Law No. 6

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  • Country: United Arab Emirates
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Issue (322)-Year (41) – Jumada Al -Awwal 15, 1428 A.H. -May 31, 2007 A.D.
Law no. (6) of 2007
The Establishment of the International Humanitarian City (IHC)
We, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai,
Enacted the following Law: Article (1)
This Law shall be named ” Law no. (6) of 2007 Concerning the Establishment of
the International Humanitarian City (IHC) ”
Article ( 2)
The following words and phrases shall have the meanings assigned thereto, unless the
context otherwise indicates:
Ruler : His Highness the Ruler of Dubai

Emirate : The Emirate of Dubai

Government : The Government of Dubai

IHC : The International Humanitarian City

Authority : The authority of the IHC

Board : The board of directors of the Authority

Chairman : The chairman of the Board

CEO : The chief executive officer of the Authority

Establishments : The IHC ‘s individual establishments as well as the charitable ,
humanitarian, environmental or public -benefit companies, institutions,
bodies and organizations and branches thereof , or any other legal entity
that is established in the IHC and licensed to engage in
any of the
licensed activities whether by way of material or moral assistance,
technical or administr ative expertise or investment in the funds allocated
for any of the licensed activities.

Article (3)
1. Under the provisions of this Law, a city named ” The International Humanitarian
City (IHC) ” shall be established with its HQ located at Dubai. All of the IHC’s
Establishments shall be founded on the land area granted by the Government, whose

Issue (322)-Year (41) – Jumada Al -Awwal 15, 1428 A.H. -May 31, 2007 A.D.
boundaries are defined on the map attached hereto. The IHC may practice its activities
outside the Emirate.
2. Within the IHC ‘s boundaries, a free zone and an administrative area shall be
established ; and the Authority shall determine their location, area and boundaries . The
free zone and administrative area shall report to the Authority and follow its
Article (4)
The IHC shall have an advisory board. The members of the advisory board shall be
appointed under a decree issued by the Ruler, which shall define the advisory board’s
duties and number of members.
Article (5)
1. Under the provisions of this Law , an authority named ” The Authority of the
International Humanitarian City (IHC) ” shall be established. The Authority shall
have a financially and administratively independent juridical personality, with full
legal competence to enter into contract s with third parties . In this capacity, hence, a
lawsuit may be filed by or against the Authority , and the latter may authorize any
person to handle the judicial proceedings on its behalf.
2. The Authority shall lay down its bylaws, strategic and operational plans,
procedures and structure. The Authority may establish any affiliated body or entit y
that is necessary for the performance of the Authority’s duties and functions and
achievement of the IHC’s objectives.
Article (6)
The IHC shall aim to s upport, encourage and develop charitable , humanitarian,
peaceful and environmental activities and services through attracting and licensing
efficient Establishments that are specialized in that area, without prejudice to t he
applicable laws in the Emirate.
For the purpose s of this Article, coordination shall be made between the IHC and the
Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD ) with regard to the
licensing of charities.
Article (7)
a. The Authority shall be managed by a board of directors comprising a Chairman, a
Deputy Chairman and seven (7) members to be appointed under a decree issued by
the Ruler.
b. The Board shall assume its duties according to special bylaws to be issued by the

Issue (322)-Year (41) – Jumada Al -Awwal 15, 1428 A.H. -May 31, 2007 A.D.
Article (8)
a. The Chairman shall undertake the following duties and powers:
1. Coordinate with various institutions, ministries and governmental departments
inside the Emirate for achieving the IHC’s objectives.
2. Issue rules, regulations and resolutions necessary for executing the provisions
of this Law.
3. Pass resolutions concerning the establishment of departments, councils,
institutions or any other entities necessary for achieving the IHC’s objectives .
4. Appoint, remove, dismiss and replace the board members of any of the IHC’s
institutions and Establishments or other councils or entities that are established
under this Law; as well as define and set their duties, terms of membership
and remunerations.
5. Appoint the CEO and administrative apparatus of the Authority.
b. The Chairman may entrust some of his duties and powers set out herein to any
member of the Board.
Article (9)
The Board shall undertake the following duties and powers :
1. Lay down the IHC’s general policies and strategic plans and , after they are
approved by the Chairman, work on implementing them.
2. Provide infrastructure, buildings and administrative, commercial and any other
services and work on providing an appropriate environment that is regulated
from administrative, technical, legal and other sides for assisting the licensed
Establishments to assume their activities.
3. Join international entities and organizations that are relevant to the IHC’s
objectives and take part in, or provide assistance to, any activities,
foundations, organizations or institutions whose objectives are similar to those
of the IHC.
4. Supervise , or participate in, the organization of conferences and events
relating to the fields or sectors targeted by the IHC.
5. Participate and invest in, and establish, foundations, companies and
institutions that the IHC owns in whole or in common with third parties,
whether inside or outside the Emirate.
6. Possess and own assets, lands and other movables and im movables, and
invest, sell or lease them; and develop projects that are necessary for achieving
the IHC’s objectives.
7. Obtain loans, finance and financial facilities that the IHC needs to assume its
activities through local and international banks and financial institution,
including to mortgage assets and immovables and provide necessary
guarantees for them.

Issue (322)-Year (41) – Jumada Al -Awwal 15, 1428 A.H. -May 31, 2007 A.D.
Article (10)
The Authority shall have a CEO and an administrative apparatus to be appointed by
the Chairman.
Article (11)
The CEO shall undertake the following duties and powers :
1. Supervise the activities and services provided by the Establishments
2. Represent the Authority and make signature in its name and on its behalf with
regard to all contracts, dispositions and transactions particularly financial
3. Draft rules, regulations and resolutions necessary for regulating the Authority
and its activities and services and the fees it r eceives, and submit them to the
Chairman for approval.
4. License the Establishments and their activities according to relevant rules,
regulations and resolutions .
5. Prepare a draft balance sheet for every financial year, including rate policies ,
and submit them to the Chairman for approval .
6. In participation with the Chairman , open and manage bank accounts inside and
outside the Emirate.
7. Prepare organizational, administrative and financial structures of the
Authority; and issue decisions on the creating of the records necessary for the
Authority ‘s activities.
8. Propose activities, projects and strategies that are necessary for implementing
the Authority’s work plans; and take actions necessary for putting such

activities, projects and strategies into action.
Article (1 2)
Every Establishment shall adhere to the following controls and requirements:
1. Not limit its activities to certain sect, race, region or country.
2. Enable the CEO to monitor and review its activities, funds and financial
3. Provide the CEO with the names and data of all of its employees and staff.
4. Submit its work system and regulations to the Board.
5. Not assign its license to whatsoever third party unless such assignment is
approved by the Board.
6. Provide the Board with regular periodic reports on its activities.
7. Provide the Board with a copy of its balance sheet and final accounts ,
approved by a certified auditor .
Article (1 3)

Issue (322)-Year (41) – Jumada Al -Awwal 15, 1428 A.H. -May 31, 2007 A.D.
Except in case of fraud or abuse of power , neither the Chairman, any member of the
Board, the CEO nor any employee of the Authority shall be held accountable vis -à -vis
any third party with regard to the management of the Authority .
Article (1 4)
The Establishments and their employees and staff shall not be subject to tax, including
income tax, on their activities inside the IHC and shall be exempted from any
restrictions on transfer of assets, profits or wages in any currency to any destination
outside the IHC or the Emirate.
Article (15)
The Authority and the IHC’s Establishments shall be exempted from all customs
duties on all imports and procurements including equipment, materials, goods,
products, etc. that the IHC or its Establishments need for assuming their activities or
achieving their objectives.
Article (16)
It is impermissible to provide or trade or deal in any services, products or goods that
are deemed prohibited under a resolution issued by the Board , including those
services , products and goods that disagree with public order or involve unfair
competition .
Article (17)
In order to organize its accounts and records, the Authority shall apply the
internationally recognized business accounting
principles . The financial year shall
start on January 1 and ends on December 31 of every year. However, the first
financial year shall start from the issuance date of this Law and ends on December 31
of the same year.
Article (18)
The financial resources of the Authority shall comprise the following:
1. Registration fees ; license issuance, renewal and alteration fees; and any other
fees or amounts collected by the Authority in return for its services and
2. Returns of the various investments that the Authority makes or takes part in.
3. Revenues generated from the sale, lease and investment of the IHC’s real
4. Grants and donations given by the Government or any entity, institution,
organization, person or individual.
Article (19)

Issue (322)-Year (41) – Jumada Al -Awwal 15, 1428 A.H. -May 31, 2007 A.D.
Any legal provision that contradicts the provisions of this Law shall be repealed .
Article ( 20)
This Law shall come into force as of its issuance date, and shall be published in the
Official Gazette.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al -Maktoum

Ruler of Dubai

Issued in Dubai on March 4, 2007 A.D. – Safar 15, 1428 A.H.