NGOs and the Law

Country Reports: Sub-Saharan Africa

The International Journal
of Not-for-Profit Law

Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2001


The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs has produced a “National Policy for Non-Governmental Organisations“.  The Policy is intended to establish a broad framework within which NGOs can address issues pertaining to the welfare and development and to facilitate the harmonisation of the various  polices that impact the NGO sector.


A participatory drafting process between representatives of the NGO community and the government has resulted in the “Draft National Policy for Strategic Partnership with NGOs“, a document that seeks to set forth a blueprint for the ways that government and the NGO sector can work together to meet Ghana’s social and developmental goals.  The Policy addresses the subjects of NGO-government partnership, governance, and the legal framework in which NGOs operate.

South Africa

International Conference on Tax and the Non-Profit Sector

The Non-Profit Partnership (NPP), a coalition organization representing the Charities Aid Foundation – South Africa, SANGOCO (the South African NGO umbrella organization), and the SAGA (the Southern Africa Grantmakers Association) – held a conference in March 2001 to discuss the issue of fiscal reforms for the not-for-profit sector. Particular emphasis was placed on the new and pending changes in the tax benefits for NPOs in South Africa. There were also several international speakers, including ICNL’s President, Dr. Leon Irish.

For further information on the conference, please contact Penny Dlamini, the Manager for Research and Training at NPP, to receive copies of the papers presented, a list of attendees, and a summary of outcomes (