ICNL’s resources and information on Zambia.


ICNL provides technical assistance to local partners, including analysis of laws affecting freedoms of association and expression, and supports efforts aimed at reforming the Non-Governmental Organizations Act so that civil society can operate in an enabling environment.

Flag of Zambia (Graphic Credit: Wikimedia)

Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index

The index, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development for twenty years, documents the development of civil society in seventy-one countries around the world, including Zambia. ICNL and FHI 360 work with local partners to produce the index annually.



Latest ICNL Publication Explores Civil Society Challenges in Africa

A health post providing preventative care and treatement in a number of areas, including HIV, in Ethiopia. A new ICNL publication explores the impact of a foreign funding law on HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia (photo credit: Sarah V. Harlan/JHU via Photoshare)
What impact has a foreign funding cap had on HIV/AIDS groups in Ethiopia? How can the right to peaceful assembly ... Read More

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