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Responding to the Disinformation Dilemma

While disinformation is not a new problem, the digital age has created new threats. This ICNL policy prospectus examines measures that can address the evolving challenges of disinformation while protecting the freedom of expression.

E-Consultation Mechanisms in Legislative and Regulatory Decision-Making

The COVID-19 epidemic has necessitated a shift to remote operations across society, from workplaces to schools to holiday celebrations, and government operations are no exception. The shift to remote operations, however, can restrict opportunities for in-person public participation in policy development and implementation.

Protecting Migrants’ Civic Freedoms Amid COVID-19

This piece, written for InterAction and based on an in-depth ICNL analysis on the issue, discusses how the pandemic response could impact migrants’ ability to exercise their civic freedom. It includes a list of recommendations for civil society organizations working to support this access and ensure civic freedoms are protected for all.

Migrants’ Civic Freedom and COVID-19

This ICNL article examines the likely impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the civic freedoms of migrants and groups that provide services to migrants, especially migrant-allied civil society organizations and stresses the importance of putting into place policies that safeguard migrants’ basic rights.

Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets, and Sonic Weapons

In response to nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd, law enforcement officials have frequently used so-called “less lethal weapons” (LLWs) on crowds and individuals. These weapons, which include tear gas, rubber bullets, and Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs), can cause serious physical and psychological harm.

Top Trends: COVID-19 and Civic Space

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a parallel crisis for civic space. Many of the emergency laws and other extraordinary measures adopted in response to the virus restrict fundamental rights and freedoms.