Standards and Mechanisms for Regulating Public Benefit

European Civil Society in the 21st Century: Standards and Mechanisms for Regulating “Public Benefit” Organizations

The International Journal
of Not-for-Profit Law

Volume 2, Issue 1, May 1999

May 3-6, 1999

  • Discussion of European Integration and its Effect on European Civil Society
    By Per-Ove Engelbrecht, Director of Social Economy, DG XXIII, European Union (coming soon)
  • Keynote Speech: The Role of the Charity Commission
    By Richard Fries, Chief Commissioner, Charity Commission of England and Wales

Panel Discussions on Approaches to Four Key Issues:

  • What is “Public Benefit” Under Common Law and Civil Law Approaches?
    By Debra Morris, United Kingdom and Wino van Veen, The Netherlands
  • Who Decides What Organizations Qualify?
    By Ulrich Drobnig, Germany and Michael Boyadjiev, Bulgaria
  • What Level of Accountability/Regulation is Appropriate?
    By Petr Pajas, Czech Republic and Nilda Bullain, Hungary
  • What (Tax and Other) Benefits are Available to Public Benefit Organizations?
    By Paul Bater, The Netherlands and Maciej Juszczynski, Poland

Working Groups on Public Benefit

  • Group I: Definitions and Terminology
  • Group 2: Decision Makers – Registration
  • Group 3: Accountability
  • Group 4: Government Subventions and Tax Benefits

Special Papers on Public Benefit

  • Why Advance the Legislation on Public Benefit Activities in the Ukraine?
    By Alexander Vinnikov
  • Recognition of Public Benefit in Legal Systems of Several Nations
    By Petr Pajas
  • Draft Law of Georgia on Charitable Activity and Charitable Organizations
    By Petr Pajas
  • Public Benefit Status in the Netherlands
    By Dr. Wino J.M. van Veen