International Humanitarian City Licenses Activity List

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International Humanitarian City Licenses’ Activity List


1 Issuance of Licences

1.1 Licences shall be issued by the International Humanitarian City Authority (the ” Authority “) for the
International Humanitarian City (“ IHC ”) in accordance with the License Regulations 2012 , for its
respective licence segments as set out below.

2 Definitions

2.1 Non -Profit Organisations (NPO)
An organisation that operates for the benefit of the humanitarian purposes , not to make profit ,
where all funds earned by the organization are reta ined to help achieve its goals, includ ing
charities and foundations.

2.2 United Nations Agencies
An autonomous organization working with in United Nations charter / resolution or other United
Nations Agencies, through the United Nations Economic and Social council which includes all United
Nations agencies.
2.3 Bilateral Agencies
An institution established by one country governmental agency to promote trade development &
also to provi de aid to required state.
2.4 Multilateral Agencie s Organizations established by intergovernmental agreements and are
independent of interest of any single county member or recipient government; Multilaterals
organizations set their own policies and have their own governance arrangements .

2.5 Commercial Companies, Traders and suppliers
Group of partners or individuals investors invest and to generate profit either dealing in commodity
trading or proving services.

3 Segments and Activities

3.1 IHC’s licence categories are broken down into segments and each segment has a number of
activities and specialties .

3.2 The Authority will not allow any Licensees of IHC Segments to transfer shares in any free zone
limited liability company (“FZ -LLC”) for the first year of incorporation.

4 Listing of Segments and Activities on a Licence

4.1 General Segments, only one activity will be licensed and undertaken from one segment unless a
licensee is specifically authorised to conduct more than one activity from the s ame segment ,
Approval to add the activity subject to the concern authority’s approvals.
4.2 Licensee opt to add more than one activity from another segment, licensee need to pay a dditional
fee as per IHC tariff, approval will be subject to concern authority approval and against to the
business plan propose to add new activity.

5 License Segments for Non profitable and commercial establishment

5.1 Segment 1 : License for Activities under Humanitarian Aid & Relief

Activity 1.1: Humanitarian Aid Material or logistical (Non Food items “NFI”) (DED Class 8532 -10)

Assisting or providing services for humanitarian purposes, in response to a humanitarian crisis,
including both natural and man -made disasters or in general requirements of humanitarian goods or

services requirements for development of the community, Emerg ency relief supplies; including
tents, blankets, food, clothing, medicines, medical equipment, water purification systems, and IT
system needed in response to humanitarian aid or any other equipment’s needed during the
emergencies & disaster occurrences

Activity: 1. 2: Humanitarian Aid Material or logistics (Food items) (DED Class 8532 -11)

Emergency food items or any food items ( e.g. : biscuit , dates, barley, rice, wheat etc. )

Excluding: Fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, beverages, (alcoholic or non -alcoholics) soft drinks

Activity 1.3: Emergency Assistance Services (DED Class 8532 -12)
Emergency assistance services include medical assisting teams, water purification teams, IT
installing teams of communications systems and logistic support services teams.
Activity 1.4: Relief Coordination (DED Class 7512 -01)
Activities include coordination of rescue teams, medical teams, mine -clearance experts, large –
scale population movements and disaster prevention and preparedness activities.
Protection in the form of cash and in kind benefits to persons who are socially excluded or at risk
of social exclusion (such as persons who are destitute, low income earners, immigrants, indigenous
people, refugees, substance abusers, victims of criminals violence etc.,)
Activ ity 1.5: Construction & Rehabilitation (DED Class 4520 -55)

The carrying -out of short -term rehabilitation and reconstruction work (i.e. infrastructure and
equipment) in order to facilitate the arrival of relief, minimize the effect of the crisis and/or
rehabilitate the area

Activity1. 6: Endowment Management and Organization : (DED Class 8531 -02)
Includes firms which manage the charity endowments, granted by owner of the firm themselves or
other for the various charity expenditure, care for these endowments and organize spending their
return on building, development and restorin g mosques or other charity purpose.

Activity 1. 7: Foreign economic aid related services (DED Class 7521 -01)

Public administrative services for economic aid to developing countries, whether or not routed
through international organizations, provided by of fices, bureaux and programme units for non –
military aid programmes to required countries inclusive of support for technical assistance and
training .

Activity 1.8: Computer related solution, soft development IT Infrastructure and networking (DED
Class 7240 -01)

Includes firms specialized in laying the technical foundation of the information technology which
comprises the network, software design, system analysis maintenance and training, offering
consultancy, also includes providing technical services a nd consultancies with respect to
information technology and applications.

5.2 Segment 2: License for Activities under Humanitarian development Services

Activity 2.1: Health care awareness (DED Class 8519 -15)
Awareness of health related workshop, training, conference, seminar, disease detection,
prevention, monitoring, epidemiological data collection, and family planning services

Preparation and dissemination of information on public health matters includes public health
services delivered by special teams t o group of clients, most of who are in good health, at
workplaces, schools or other non -medical setting, public health services not delivered by
medically qualified doctors, public health services laboratories or by any other mean of
communication on its a dvocacy programmes. (It excludes medical analysis laboratories,
laboratories engaged in determining the causes of disease).
Activity 2.2: Economic Development & Microfinance Training & education (DED Class 6592 -10)

Includes supporting the institutions involved in the provision of financial services to low -income
groups who lack access to banks, the micro financing process includes credits, saving, insurance,
fund transfers, which would raise incomes and improve the s tandard of living of such groups helping
them out of poverty

Activity 2.3: Educational Facilit ies Provider (DED Class 9199 -10)

Donate of supply the educational material to schools, universities and/or other institutes who
provides education and training that have been affected by a humanitarian crisis, or providing
scholarships, grants, loans and allowances to support students pursuing education.
Administration and operation of government agencies engaged in applied research and
experimental development r elated to education undertaken by non -government bodies such as
research institute and universities.

Activity 2.4 : Education material Provider (DED Class 9199 -11)

Educational materials include the supply of books, stationary, school bags, school uniforms,
educational equipment (e.g. laboratory and computer equipment) for the purpose of Humanitarian
development services.
Educational Facilities include the supply of services to construct, refurbish and/or maintain schools,
universities and other forms of educational and training institutions.

Activity 2.5 : Soci al Human Values Development Promotion Services (DED Class 8532 -07)

Includes nurturing and uplifting human values through community development initiative, value
based education which encourages harmony communication and dialogue between people of various
cultures and ethnic background, disaster relief with short terms relief and long term rehabilitation
progra m, women and youth empowerment, prison programs for crime prevention and prisoner
rehabilitation, forum for dialogues to create a platform for people to come together to facilitate
conflict resolution and promote peace initiatives

Activity 2.6 : Consultanc y Management information and marketing :

Includes firms specialized in preparing studies and consultancies concerning manpower planning as
well as improving its performance through studying the problem encounter the employee. Those
problems could be techn ical, psychological or behavioural, The process involve analysing the
problem and then seeking the proper solution by means of reporting, advising, consulting,
designing of professional and administrative programs and proposing adequate training to overco me
the employees problems and enhancing their performance

Activity 2.7 : Microfinance Institution support services (DED Class 7512 -01)

Includes supporting the institutions involved in the provision of financial services to low -income
groups who lack access to banks, the micro financing process includes credits, savings, insurance,
fund transfers, which would raise incomes and improve the standard of living of such groups help
them out of poverty .

Activity 2.8 : Human Resources Consultancies (DED Clas s 7414 -06)

Includes activity of listing employment vacancies and referring or placing applications for
employment, where the individual referred or placed are not employees of the employment
agencies, supplying workers to clients businesses for limited pe riods of time to supplement the
working force of the client, and the activities of providing human resources and human resources
management services for others on a contract or fee basis. This division also includes executive
search and placement activitie s and activities for theatrical casting agencies.

Activity 2.9 : Therapeutic Appliances and Equipment (DED Class 8532 -08)
Provision of therapeutic appliances and equipment such as corrective eyeglasses and contact
lenses, hearing aids, glass eyes, artificial limbs, other prosthetic devices, surgical belts, trusses
and supports, neck braces, medical health lamps, powered and u npowered wheelchairs and invalid
carriages, special beds, crutches, electronic and other devices for monitoring blood pressure etc.,
Administration, operation or support of the provision of prescribed therapeutic appliances and

5.3 Segment 3: License for Activities under Environmental & Natural Resources .

Activity 3.1: Natural Resources Management (DED Class 7512 -03)

The provision of programs that consider natural resources in humanitarian programs and the
sustainable use of natural resourc es during a humanitarian crisis. This includes efforts to minimize
and control pollution and encourage waste management and recycling.

Activity 3.2 : Pollution Control (DED Class 7512 -04)

The provision of programs related to advocacy / campaign to contr ol the spread of pollution and/or
minimize the effect of pollution in general.

Activity 3.3 : Waste Management & Recycling (DED Class 7512 -05)

The provision of programs related to promoting recycling and waste management .

Activity 3.4 : Global Climate Change (DED Class 7512 -06)

The provision of programs related to addressing climate change and minimizing the effect of
climate change.
Activity 3.5 : Supplier of Environmental Products and/or Services (DED Class 7512 -07)

The supply of Environmental Products ( e.g. sand bags for flood control) and/or Environmental
Services ( e.g. recycling and waste management) aimed at controlling or preventing environmental

5.4 Segment 4: License for Activities of Agriculture & its products : It includes the activities related to
plant production, tress, filed crops, vegetable and flowers

Activity 4.1: Growing of cereals and other Crops (DED Class 0111 -00)
Including cultivating filed crops such wheat, barley, corn, legumes and other for development of
economy and support to particular country.

Activity 4.2: Soil Preparation and Irrigation (DED Class 0140 -01)
Includes soil preparation services, levelling and tillage by mean of agriculture equipment and
machinery, fertilizatio n by natural and artificial fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, designing
suitable irrigation system, executing the necessary works and installation the respective equipment
Activity 4.3 Irrigation/drainage, conservation (DED Class 7513 -01)

The provision of programs for irrigation/drainage and conservation.
Activity 4.4 : Agribusiness development under Agriculture (DED
Class7513 -02) :
Includes cultivation file s p rovision of program for agribusiness development.
Activity 4. 5: Supplier of Agricultural Products and/or Equipment : (DED Class 7513 -03)
Suppl ying of agricultural products (e .g. fertilizers, crops, seeds) and/or equipment (e .g. irrigation

5.5 Segment 7: License for Logistics, warehouse management and overseas international freight
services .

Activity 7.1: Logistic (DED Class 6301 -06)

The provision of storage, logistical support and coordinate on transportation, customs clearance
services for emergency relief goods .

Activity 7.2: Air Cargo (DED Class 6304 -10)

Includes agents of international airlines who are engaged in air cargo operations, They are
authorized to reserve spaces for import export or re -export of goods

Activity 7.3 : Shipping Line agents (DED Class 6304 -03)

Includes agents of maritime navigati on lines authorized to reserve places and sell tickets to
passengers, It also includes travels offices involved in the same activity as intermediaries, This
activity also includes the provision of communication services needed for airline, other travel
mea ns or hotel booking as well as car rental reservation

Activity 7.4: Land Transport Agent (DED Class 6304 -14)

Includes firms engaged in brokerage between their agents and the owners of the means of land
transport, including undertaking contracts signing on behalf of principal against commission.

Activity 7.5: Warehouse management and warehouse handling service :

Supplies of warehouse equipment, warehouse managements & relates services

5.6 Segment 8 : Licence under the Service Provider and Consultancy is restricted to persons or
organisations that are currently licensed to undertake that particular activity by the relevant
authority in Dubai or elsewh ere in the United Arab Emirates :

Activity 8.1: Legal Consultants (DED Class 7411 -02)

Includes offices and firms which offer Consultancies and prepare legal study , lawsuits and the legal
questions submitted thereto, (However, they are not entitled to assume the defence before
courts in this regard.)

Activity 8.2: Lawyers and Advocates (DED Class 7411 -01)

Includes firms licensed to assume the defence in the cases files with court, They also offer
consultancy and draw up legal studies of the lawsuits and the legal questions submitted to them
Activity 8.3: Auditing of Accounts (DED Class 7412 -01)

Practicing accounting services and qualified to audit accounts of companies and firms and make
comprehensive examination and auditing of all kinds of accounts, records and accounting books of
an establishment, the outcome of its business, and reports on its financial position. These offices
are also specialized in all accounting services and consultancies.
Activity 8.4: Accounting & Bookkeeping (DED Class 7412 -02)

Offices specialized services for designing the ac counting systems for companies and firms, designing
accounting documents, managing records and books, setting documentary cycles or other
accounting processes. These offices offer services against fixed fees, but may not examine or audit
Activiti es 8.5: Conferences and Seminars Organizing (DED Class 7499 -22)

Firms which are offer ing conference and symposium to organize and administ rate the services to
the governments, no t for profit agencies or private bodies. These services include the activities and
measures necessary for holding conferences and symposia such as receiving the participants,
organ izing their residences, travel s and arranging the venue for the functions and pro viding with
other necessary facilities .

5.7 Segment 9: Licences under the General Service Provid ing food and other necessary items.

Activity 9.1: Kiosk: (DED Class 5252 -12)

General goods suppliers, (such as refreshments, gifts, magazines, newspapers, cigarettes,
chocolates, non -alcoholic drinks, fruits, toys & others)

Activity 9.2 : Restaurant : (DED Class 5520 -01)

Includes restaurants equipped with the suitable installations to prepare and service Food , snacks
inside, as well as various beverages for m immediate consumption by the public

Activity 9.3: Coffee Shop (DED Class 5520 -02)
Includes shops sell coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks, biscuits and certain sweet cakes and ice -creams
to the public

Activity 9.4: Cafeteria (DED Class 5520 -03)

Includes cafeterias that sell snacks, juices and beverages to the public

5.8 Segment 10: This category includes the activities represented in the management services or
business services such as legal, accounting, technical consultancy
Activity 10.1 : Insurance agent r (DED Class 6720 -02)
Insurance companies
Activity 10.2 : Courier Services / Parcels Delivery (DED Class 6411 -05)

Inclu des delivering well wrapped parcels in specific weight and dimensions of 1.5 metres at most,
as well as providing courier services.
Activity 10.3 : General Sales agents ( Traveling )(DED Class 6304 -1)

Includes agents of international airlines authorized to reserve passengers seats, sell travel tickets,
this also includes travel offices involved in the same activities intermediaries as well as carrying
related services, such as hotel, booking rental etc. .,

Activity 10.4 : Car rental (DED Class 7111 -05)

Includes firms specialized in providing passenger transport services by taxi, lease cars with or
without drivers,

Activity 10.5: Stationery , Drawing & Writing Instruments Trading . (DED Class 5139 -04)
Stationery items (such as copying and writing paper, notebooks, record books, various types of pens
and pencils, rulers, sharpeners, paper perforators, paper clipping requisites, ready stamps,
typewriters ribbons and other stationary materials, drawing re quisites including geometrical
drawing pencils, decorative pens, rulers, triangular rulers, colours, colour pencils, ink, drawing
paper and others.)
Activity 10.6 : Pharmacy ( DED Class 5139 -67)
A specialized facility licensed to sell and prepare registered drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical
supplies and dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical prescription, according to the laws
and regulations issued by competent authority of UAE. It is supervised by a licensed pharmacist who
works permanently in the pharmacy

Activity 10.7: Commercial banks (DED Class 6519 -01)
Includes firms which regularly received money form the public in the form of call notice or time
deposits, or invest loan instruments or deposit certificates to use them partially or fully in the
granting of loans and advances of their account and on their own responsibility, This also includes
firms whic h issues and received cheques introduce public and private loans, trade in foreign
currencies or precious metals, open documentary credits, exchange travel cheques and carry out
other banking operations provided for by the commercial law or have been estab lished as
operations pertaining to commercial banks.
Activity 10.8 : Documents Clearing Services (DED Class 7499 -06)
Includes a firm which undertakes to submit commercial and personal documents belongs to others
to government and non -government bodies and following up these documents pending finalization
of their formalities.
Activity 10.9 : Custom Broker ( DED Class 6301 -01)

Includes legal or natural persons engaged in preparing customs declaration and submitting to
customs authorities to clear the goods of other.
Activity 10.11 : General Warehousing ( DED Class 6302 -03)
Maintaining and managing warehouse, provide space to stor e the cargo, provide services for packing
or related warehouse services.

Note: All above activities are subject to obtaining appropriate license d from authority or would
approval from relevant authority of UAE.

5.9 Segment 11: Services or trading under the licenses are new or used vehicles , spare parts,
maintenance of equipment, vehicles and general machineries or related services.

Activity 11.1: Auto Spare parts and Components Trading (DED Class 5030 -01 ):

Includes reselling spare parts and to use fully or partially in repairing and maintaining motor
vehicles, buses, trucks and trailers and other relevant requisite including oils, paint etc.

Activity 11.2: Fleet Vehicles Management , ( DED Class 6303 -22)

Includes managing the fleet vehicles, expect buses, for different corporation by staff specialized
and familiar with all the traffic regulations.

Note: Repair of vehicles only for those which being purchase under authority issued license and
managed or repair for export purposes.

6. Coordination and Liaison offices, R egional Head Quarters
Regional branch office that provide and coordinate the administrati ve and customer service
activities for the companies within its sphere of influence. Such a company promotes the products
and services of its parent company and facilitates the conclusion of commercial contractual
agreements between the company and its cli ents. However, such a company may not carry out any
trading activity from the Zone.
Activity 6.1.1: Representative Office (DED Class 5110 -06)
The office establish in Dubai by any international company or enterprise to represent it in the UAE
in order to promote its products and services, boost business or facilitate commercial agreements
between the principal the customers, such office is not allowed to carry out any trading activity nor
enter into commercial transaction and deals by itself .
Activity 6.1. 2: Office of international organization (DED Class 9900 -01)
Includes offices founded by the international organization or bodies or the affiliated centres
and institutions, with a view for steering some of their activities outside the country or making th e
same liaison office to prepare for their activities in the region or top the data and information
necessary for the practice of the different activities.
Activity 6.1.3: Social and humanitarian representative office ( DED Class 5110 -31)
Managing orphanages , social clubs (providing food, shelter and other necessary day to day need to
those children who lost their parents or do not have any guardian to take care of them) which
provide general humanitarian training and awareness programme which are n on -political and non –

This Decision shall commence into effect on the date of its issuance.

Issues date: 00 / Aug / 2012