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Overview of Georgia’s Foreign Influence Law

On May 14, 2024, the Georgian parliament adopted the Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence. The Law requires non-entrepreneurial legal entities and media organizations to register and submit information to be included in a special registry of “implementing organizations of foreign power interests” to be maintained by the Ministry of Justice.

Taxation of Charities in the Kyrgyz Republic

ICNL, along with other civil society organizations, welcome the United States-led resolution, “Seizing the opportunities of safe, secure and trustworthy artificial intelligence systems for sustainable development”.

10 Major Legal Threats to U.S. Civil Society

A growing array of legal threats make it harder for nonprofit organizations and activists in the U.S. to do their work. This article covers 10 major legal threats to U.S. civil society.

Reporting Requirements in the Kyrgyz Republic

This guide has been developed to provide information on reporting requirements in the Kyrgyz Republic for noncommercial organizations (NCOs), branches/representative offices of foreign NCOs, limited liability companies, and individual entrepreneurs.

Protecting the Future of Myanmar Media

Myanmar’s revolutionary movement stands at a pivotal moment in the nation’s history.This thought paper contributes to the evolving discourse on democratizing Myanmar’s media regulation.

Bridging Commerce and Rights Advocacy

This groundbreaking paper examines the International Business Associations (IBAs) in Asia and their efforts to protect rights during the pandemic.

Thailand’s COVID Emergency Decree

2021 saw an unprecedented numbers of protests in Thailand, resulting in hundreds of prosecutions of protesters. A majority of those arrested have been accused of violating Regulations issued under the Emergency Decree.