Application for registration An application for registration under section 3 of the Act shall be in Form A as specified in the Schedule to the Regulations.

Requirements for registration
(1) An application under regulation for shall be accompanied by – (a) Specification of The area of the intended operation of the organization
(i) Geographical area; and
(ii) Field of operation e. g. health, education etc.;
(b) the prescribed fee;
(c) valid reservation of its name by the Registrar of Companies;
(d) two copies of the orgaisation’s constitution;
(e) a chart showing the organisationsal structure of the organization;
(f) a work plan and a budget for the first year of operation of the organization;
(g) in the case of a local organization –
(i) a written recommendation to the Board by two sureties;
(ii) a written recommendation by the chairperson of the executive committee of the sub county council and the Resident District Commissioner of the area where the organization intends to operate;