Busan Partnership

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1.! We,! Heads! of! State,! Ministers! and! representatives! of! developing! and! developed! countries,!
heads! of! multilateral! and! bilateral! institutions,! representatives! of! different! types! of! public,! civil!
society,! private,! parliamentary,! local! and! regional! organisations! meeting! here! in! Busan,! Republic! of!
Korea,! recognise! that! we! are! united! by! a! new! partnership! that! is! broader! and! more! inclusive! than!
ever!before,!founded!on!shared!principles, !common!goals!and!differe ntial!commitments!for!effective!
international!development. !
2.! The! nature,! modalities! and! responsibilities! that! apply! to! South CSouth! co Coperation! differ!
from! those! that! apply! to! North CSouth! co Coperation.! At! the! same! time,! we! recognise! that! we! are! all!
part! o f! a! development! agenda! in! which! we! participate! on! the! basis! of! common! goals! and! shared!
principles.! In! this! context,! we! encourage! increased! efforts! to! support! effective! co Coperation! based!
on! our! specific! country! situations.! The! principles,! commitments! and! a ctions! agreed! in! the! outcome!
document!in!Busan!shall!be!the!reference!for!South CSouth!partners!on!a!voluntary!basis. !
3.! The!world!stands!at!a!critical!juncture!in!global!development.!Poverty!and!inequality!remain!
the! central! challenge.! The! Millennium! Decla ration! sets! out! our! universal! mandate! for! development!
and,! with! the! target! date! for! the! Millennium! Development! Goals! less! than! four! years! away,! the!
is! paramo unt.! Moreover,! the! Declaration! identifies! that! promoting! human! rights,! democracy! and!
good! governance! are! an! integral! part! of! our! development! efforts.! Nowhere! are! our! development!
goals!more!urgent!than!in!fragile!and!conflict Caffected!states.!Political!will !is!vital!if!these!challenges!
are!to!be!addressed. !
4.! As! we! reaffirm! our! development! commitments,! we! realise! that! the! world! has! changed!
profoundly!since!development!co Coperation!began!over!60!years!ago.!Economic,!political,!social!and!
technological! develop ments! have! revolutionised! the! world! in! which! we! live.! Yet! poverty,! inequality!
and! hunger! persist.! Eradicating! poverty! and! tackling! the! global! and! regional! challenges! that! have!
adverse! effects! on! the! citizens! of! developing! countries! are! central! to! ensuring! the! achievement! of!
the! Millennium! Development! Goals! and! a! more! robust! and! resilient! global! economy! for! all.! Our!
success! depends! on! the! results! and! impact! of! our! joint! efforts! and! investments! as! we! address!
challenges! such! as! health! pandemics,! climate! change ,! economic! downturns,! food! and! fuel! price!
crises,!conflict,!fragility!and!vulnerability!to!shocks!and!natural!disasters. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
5.! We! also! have! a! more! complex! architecture! for! development! co Coperation,! characterised! by!
a!greater!number!of!state!and!non Cstate!acto rs,!as!well!as!co Coperation!among!countries!at!different!
stages!in!their!development,!many!of!them!middle Cincome!countries.!South CSouth!and!triangular!co C
operation,! new! forms! of! public Cprivate! partnership,! and! other! modalities! and! vehicles! for!
development! have!become!more!prominent,!complementing!North CSouth!forms!of!co Coperation.! !
6.! International! development! co Coperation! has! achieved! many! positive! results.! When! we! met!
in! Monterrey! a! decade! ago,! we! recognised! that! increases! in! volumes! of! financing! for! deve lopment!
must! be! coupled! with! more! effective! action! to! generate! sustainable! and! transparent! results! for! all!
citizens.! Our! dialogue! in! Busan! builds! on! the! foundations! laid! by! previous! High !Level! Fora,! which!
have!been!proven!to!remain!relevant ,!and!which!have !helped!to!improve!the!quality!of!development!
co Coperation.! Yet! we! recognise! that! progress! has! been! uneven! and! neither! fast! nor! far Creaching!
enough.! We! each! reaffirm! our! respective! commitments! and! will! implement! in! full! the! actions! to!
which!we!have!already !agreed.! !
7.! We!can!and!must!improve!and!accelerate!our!efforts.!We!commit!to!modernise,!deepen!and!
broaden! our! co Coperation,! involving! state! and! non Cstate! actors! that! wish! to! shape! an! agenda! that!
has!until!recently!been!dominated!by!a!narrower!group!of!de velopment!actors.!In!Busan,!we!forge!a!
new! global! development! partnership! that! embraces! diversity! and! recognises! the! distinct! roles! that!
all!stakeholders!in!co Coperation!can!play!to!support!development. !
8.! Our! partnership! is! founded! on! a! common! set! of! prin ciples! that! underpin! all! forms! of!
development! co Coperation.! At! the! same! time,! we! recognise! that! the! ways! in! which! these! principles!
of! public! and! private! sta keholders! involved.! Lessons! should! be! shared! by! all! who! participate! in!
development! co Coperation.! We! welcome! the! opportunities! presented! by! diverse! approaches! to!
development! co Coperation,! such! as! South CSouth! co Coperation,! as! well! as! the! contribution! of! civi l!
society! organisations! and! private! actors;! we! will! work! together! to! build! on! and! learn! from! their!
achievements!and!innovations,!recognising!their!unique!characteristics!and!respective!merits. !
9.! Sustainable! development! results! are! the! end! goal! of! our! comm itments! to! effective! co C
operation.! While! development! co Coperation! is! only! part! of! the! solution,! it! plays! a! catalytic! and!
indispensable! role! in! supporting! poverty! eradication,! social! protection,! economic! growth! and!
sustainable! development.! We! reaffirm! our! r espective! commitments! to! scale! up! development! co C
operation.!More!effective!co Coperation!should!not!lead!to!a!reduction!in!resources!for!development.!
Over! time,! we! will! aim! to! increase! independence! from! aid,! always! taking! into! account! the!
consequences! for! t he! poorest! people! and! countries.! In! this! process,! it! is! essential! to! examine! the!
interdependence! and! coherence! of! all! public! policies! t!not! just! development! policies! t!to! enable!
countries!to!make!full!use!of!the!opportunities!presented!by!international!inv estment!and!trade,!and!
to!expand!their!domestic!capital!markets.! !
10. ! As! we! partner! to! increase! and! reinforce! development! results,! we! will! take! action! to!
facilitate,! leverage! and! strengthen! the! impact! of! diverse! sources! of! finance! to! support! sustainable!
an d! inclusive! development,! including! taxation! and! domestic! resource! mobilisation,! private!
investment,!aid!for!trade,!philanthropy,!non Cconcessional!public!funding!and!climate!change!finance.!
At! the! same! time,! new! financial! instruments,! investment! options,! te chnology! and! knowledge !
sharing,!and!public Cprivate!partnerships!are!called!for. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
Shared’principles’to’achieve’common’goals ‘
11. ! As! we! embrace! the! diversity! that! underpins! our! partnership! and! the! catalytic! role! of!
development! co Coperation,! we! share! common! principles! which! t!consistent! with! our! agreed!
international! commitments! on! human! rights,! decent! work,! gender! equality,! environmental!
sustainability!and!disability !t!form!the!foundation!of!our!co Coperation!for!effective!development: !
a) Ownership* of* development* priorities* by* developing* countries.* Partnerships! for!
development! can! only! succeed! if! they! are! led! by! developing! countries,! implementing!
approaches!that!are!tailored!to!country Cspecific!situations!and!needs.! !
b) Focus* on* results.* Our! i nvestments! and! efforts! must! have! a! lasting! impact! on! eradicating!
poverty! and! reducing! inequality,! on! sustainable! development,! and! on! enhancing!
?o}?]vP }?v??]?[ ?]?]?U o]Pv ?]?Z ?Z ??]}?]?]? v ?}o]]? ?? }?? ?
developing!countries!themse lves. !
c) Inclusive*development*partnerships. !Openness,!trust,!and!mutual!respect!and!learning!lie!at!
the! core! of! effective! partnerships! in! support! of! development! goals,! recognising! the!
different!and!complementary!roles!of!all!actors. !
d) Transparency*and*accounta bility*to*each*other. !Mutual!accountability!and!accountability!to!
the! intended! beneficiaries! of! our! co Coperation,! as! well! as! to! our! respective! citizens,!
organisations,! constituents! and! shareholders,! is! critical! to! delivering! results.! Transparent!
practices! form!the!basis!for!enhanced!accountability. !
12. ! These!shared!principles!will!guide!our!actions!to:! !
a) Deepen,!extend!and!operationalise!the!democratic!ownership!of!development!policies!and!
processes .!
b) Strengthen! our! efforts! to! achieve! concrete! and! sustainable !results.! This! involves! better!
managing! for! results,! monitoring,! evaluating! and! communicating! progress;! as! well! as!
scaling! up! our! support,! strengthening! national! capacities! and! leveraging! diverse! resources!
and!initiatives!in!support!of!development!results .!
c) Broaden! support! for! South CSouth! and! triangular! co Coperation,! helping! to! tailor! these!
horizontal!partnerships!to!a!greater!diversity!of!country!contexts!and!needs .!
d) Support! developing! countries! in! their! efforts! to! facilitate,! leverage! and! strengthen! the!
imp act!of!diverse!forms!of!development!finance!and!activities,!ensuring!that!these!diverse!
forms!of!co Coperation!have!a!catalytic!effect!on!development. !
13. ! We! recognise! the! urgency! with! which! these! actions! must! be! implemented.! Beginning!
implementation! now! t!or! accelerating! efforts! where! they! are! ongoing! t!is! essential! if! our! renewed!
approach! to! partnership! is! to! have! the! maximum! possible! impact! on! the! realisation! of! the!
Millennium! Development! Goals! by! 2015,! as! well! as! on! development! results! over! the! longer! te rm.!
We! will! hold! each! other! accountable! for! implementing! our! respective! actions! in! developing!
countries! and! at! the! international! level.! As! we! focus! on! implementing! our! commitments! at! the!
country! level,! we! will! form! a! new,! inclusive! Global! Partne rship! for! E ffective! Development! Co C
operation!to!support!implementation!at!the!political!level. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
Realising/change:/ Complementary/actions/to/reach/common/goals /
Inclusion’of’new’actors’on’the’basis’of’shared’principles’and’differential’commitments ‘
14. ! d}?[? }u?o? ? hitecture! for! development! co Coperation! has! evolved! from! the! North C
South! paradigm.! Distinct! from! the! traditional! relationship! between! aid! providers! and! recipients,!
developing! nations! and! a! number! of! emerging! economies! have! become! important! providers! of!
Sout hCSouth! development! co Coperation.! They! remain! developing! countries! and! still! face! poverty! at!
home.! As! such,! they! remain! eligible! to! benefit! from! development! co Coperation! provided! by! others,!
yet! they! have! increasingly! taken! upon! themselves! the! responsibilit y! to! share! experiences! and! co C
operate! with! other! developing! countries.! The! Paris! Declaration! did! not! address! the! complexity! of!
these! new! actors,! while! the! Accra! Agenda! for! Action! recognised! their! importance! and! specificities.!
While! North CSouth! co Coperation !remains! the! main! form! of! development! co Coperation,! South CSouth!
co Coperation! continues! to! evolve,! providing! additional! diversity! of! resources! for! development.! At!
Busan,!we!now!all!form!an!integral!part!of!a!new!and!more!inclusive!development!agenda,!in!whi ch!
these! actors! participate! on! the! basis! of! common! goals,! shared! principles! and! differential!
commitments.! On! this! same! basis,! we! welcome! the! inclusion! of! civil! society,! the! private! sector! and!
other!actors. !
Improving’the’quality’and’effectiveness’of’develop ment’co :operation ‘
15. ! Progress! has! been! made! in! advancing! the! aid! effectiveness! agenda,! yet! major! challenges!
persist.!Evidence!has!shown!that! t!despite!the!challenges!encountered!in!the!implementation!of!our!
respective! commitments! t!many! of! the! principles! underpinning! the! Paris! Declaration! on! Aid!
effective!development!co Coperation. !
16. ! We! will! sustain! our! high Clevel! political! leadership! to! ensure! that! the! comm itments! made!
in! full.! A! growing! range! of! actors! t!includ ing! middle Cincome! countries,! partners!of! South CSouth! and!
triangular!co Coperation!and!civil!society!organisations! t!have!joined!others!to!forge!a!broader,!more!
inclusive! agenda! since! Paris! and! Accra,! embracing! their! respective! and! different! commitments!
alon gside!shared!principles. !
17. ! Drawing! on! the! evidence! generated! through! periodic! monitoring! and! the! independent!
priority! needs! of! developing! countries,! an d! will! make! the! urgently! needed! changes! to! improve! the!
effectiveness!of!our!partnerships!for!development. !
Ownership,*results*and*accountability *
18. ! Together,!we!will!increase!our!focus!on!development!results.!T o!this!end: !
a) ?o}?]vP }?v??]?[ ((}??? v plans! to! strengthen! core! institutions! and! policies! will! be!
supported! through! approaches! that! aim! to! manage! t!rather! than! avoid! t!risk,! including!
through! the! development! of! joint! risk! management! frameworks! with! providers! of!
development!co Coperation. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
b) Where! i nitiated! by! the! developing! country,! transparent,! country Cled! and! country Clevel!
results! frameworks! and! platforms!will! be! adopted! as! a! common!tool! among! all!concerned!
actors! to! assess! performance! based! on! a! manageable! number! of! output! and! outcome!
indicators! drawn! from! the! development! priorities! and! goals! of! the! developing! country.!
Providers! of! development! co Coperation! will! minimise! their! use! of! additional! frameworks,!
refraining! from! requesting! the! introduction! of! performance! indicators! that! are! not!
consistent !?]?Z}?v??]?[v?]}vo?o}?uv?????P]?X !
c) We! will! partner! to! implement! a! global! Action! Plan! to! enhance! capacity! for! statistics! to!
monitor! progress,! evaluate! impact,! ensure! sound,! results Cfocused! public! sector!
management,!and!highlight!strategic!iss ues!for!policy!decisions. !
d) As! we! deepen! our! efforts! to! ensure! that! mutual! assessment! reviews! are! in! place! in! all!
developing! countries,! we! encourage! the! active! participation! of! all! development! co C
operation!actors!in!these!processes. !
e) Pursuant! to! the! Accra! Age nda! for! Action,! we! will! accelerate! our! efforts! to! untie! aid.! We!
will,! in! 2012,! review! our! plans! to! achieve! this.! In! addition! to! increasing! value! for! money,!
untying! can! present! opportunities! for! local! procurement,! business! development,!
employment! and! income !generation! in! developing! countries.! We! will! improve! the! quality,!
consistency!and!transparency!of!reporting!on!the!tying!status!of!aid. !
19. ! dZ??v???vP?Zv]vP}(?o}?]vP}?v??]?[????u??u]v?v??o?}}??((}????}
build! effective! institu tions.! We! will! build! on! our! respective! commitments! set! out! in! the! Paris!
Declaration!and!Accra!Agenda!for!Action!to: !
a) Use! country! systems! as! the! default! approach! for! development! co Coperation! in! support! of!
activities! managed! by! the! public! sector,! working! with !and! respecting! the! governance!
structures!of!both!the!provider!of!development!co Coperation!and!the!developing!country. !
b) Assess!jointly!country!systems!using!mutually!agreed!diagnostic!tools.!Based!on!the!results!
of! these! assessments,! providers! of! developmen t! co Coperation!will! decide!on! the! extent!to!
the! provider! of! development! co Coperation! will! state! the! reasons! for! non Cuse,! and! will!
discuss! with! government! what! would! be! required! to! move! towards! full! use,! including! any!
necessary! assistance! or! changes! for! the! strengthening! of! systems.! The! use! and!
strengthening! of! country! systems! should! be! placed! within! the! overall! context! of! national!
capacity!development!for!sustainable! outcomes. !
20. ! We!must!accelerate!our!efforts!to!achieve!gender!equality!and!the!empowerment!of!women!
through! development! programmes! grounded! in! country! priorities,! recognising! that! gender! equality!
v ?}uv[? u?}??uv? ? ?]?]o ?} Z]?]vP ?o}?u nt! results.! Reducing! gender!
we!redouble!our!efforts!to!implement!existing!commitments!we!will: !
a) Accelerate!and!deepen!efforts!to!collect,!disseminate,!har monise!and!make!full!use!of!data!
disaggregated! by! sex! to! inform! policy! decisions! and! guide! investments,! ensuring! in! turn!
that!public!expenditures!are!targeted!appropriately!to!benefit!both!women!and!men. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
b) /v?P?? ??P?? (}? Pv? ??o]?? v ?}uv[? empowerment! in! accountability!
mechanisms,!grounded!in!international!and!regional!commitments. !
c) ??? Pv? ??o]?? v ?}uv[? u?}??uv? ]v oo ???? }( }?? ?o}?uv?
efforts,!including!peacebuilding!and!statebuilding. !
21. ! Parliaments!and!local!go vernments!play!critical!roles!in!linking!citizens!with!government,!and!
in!ensuring!broad C?vu}??]}?v??Z]?}(}?v??]?[?o}?uv?Pv?Xd}(]o]??
their!contribution,!we!will: !
a) Accelerate! and! deepen! the! implementation! of! existing! commi tments! to! strengthen! the!
role! of! parliaments! in! the! oversight! of! development! processes,! including! by! supporting!
capacity!development! t!backed!by!adequate!resources!and!clear!action!plans. !
b) Further! support! local! governments! to! enable! them!to! assume! more! full y!their!roles!above!
and!beyond!service!delivery,!enhancing!participation!and!accountability!at!the!sub Cnational!
levels. !
22. ! Civil! society!organisations! (CSOs)! play! a! vital! role! in! enabling! people! to! claim! their! rights,! in!
promoting! rights Cbased! approaches, !in! shaping! development! policies! and! partnerships,! and! in!
overseeing! their! implementation.! They! also! provide! services! in! areas! that! are! complementary! to!
those!provided!by!states.!Recognising!this,!we!will: !
a) Implement! fully! our! respective! commitments! to! enab le! CSOs! to! exercise! their! roles! as!
independent! development! actors,! with! a! particular! focus! on! an! enabling! environment ,!
consistent! with !agreed! international! rights, !that! maximises! the! contributions! of! CSOs! to!
development. !
b) Encourage! CSOs! to! implement! pra ctices! that! strengthen! their! accountability! and! their!
contribution! to! development! effectiveness,! guided! by! the! Istanbul! Principles! and! the!
International!Framework!for!CSO!Development!Effectiveness. !
Transparent*and*responsible*co =operation *
23. ! We! will! work! to! improve! the! availability! and! public! accessibility! of! information! on!
development! co Coperation! and! other! development! resources,! building! on! our! respective!
commitments!in!this!area.!To!this!end,!we!will: !
a) Make! the! full! range! of! information! on! publicly! funde d! development! activities,! their!
financing,! terms! and! conditions,! and! contribution! to! development! results,! publicly!
available !subject!to! legitimate !concerns!about!commercially!sensitive!information .!
b) Focus,! at! the! country! level,! on! establishing! transparent! public !financial! management! and!
aid! information! management! systems,! and! strengthen! the! capacities! of! all! relevant!
stakeholders! to! make! better! use! of! this! information! in! decision Cmaking! and! to! promote!
accountability. !
c) Implement! a! common,! open! standard! for! electron ic! publication! of! timely,! comprehensive!
and! forward Clooking! information! on! resources! provided! through! development! co C

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
operation,! taking! into! account! the! statistical! reporting! of! the! OECD CDAC! and! the!
complementary! efforts! of! the! International! Aid! Transparenc y! Initiative! and! others.! This!
standard! must! meet! the! information! needs! of! developing! countries! and! non Cstate! actors,!
consistent! with! national! requirements.! We! will! agree! on! this! standard! and! publish! our!
respective! schedules! to! implement! it! by! December! 2012 ,! with! the! aim! of! implementing! it!
fully!by!December!2015. !
24. ! We!will!also!work!to!make!development!co Coperation!more!predictable!in!its!nature.!To!this!
end: !
a) Those! of! us! who! committed,! through! the! Accra! Agenda! for! Action,! to! improve! medium C
term! predictability!will!implement!fully!our!commitments!in!this!area,!introducing!reforms!
where! needed.! By! 2013,! they! will! provide! available,! regular,! timely! rolling! three C!to! five C
year!indicative!forward!expenditure!and/or!implementation!plans!as!agreed!in!Ac cra!to!all!
developing! countries! with! which! they! co Coperate.! Other! actors! will! aim! to! provide!
developing! countries! with! timely! and! relevant! information! on! their! intentions! with! regard!
to!future!co Coperation!over!the!medium!term. !
25. ! We! welcome! the! diversity !of! development! co Coperation! actors.! Developing! countries! will!
lead! consultation! and! co Cordination! efforts! to! manage! this! diversity! at! the! country! level,! while!
providers! of! development! assistance! have! a! responsibility! to! reduce! fragmentation! and! curb! the!
a!reduction!in!the!volume!and!quality!of!resources!available!to!support!development.!To!this!end: !
a) We! will,! by! 2013,! make! greater! use! of! country Cled! co Cordi nation! arrangements,! including!
division! of! labour,! as! well! as! programme Cbased! approaches,! joint! programming! and!
delegated!co Coperation. !
b) We!will!improve!the!coherence!of!our!policies!on!multilateral!institutions,!global!funds!and!
programmes.! We! will! make! ef fective! use! of! existing! multilateral! channels,! focusing! on!
and! will,! by! the! end! of! 2012,! agree! on! principles! and! guidelines! to! guide! our! joint! efforts.!
As! they! conti nue! to! implement! their! respective! commitments! on! aid! effectiveness,!
in!co Cordination!and!mutual!accountability!mechanisms!at!the!country,!regional!and!global!
levels .!
c) We! will! accelerate! efforts! to! address! the! issue! of! countries! that! receive! insufficient!
assistance,! agreeing! t!by! the! end! of! 2012! t!on! principles! that! will! guide! our! actions! to!
address!this!challenge.!These!efforts!will!encompass!all!development!co Coperat ion!flows.! !
d) Providers! of! development! co Coperation! will! deepen! and! accelerate! efforts! to! address! the!
problem! of! insufficient! delegation! of! authority! to! their! field! staff.! They! will! review! all!
aspects! of! their! operations,! including! delegation! of! financial! au thority,! staffing,! and! roles!
and! responsibilities! in! the! design! and! implementa tion! of! development! programmes ;!and!
they!will!implement!measures!that!address!the!remaining!bottlenecks. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
Promoting*sustainable*development*in*situations*of*conflict*and*fragility *
26. ! Fragile! states! are! for! the! large! part! off Ctrack! to! meet! the! Millennium! Development! Goals!
(MDGs).! Achieving! these! goals! will! depend! on! our! collective! ability! to! understand! the! unique!
challenges! facing! fragile! states,! overcome! these! challenges,! and! prom ote! foundations! for! lasting!
and! Statebuilding,! including! the! g7+! group! of! fragile! and! conflict Caffected! states.! Those! of! us! who!
have!endorsed!the!New!Deal!will!pu rsue!actions!to!implement!it!and,!in!doing!so,!will!use: !
a) The! Peacebuilding! and! Statebuilding! Goals! (PSGs)! t!which! prioritise! legitimate! politics,!
?}?o[? ???]??U i???]U }v}u] (}?v?]}v? v ??v?? v (]? ???]? t!as! an!
important! foundation! t o! enable! progress! towards! the! MDGs! to! guide! our! work! in! fragile!
and!conflict Caffected!states. !
b) FOCUS! t!a!new!country Cled!and!country Cowned!way!of!engaging!in!fragile!states. !
c) TRUST! t!a! set! of! commitments! to! enhance! transparency;! manage! risk! to! use! country!
systems;! strengthen! national! capacities;! and! improve! the! timeliness! and! predictability! of!
aid! t!to!achieve!better!results. !
Partnering*to*strengthen*resilience*and*reduce*vulnerability*in*the*face*of*adversity *
27. ! We! must! ensure! that! development! strategies! an d! programmes! prioritise! the! building! of!
resilience! among! people! and! societies! at! risk! from! shocks,! especially! in! highly! vulnerable! settings!
such! as! small! island! developing! states.! Investing! in! resilience! and! risk! reduction! increases! the! value!
and!sustainab ility!of!our!development!efforts.!To!this!end: !
a) Developing!countries!will!lead!in!integrating!resilience!to!shocks!and!measures!for!disaster!
management!within!their!own!policies!and!strategies. !
b) Responding! to! the! needs! articulated! by! developing! countries,! we! will! work! together! to!
invest! in! shock! resistant! infrastructure! and! social! protection! systems! for! at Crisk!
communities.! I n! addition,! we! will! increase! the! resources,! planning! and! skills! for! disas ter!
management!at!the!national!and!regional!levels. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
From/effective/aid/to/co Hoperation/for/effective/development /
28. ! Aid! is! only! part! of! the! solution! to! development.! It! is! now! time! to! broaden! our! focus! and!
attention! from! aid! effectiveness! to! the! challenges !of! effective! development.! This! calls! for! a!
framework!within!which: !
a) Development!is!driven!by!strong,!sustainable!and!inclusive!growth .!
b) ‘}??vuv??[ }?v ??v?? ?o?  P??? ?}o ]v (]vv]vP ?Z]? ?o}?uv? v?X /v
turn,!governments!are!more!account able!to!their!citizens!for!the!development!results!they!
achieve .!
c) Effective! state! and! non Cstate! institutions! design! and! implement! their! own! reforms! and!
hold!each!other!to!account .!
d) Developing! countries! increasingly! integrate,! both! regionally! and! globally,! cr eating!
economies!of!scale!that!will!help!them!better!compete!in!the!global!economy. !
! To! this! effect,! we! will! rethink! what! aid! should! be! spent! on! and! how,! in! ways! that! are!
consistent!with!agreed!international!rights,!norms!and!standards,!so!that!aid!catalys es!development. !
29. ! Effective! institutions! and! policies! are! essential! for! sustainable! development.! Institutions!
fulfilling! core! state! functions! should,! where! necessary,! be! further! strengthened,! alongside! the!
policies! and! practices! of! providers! of! developme nt! co Coperation,! to! facilitate! the! leveraging! of!
resources! by! developing! countries.! Developing! countries! will! lead! in! efforts! to! strengthen! these!
institutions,!adapting!to!local!context!and!differing!stages!of!development.!To!this!end,!we!will: !
a) Support! the !implementation! of! institutional! and! policy! changes! led! by! developing!
countries,! resulting! in! effective! resource! mobilisation! and! service! delivery,! including!
national!and!sub Cnational!institutions,!regional!organisations,!parliaments!and!civil!society. !
b) Ass ess! country! institutions,! systems! and! capacity! development! needs,! led! by! developing!
countries. !
c) Support! the! development! of! improved! evidence! on! institutional! performance! to! inform!
policy!formulation,!implementation!and!accountability,!led!by!developing!coun tries. !
d) Deepen! our! learning! on! the! determinants! of! success! for! institutional! reform,! exchanging!
knowledge!and!experience!at!the!regional!and!global!levels. !
South =South*and*triangular*co =operation*for*sustainable*development *
30. ! The! inputs! to! sustainable! dev elopment! extend! well! beyond! financial! co Coperation! to! the!
knowledge! and! development! experience! of! all! actors! and! countries.! South CSouth! and! triangular! co C
}???]}v Z? ?Z ?}?v?]o ?} ??v?(}?u ?o}?]vP }?v??]?[ ?}o]]? v ???}Z? ?} ???]
del ivery!by!bringing!effective,!locally!owned!solutions!that!are!appropriate!to!country!contexts. !
! !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
31. ! We! recognise! that! many! countries! engaged! in! South CSouth! co Coperation! both! provide! and!
receive! diverse! resources! and! expertise! at! the! same! time,! and! that! this! should! enrich! co Coperation!
?]?Z}?? ((?]vP  }?v???[? o]P]]o]?? ?} ?]? ??]??v (?}u }?Z??X t ?]oo ???vP?Zv ?Z
sharing!of!knowledge!and!mutual!learning!by: !
a) Scaling! up! t!where! appropriate! t!the! use! of! triangular! approaches! to! developmen t! co C
operation. !
b) Making! fuller! use! of! South CSouth! and! triangular! co Coperation,! recognising! the! success! of!
these!approaches!to!date!and!the!synergies!they!offer. !
c) Encouraging! the! development!of! networks! for! knowledge! exchange,! peer! learning! and! co C
ordination! among! South CSouth! co Coperation! actors! as! a! means! of! facilitating! access! to!
important!knowledge!pools!by!developing!countries. !
d) Supporting! efforts! to! strengthen! local! and! national! capacities! to! engage! effectively! in!
South CSouth!and!triangular!co Coperation. !
Private*sector*and*development *
32. ! We!recognise!the!central!role!of!the!private!sector!in!advancing!innovation,!creating!wealth,!
income! and! jobs,! mobilising! domestic! resources! and! in! turn! contributing! to! poverty! reduction.! To!
this!end,!we!will: !
a) Engage! with! representative! business! associations,! trade! unions! and! others! to! improve! the!
legal,! regulatory! and! administrative! environment! for! the! development! of! private!
investment;! and! also! to! ensure! a! sound! policy! and! regulatory! environment! for! private!
sector! develop ment,! increased! foreign! direct! investment,! public Cprivate! partnerships,! the!
national! and! regional! dimensions,! and! the! scaling! up! of! efforts! in! support!of! developmen t!
goals. !
b) Enable! the! participation! of! the! private! sector! in! the! design! and! implementation! of!
development!policies!and!strategies!to!foster!sustainable!growth!and!poverty!reduction. !
c) Further! develop! innovative! financial! mechanisms! to! mobilise! private! finance! for! shared!
development!goals. !
d) W?}u}? ^] (}? ??_ ? v vP]v }( ????]vo ?o}?uv?U (}??]vP }v }??}u?
to! capital! markets! and! to! promote! approaches! tha t! mitigate! risk! faced! by! private! sector!
actors. !
e) Invite!representatives!of!the!public!and!private!sectors!and!related!organisations!to!play!an!
active! role! in!exploring! how! to! advance! both! development!and! business!outcomes! so! that!
they!are!mutually!reinforci ng. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
Combating*corruption*and*illicit*flows *
33. ! Corruption! is! a! plague! that! seriously! undermines! development! globally,! diverting! resources!
that! could! be! harnessed! to! finance! development,! damaging! the! quality! of! governance! institutions,!
and!threatening!human !security.!It!often!fuels!crime!and!contributes!to!conflict!and!fragility.!We!will!
intensify! our! joint! efforts! to! fight! corruption! and! illicit! flows,! consistent! with! the! UN! Convention!
Against! Corruption! and! other! agreements! to! which! we! are! party,! such! as! t he! OECD! Anti CBribery!
Convention.!To!this!end,!we!will: !
a) Implement! fully! our! respective! commitments! to! eradicate! corruption,! enforcing! our! laws!
and! promoting!a! culture!of! zero! tolerance! for! all!corrupt! practices.! This! includes! efforts!to!
improve! fiscal! trans parency,! strengthen! independent! enforcement! mechanisms,! and!
extend!protection!for!whistleblowers. !
b) Accelerate! our! individual! efforts! to! combat! illicit! financial! flows! by! strengthening! anti!
money! laundering! measures,! addressing! tax! evasion,! and! strengthening !national! and!
international! policies,! legal! frameworks! and! institutional! arrangements! for! the! tracing,!
freezing! and! recovery! of! illegal! assets.! This! includes! ensuring! enactment! and!
implementation!of!laws!and!practices!that!facilitate!effective!internationa l!co Coperation. !
Climate*change*finance *
34. ! Global! climate! change! finance! is! expected! to! increase! substantially! in! the! medium !term.!
Recognising! that! this! resource! flow! brings! with! it! new! opportunities! and! challenges,! we! will!
endeavour! to! promote! coherence,! transparency! and! predictability! across! our! approaches! for!
effective!climate!finance!and!broader!development!co Coperation,!including!to: !
a) Continue! to! support! national! climate! change! policy! and! planning! as! an! integral! part! of!
?o}?]vP }?v??]?[ }??oo v? ional! development! plans,! and! ensure! that! t!where!
appropriate! t!these! measures! are! financed,! delivered! and! monitored! through! developing!
}?v??]?[????u?]v??v???v?uvv?X !
b) Continue! to! share! lessons! learned! in! development! effectiveness! with! those! ent ities!
engaged! in! climate! activities! and! ensure! that! broader! development! co Coperation! is! also!
informed!by!innovations!in!climate!finance. !

! www.busanhlf4.org / 1/December/2011/
The/road/ahead:/Partnering/for/progress/towards/and/beyond/the/MDGs /
35. ! We! will! hold! each! other! accountable! for! making! progress! against! the! commitments! and!
actions! agreed! in! Busan,! alongside! those! set! out! in! the! Paris! Declaration! on! Aid! Effectivene ss! and!
Accra!Agenda!for!Action.! To!this!end,!we!will: !
a) At! the! level! of! individual! developing! countries,! agree! on! frameworks! base d! on! national!
needs! and! priorities! for! monitoring! progress! and! promoting! mutual! accountability! in! our!
efforts!to!improve!the!effectiveness!of!our!co Coperation!and,!in!turn,!development!results.!
Developing!countries!will!lead!in!the!elaboration!of!such!fram eworks!which,!together!with!
in!their!aid!and!development!policies.!The!results!of!these!exercises!will!be!made!public. !
b) Agree,! by! June! 2012,! on! a! selective! and! rele vant! set! of! indicators! and! targets! through!
which! we! will! monitor! progress! on! a! rolling! basis,! supporting! international! and! regional!
led! by! developing! countries! and! l earn! from! existing! international! efforts! to! monitor! aid!
effectiveness.! We! will! review! these! arrangements! in! the! context! of! the! post CMDG!
framework.!We!will!periodically!publish!the!results!of!these!exercises. !
c) Support! initiatives! at! the! national! and! regional !levels! led! by! developing! countries! that!
strengthen! capacities! to! monitor! progress! and! evaluate! the! impact! of! efforts! to! improve!
development!effectiveness. !
36. ! We! accept! that! the! strengthening! of! our! co Coperation! and! the! adherence! to! both! common!
goals! and! differential! commitments! calls! for! continued! high Clevel! political! support,! as! well! as! an!
inclusive! space! for! dialogue,! mutual! learning! and! accountability! at! the! global! level.! Regional!
organisations! can! and! should! play! an! important! role! in! supporting! implem entation! at! the! country!
also! invited! to! play! a! role! in! consulting! on! the! implementation! of! agreements! reached! in! Busan. !
To!this!end,!we!will: !
a) Establish!a! new,!inclusive!and!representative!Global!Partnership!for!Effective!Development!
Co Coperation! to! support! and! ensure! accountability! for! the! implementation! of!
commitments! at! the! political! level.! This! Partnership! will! offer! an! open! platform! that!
embraces! divers ity,! providing! a! forum! for! the! exchange! of! knowledge! and! the! regular!
review!of!progress. !
b) Agree,! by! June! 2012,! on! light! working! arrangements! for! this! Global! Partnership,! including!
its! membership! and! opportunities! for! regular! ministerial Clevel! engagement! tha t!
complements,!and!is!undertaken!in!conjunction!with,!other!fora. !
c) Call! on! the! Working! Party! on! Aid! Effectiveness! (WP CEFF)! to! convene! representatives! of! all!
the! working! arrangements! for! the! Global! Partnership! t!and! the! indicators! and! channels!
through! which! global! monitoring! and! accountability!will! be! supported! t!in! preparation! for!
the!phasing!out!of!the!WP CEFF!and!its!associated!structures!in!June!2012.! !
d) Invite! the! Organi sation! for! Economic! Co Coperation! and! Development! and! the! United!
Nations! Development! Programme! to! support! the! effective! functioning! of! the! Global!
Partnership,! building! on! their! collaboration! to! date! and! their! respective! mandates! and!
areas!of!comparative!adv antage.