Algeria Passes New Law on Associations


On January 12, 2012 the government of Algeria adopted a new Law on Associations (Law 12-06 of 12 January 2012). Although reform of the previous Associations Act 90-31 was necessary, the new law fails to adequately guarantee the right to freedom of association consistent with Algeria’s international obligations. The new law:

  • Affords the government broad discretion to refuse to register an association and suspend the activities of an association;
  • Places restrictions on the founders of associations;
  • Makes it difficult for CSOs to receive foreign funds;
  • Imposes heavy fines and criminal penalties for members or leaders of informal associations; and
  • Fails to provide CSOs with an adequate remedy to appeal the rejection of their registration.

On the same day, the government of Algeria also adopted a new media law that restricts the work of journalists on sensitive topics relating to national identity, sovereignty, the economy, and security.

The full text of the new law as well as the now-expired Associations Act is available in ICNL’s Online Library.