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Guidelines for Activists Relocating to Lithuania

These guidelines, put together by the NGO Law Institute (NGOLI) with the support of ICNL, are designed to help activists from Belarus and other Eurasian countries who relocate to Lithuania to organize their work in compliance with Lithuanian law.

Addressing Violence against Women During Elections

When violence against women occurs during elections, the number of women voters, candidates, and officials in the electoral process decreases. In this article, Ms. Israa Mahadin, an attorney-at-law, explores the most significant issues in addressing violence against women in elections across the Middle East and North Africa.

Growth of Digital Restrictions in India

This briefer focuses on surveillance and other digital threats to free expression in India, examining the proliferation of illegal surveillance in recent years and examples of the suppression of online free expression.

Women-led Associations and Promoting Civic Space in the Persian Gulf

There are many challenges for women-led civil society organizations in the Middle East and North Africa, particularly in the conservative Gulf countries. In this briefer, Mariam Al Rowaie discusses the role of women-led civil society organizations in the region, using Bahrain as an example.

Analysis of the Kyrgyz Republic Draft Law on Non-Governmental Organizations

On November 2, 2022, the Presidential Administration of the Kyrgyz Republic published the Non-commercial Non-Governmental Organizations (Draft Law) on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers for public discussion. The Draft Law would grant broad rights to government bodies, allowing them to use their discretion to decide whether to register non-commercial organizations (NCO) and foreign non-commercial organizations (FNCO), to supervise any activities of  NCOs and FNCOs, and to suspend their activities or liquidate them.

Legal Environment for Financial Sustainability in Georgia

In order to advocate for barrier-free access to resources, civil society organizations need to be aware of the legislation affecting their income. To help organizations build awareness, the USAID Civil Society Engagement Program (CSEP), implemented by the East-West Management Institute, Inc., ICNL, and ECNL formed a team to prepare an assessment of the legal environment for civil society financial sustainability and corporate and individual philanthropy in Georgia.

U.S. Current Trend: New Threats to the Right to Boycott

Politically motivated boycotts have long been a tool for social change in the United States, from American colonists’ boycott of British tea to civil rights activists’ refusal to patronize segregated businesses in the Jim Crow South. Despite this proud tradition, Americans’ ability to use their consumer power to have their voices heard is under new threat after some states have penalized boycotts on positions with which they disagree.

Civic Space in Myanmar

This report, undertaken by a Myanmar civil society organization and its local partner networks, examines the impact of the military coup on local civil society organizations (CSOs), with coverage of how the pandemic and the military’s Covid-19 policies further complicated the operational environment.