Civic Freedom Resources

ICNL receives frequent requests for resources on current issues affecting the legal framework for civil society law. Below, we provide links to compilations of key resources on 12 topics.

Defending Civil Society

These resources focus on combating laws that restrict civic space and philanthropy around the world. More

Cross-Border Funding

This portal reviews laws and measures that protect the right of NGOs to receive funding from abroad. More

Freedom of Assembly

This portal includes publications, reports and court cases on the freedom of assembly. More


This portal compiles documents on counter-terrorism measures affecting civil society. More

Development Effectiveness

These documents focus on the enabling environment for civil society and the development effectiveness debate. More

UN Special Rapporteur

This portal tracks the work of the UN Special Rapporteur to defend the freedoms of peaceful assembly and association. More

The Sustainable Development Goals

This portal focuses on advocacy for an enabling environment for CSOs in the implementation of the SDGs. More

Digital Freedom

These resources analyze freedom of association and human rights on the Internet and digital media. More

Regional and Global Overviews

This portal reviews NGO Law in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America. More

Assessment and Monitoring Tools

This portal includes tools for assessing and monitoring the legal enabling environment for civil society. More


This portal outlines the legal and policy environment for volunteerism around the world. More

CSO/Government Cooperation

This portal focuses on enabling public participation, public funding and CSO-Government cooperation. More