Law No. 2 on the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department

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DUBAI LAW No. 2 of 2011
Dubai Government Official Gazette
Law No. 2 of 2011 on the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities.
We, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai,
Having reviewed:
Law No. (3) of 2003 establishing the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai;
Law No. (12) of 2005 establishing the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, as amended;
Government of Dubai Human Resources Management Law No. (27) of 2006 , as amended;
Law No. (29) of 2006 attaching the Research House for Islamic Studies & Heritage Revival to the Department
of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities;
Law No. (35) of 2009 on the Management of Public Funds of the Government of Dubai,
Hereby promulgate as follows:
Article (1) Name of Law
This Law may be cited as ” Law No. (2) of 2011 on the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities
Article (2) Definitions
The following words and expressions wherever used herein shall have the meanings respectively assigned next
thereto, unless the context otherwise requires:
State : The United Arab Emirates.
Emirate : The Emirate of Dubai.
Ruler : H.H. Ruler of Dubai.
Government : The Government of Dubai.
Executive Council : The Executive Council of the Emirate.
Department : The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities.
Manager : The General Manager of the Department.
Mosque : A place designated for performing prayers, including such mosques established by individuals on
endowed or unendowed lands. The mosque spaces and annexes shall be dealt as the mosque.
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Zakat : The estimated portion of the eligible Muslim wealth which is paid and spent according to the legally
prescribed conditions and disbursement channels.
Charitable Organizations
Any individual or collective organization with a continuous structure for certain or uncertain period and is
composed of natural person (s) or judicial persons. The Charitable Organization is concerned with the religious
or charitable affairs and carries out its activities in the Emirate. These organizations may include religious or
charitable institutions and organizations incorporated or to be incorporated by law or decree.
Holy Quran Memorization Centres : The place where the rules of recitation, tajweed, and memorization of the
Holy Quran are learnt whether permanently or temporarily.
Islamic Institutions : Any entity concerned with spreading the Islamic culture and promoting religious
awareness in the Emirate and practices its activities whether permanently or temporarily.
Article (3) Application of Law
The provisions hereof shall apply to the ” Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities” established
under Law No. (12) of 2005 .
Article (4) Powers and Authorities of the Department
The Department shall have the following powers and authorities:
1. develop the general policy in relation to the Islamic affairs and charitable activities in the Emirate;
2. spread knowledge and Islamic culture and promote the religious awareness;
3. review the Holy Quran, publications, religious books, recordings, and permit to circulate and oversee its
printing and distribution in the Emirate;
4. prepare the Gregorian and Hijri calendar and permit its printing;
5. establish, manage and supervise the Holy Quran Memorization Centres;
6. take care of, supervise and manage mosques to properly perform its role;
7. oversee the construction of mosques which individuals desire to establish;
8. administer and manage mosques constructed by individuals on endowed and unendowed lands;
9. hold, license, and supervise religious ceremonies, symposia, conferences, exhibitions and contests;
10. license Charitable Organizations, Islamic Institutions and Holy Quran Memorization Centres, and to
administratively, financially and culturally oversee the same and adopt any programs related thereto;
11. license and oversee Islamic Research and Studies Centres;
12. supervise religious programs spread and broadcasted through audiovisual mass media;
13. organize Hajj and Umrah affairs in coordination with UAE concerned bodies;
14. take action to maintain, revive and spread the Islamic Heritage;
15. organize, oversee and issue Sharia Fatwa affairs;
16. grant work permits to preachers, orators, Imams, Scholars and Muezzins;
17. highlight the merits of Islam as the humanity’s religion suitable for all times and places;
18. put the works serving Muslim issues in place;
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19. prepare and promote the publications discussing the massage of Islam end enlightenment as the true religion
and use all available mass media that effect;
20. enhance the public awareness of Zakat and its role in life and to call upon Muslims to perform such duty;
21. accept Zakat, in cash and in kind, and to disburse the same in the legally prescribed channels; and
22. supervise all donations, alms giving and to disburse the same in the legally prescribed channels and to issue
the permits necessary thereto.
Article (5) The General Manager
The Department shall have a general manager who will be appointed by a decree of the Ruler and will oversee
the functions and proper performance of the Department. To that end, the Manager shall be particularly
competent to:
1. develop the Department’s general policy and strategic plan as well as oversee the implementation thereof;
2. oversee the enforcement of regulations related to the Department and its employees;
3. devise the Department’s organizational structure and forward the same to the executive council for approval;
4. issue the internal regulations governing the Department’s functioning;
5. follow-up on the Department employees so as to ensure the proper performance of their functions;
6. oversee the disbursement of funds as per the appropriations prescribed in the budget;
7. conclude contracts, agreements and memos necessary to realize the Department goals;
8. prepare the Department’s annual draft budget and final account and forward the same to the competent
authorities for approval; and
9. represent the Department before third parties.
Article (6) Charitable Activities
The following activities shall be overseen by the Department:
1. religious and charitable activities;
2. collect donations, in cash and in kind, and dispose of the same for human aids, orphan sponsorship, building
mosques and any other type of aids;
3. relief campaigns and charitable events; and
4. programs and projects launched by the charitable organizations either inside or outside the UAE.
Article (7) Collection of Donations
It is not permissible to collect or permit third parties to collect donations in the Emirate without obtaining the
Department’s prior approval in line with the provisions of this Law and the regulations and decisions issued in
implementation thereof.
Article (8) Charitable Organizations
No person or group of persons shall engage in any of the charitable organizations’ activities in the Emirate
without obtaining a license from the Department to that effect pursuant to the provisions of this Law and the
regulations and decisions issued in implementation thereof.
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Article (9) Disposition of Funds
The Department shall take the necessary actions against any funds collected through donations in breach of the
provisions of this Law and the regulations and decisions issued in implementation thereof, and shall determine
the manner of disposition and the entity to which such funds shall be devolved.
Article (10) Religious Activities
Mosques are the houses of Allah that must be fostered, maintained and not violated. Any of the following
activities shall be performed therein only with the prior approval of the Department in line with such rules,
regulations, and decisions as may be issued by the General Manager:
1. to deliver and arrange lessons, sermons, lectures, seminars and contests;
2. to hold the Holy Quran Memorization Seminars;
3. to arrange religious celebrities and occasions;
4. to interfere in mosque’s affairs, Adhan, Iqama, or Prayers;
5. to distribute Holy Quran, books, brochures, CDs, and audio-visual recordings;
6. to collect donations and subsidies; and
7. any other activities assigned by the Department.
Article (11) Organization of Fatwa
The Department is the competent authority to issue fatwa in the Emirate and may authorize specialized scholars
to issue fatwa in worships, transactions and special cases.
Article (12) Formation of Official Hajj Mission
The General Manager shall issue each year a decision forming the Official Hajj Mission for the Government.
Article (13) Financial Resources
The Department’s financial resources shall be composed of:
1. the subsidies allocated in the Government general budget;
2. Fees and charges of services provided by the Department and approved by the Chairman of the Executive
3. grants, gifts and donations received by the Department and accepted by the General Manger; and
4. any other resources approved by the Executive Council.
Article (14) Rules, Regulations, and Decisions
The Chairman of the Executive Council shall issue the rules and regulations necessary to enforce the provisions
hereof and to regulate the licensing of Charitable Organizations, Islamic Institutions, Holy Quran Memorization
Centres, and the controls necessary to grant and withdraw its licenses and the means of liquidation and
Article (15) Cancellations
1. This Law shall replace Law No. (12) of 2005 on the establishment of the Department of Islamic Affairs and
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Charitable Activities, as amended.
2. Any provision in any other legislation in contrast with or contrary to the provisions hereof shall be repealed.
Article (16) Enforcement of Law
This Law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force as from the date of its issue.
[Signed] Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Ruler of Dubai
Issued in Dubai, dated 10 January 2011 A.D.,
Corresponding to 6 Safar 1432 A.D.
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